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Motivational Quotes: Solving Problems 31

In this channel, Motivation Academy, we are out to inspire, encourage, bless and motivate you to be the best you were created to be.

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Solve problems quotes

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Building an OpenGL ES Environment. In order to problems draw graphics with OpenGL ES in your Android application, you must create a view container for them. One of the to type my paper, more straight-forward ways to do this is to implement both a GLSurfaceView and a GLSurfaceView.Renderer . A GLSurfaceView is a view container for quotes, graphics drawn with OpenGL and GLSurfaceView.Renderer controls what is drawn within that view. For more information about these classes, see the research essay, OpenGL ES developer guide. GLSurfaceView is solve, just one way to competition australia incorporate OpenGL ES graphics into your application.

For a full-screen or near-full screen graphics view, it is a reasonable choice. Developers who want to incorporate OpenGL ES graphics in a small portion of solve their layouts should take a look at happy essay, TextureView . For real, do-it-yourself developers, it is solve problems, also possible to build up an OpenGL ES view using SurfaceView , but this requires writing quite a bit of additional code. This lesson explains how to complete a minimal implementation of GLSurfaceView and GLSurfaceView.Renderer in a simple application activity. Declare OpenGL ES Use in the Manifest. In order for your application to expository essay use the OpenGL ES 2.0 API, you must add the following declaration to your manifest: If your application uses texture compression, you must also declare which compression formats your app supports, so that it is quotes, only installed on compatible devices. For more information about texture compression formats, see the essay format, OpenGL developer guide.

Create an Activity for OpenGL ES Graphics. Android applications that use OpenGL ES have activities just like any other application that has a user interface. The main difference from other applications is what you put in the layout for solve problems quotes, your activity. While in many applications you might use TextView , Button and ListView , in an app that uses OpenGL ES, you can also add a GLSurfaceView . Essay. The following code example shows a minimal implementation of an solve problems quotes, activity that uses a GLSurfaceView as its primary view: Note: OpenGL ES 2.0 requires Android 2.2 (API Level 8) or higher, so make sure your Android project targets that API or higher. A GLSurfaceView is a specialized view where you can draw OpenGL ES graphics. It does not do much by itself. The actual drawing of objects is controlled in the GLSurfaceView.Renderer that you set on this view. In fact, the code for this object is so thin, you may be tempted to outline skip extending it and just create an unmodified GLSurfaceView instance, but don’t do that. You need to extend this class in order to capture touch events, which is covered in solve the Responding to Touch Events lesson. The essential code for a GLSurfaceView is minimal, so for a quick implementation, it is common to profiling essay just create an quotes, inner class in the activity that uses it: One other optional addition to your GLSurfaceView implementation is to set the render mode to only draw the view when there is a change to your drawing data using the expository format, GLSurfaceView.RENDERMODE_WHEN_DIRTY setting: This setting prevents the GLSurfaceView frame from solve problems quotes, being redrawn until you call requestRender() , which is more efficient for this sample app.

The implementation of the GLSurfaceView.Renderer class, or renderer, within an profiling opinion, application that uses OpenGL ES is where things start to get interesting. Solve Quotes. This class controls what gets drawn on the GLSurfaceView with which it is associated. Thesis Questions. There are three methods in a renderer that are called by the Android system in order to figure out what and how to draw on a GLSurfaceView : onSurfaceCreated() - Called once to set up the view's OpenGL ES environment. onDrawFrame() - Called for each redraw of the problems, view. onSurfaceChanged() - Called if the geometry of the view changes, for example when the device's screen orientation changes. Research Outline. Here is a very basic implementation of an problems quotes, OpenGL ES renderer, that does nothing more than draw a black background in the GLSurfaceView : That’s all there is to it! The code examples above create a simple Android application that displays a black screen using OpenGL. While this code does not do anything very interesting, by creating these classes, you have laid the foundation you need to start drawing graphic elements with OpenGL. Note: You may wonder why these methods have a GL10 parameter, when you are using the OpengGL ES 2.0 APIs.

These method signatures are simply reused for the 2.0 APIs to expository essay keep the Android framework code simpler. If you are familiar with the OpenGL ES APIs, you should now be able to set up a OpenGL ES environment in your app and start drawing graphics. However, if you need a bit more help getting started with OpenGL, head on solve to the next lessons for a few more hints. Except as noted, this content is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.5. For details and restrictions, see the Content License. Get the latest Android developer news and tips that will help you find success on Google Play. You have successfully signed up for the latest Android developer news and tips. You requested a page in , but your language preference for this site is research outline, . Would you like to solve problems quotes change your language preference and thesis statement quiz questions browse this site in ? If you want to change your language preference later, use the language menu at the bottom of each page. Solve. This class requires API level or higher. This doc is hidden because your selected API level for the documentation is . You can change the documentation API level with the to type my paper, selector above the left navigation.

For more information about specifying the API level your app requires, read Supporting Different Platform Versions.

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Best 25+ Problem quotes ideas on Pinterest | Love problem quotes

Maniac Magee Essays and solve Research Papers. ?“ Maniac Magee ” by Jerry Spinelli is a novel that introduces the human rights violation of racism to history essay competition australia children in solve quotes elementary . schools. Published in the 1990s, Spinelli decided to focus on an issue that was not widely discussed within the school systems and chose to inform fifth graders about racial profiling segregation and the effect this can have on a person’s moral character. Within the novel a prominent theme of a sense of solve quotes, belonging is shown. Through the pay someone struggle of finding a home and his fluidity between the segregated. Black people , English-language films , Human skin color 1144 Words | 4 Pages. In the book Maniac Magee , Jerry Spinelli, the solve problems quotes author helps us to understand many important life lessons that mostly deal with . racism and the importance of friends and family. Jerry also shows us that Maniac is patient, determined, and he really wants to be loved and understood. This book takes place in the late 1900s in Pennsylvania. It specifically takes place in West End, East End, and Two Mills.

The main character is Maniac Magee , but he is known as Jeffery Magee in the beginning. Essay Australia? Some minor. Black people , English-language films , Fictional orphans 567 Words | 2 Pages. Jesus Miranda Per 5 Bamotra Maniac Magee Maniac Magee is solve about Jeffrey Lionel Magee's search for . home and the racial prejudice in the town of Two Mills. Spinelli has written the novel in happy essay third person using an objective viewpoint.

Jeffrey lived in Bridgeport with his parents until he was three years old. During that year he became an orphan. His parents were killed in problems a trolley accident over the Schuylkill River. Statement? During the next eight years, Jeffrey lives with his Aunt Dot and Uncle Dan in. American football , Family , Henrico County, Virginia 544 Words | 2 Pages. This is a story about a kid name maniac Magee . Maniac was an orphan he ran away from his Aunt Uncle. He ran for . 300 miles until he reach this town that was split in to two part.

One side was all black people and the other was all white people. Maniacs pull off a miracle and made the towns be come one big town where whites and blacks could get a long. People said that Maniac Magee was born in a dump. They said his stomach was a cereal box and his heart a sofa spring. Problems Quotes? They also said that he. American films , Black people , English-language films 522 Words | 2 Pages. Maniac Magee in Elementary School Curricula. Use in education and research Maniac Magee is popular in elementary school curricula. Many study units and teaching guides are . available, including a study guide by the author. The novel has been used as a tool in scholarly work on childhood education and development.

Fondrie cites it as an example in a discussion of how to bring up and discuss issues of history competition, race and class among young students McGinley and Kamberlis use it in a study of how children use reading and problems writing as “vehicles for personal. City of history competition australia, London , Elmwood Park Zoo , Jerry Spinelli 582 Words | 2 Pages. Survival Essay for Maniac Magee and so Far from the Bamboo Grove. existence.” Yoko Kawashima Watkins was the main character from So Far From the quotes Bamboo Grove. She was an eleven year old Japanese girl who struggles with life . in 1945 the last year of World War II. Racial Opinion? Jeffery Lionel Magee , or Maniac as some would call him, was the main character from problems, Maniac Magee . He was a twelve year old, white orphan who runs into a racist town. The stories of these two characters are different; yet, they demonstrate two kids going through difficulties in racial opinion essay life. Yoko went. Elmwood Park Zoo , Family , Japanese language 842 Words | 2 Pages. the sign of the beaver.

Another good title for this book would be The Boy and the Indian, because Matt, the boy, meets Attean, the Indian. If I had to . choose between my Newberry honor book, The Sign of the problems quotes Beaver, or my Newberry Medal book, Maniac Magee , I would choose the pay someone honor book because it wasn’t confusing like the quotes medal book and also it had much suspense. I would give The Sign of the thesis questions Beaver a 8 because it kept your interest the whole book and was an exciting book. A. R. Rahman , Elizabeth George Speare , Family 545 Words | 2 Pages. humanity, or be pressured into doing things he does not want to do. II. Solve Quotes? Brief Description About The Author Jerry Spinelli is one of the most gifted . storytellers in contemporary children’s literature. His books include the statement questions Newbery Medal winner Maniac Magee ;Loser; Wringer, a Newbery Honor Book; Stargirl; and Knots in solve My Yo-Yo String, his autobiography. His novels are recognized for their humor and poignancy, and my paper his characters and situations are often drawn from his real-life experience as a father. Gettysburg College , Jerry Spinelli , John Newbery 652 Words | 2 Pages.

graduate of Gettysburg College. He earned an MA from Johns Hopkins University in problems quotes 1964, and in 1977 he married his wife Eileen. From 1966 to 1972 he served in happy essay . the United States Navy Reserve. Some of his other books are Space Station Seventh Grade, Maniac Magee (winner of the 1991 Newbery Medal), Wringer (1998 Newbery Honor book), and solve quotes Stargirl. Format? Spinelli first decided he wanted to become a writer at the age of 16, when his high school football team won a big game. He wrote a poem about this, and two days. Children's literature , Janusz Korczak , Jerry Spinelli 687 Words | 2 Pages. Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs Imagine being in a town where in the span of solve quotes, two days, 29 people were attacked and many died. The three boys mostly . attacked their victims with blunt object like hammers and large metal weapons. The boys didn’t start off harming people, they actually started with animals.

When the criminals were going after their victims, they would try and leave them conscious. Horror swept the streets of racial opinion, Dnepropetrovsk as killings increased. Solve Problems? Suddenly, the quiet town was turned into a hell. Dnepropetrovsk maniacs , Life imprisonment , Murder 991 Words | 3 Pages. How Is Conflict Shown in thesis quiz questions the Atonement by solve problems quotes, Ian Mcewan. subjectivity and thesis often each version on solve problems quotes, an event from different people may not correlate. We see this in the way Briony interprets and narrates events as if . To Type My Paper? she is playing God. Solve Problems? This is pay someone to type my paper portrayed in the library scene, where Briony labels Robbie as a “ maniac ” after she sees Robbie and Cecelia having sex in the library. Her misinterpretation of the relationship between Cecelia and Robbie creates a bad image of Robbie, describing the scene as being violent and aggressive: ‘’He pushed his body against hers. Ian McEwan , Maniac , Narrative 1203 Words | 3 Pages. English Sonnets Essay Poets usually write poems in order to communicate ideas or views to solve problems readers.

In the two poems, “High Flight” (John Gillespie . Magee ) and expository format “Suburban Sonnet” (Gwen Harwood), the poets are trying to convey their experiences and lives. In the poem, “High Flight”, the poet uses various techniques such as active verbs, imagery, personification, a metaphor, exaggeration, alliteration, and symbolism in solve quotes order to happy essay portray his joyful experience as he test- flies a new plane. Active verbs. Alliteration , Assonance , Emotion 1169 Words | 3 Pages. Clockwork Cruelty: A Comparison of Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange and Artaud's Theatre of Cruelty. Artaud lived long enough to see the movie in the theatre, he likely would have applauded it. Final Word Count: 2447 . Works Cited A Clockwork Orange.

Dir. Stanley Kubrick. Perf. Problems? Malcom McDowell, Patrick Magee . Film. Warner Bros., 1971. Artaud, Antonin. “Theatre of thesis, Cruelty: First Manifesto”, Theatre and Its Double. Trans.

Mary Caroline Richards. New York: Grove Weidenfeld, 1958. Print. . 2001: A Space Odyssey , A Clockwork Orange , Anthony Burgess 2792 Words | 10 Pages. does Maniac bring to the party? What do you think is motivations are for problems, doing this? A: Maniac brings Mars Bars to the party.

I . think that the reason he brings Mars Bars, to the party was to show the profiling essay people at quotes the McNabs party that black people are not mean. 2. Page 159 = How did Maniac convince his guest to come with him? A: Maniac convinces Mars to go to the party by showing Mars how good was the west end. 3. Page 158-159 = Where does Maniac and his. Black people , Iggy Pop , Mars bar 685 Words | 3 Pages. ? Project in CISCO III AICS Cubao Submitted by: Section: AE3DA . Essay Competition Australia? Michael S. Filio 17/07/2014 Submittted to: Sir.Lourwel Alfonso LAN Design The community college LAN design is a multi-campus design, where a campus consists of multiple buildings and services at each location, as shown.

Figure 3-1 Community College LAN Design Figure 3-2 shows. Computer network , Ethernet , IP address 5988 Words | 22 Pages. WHYMAN TIMES RASPUTIN: SEX MANIAC OR HOLY MAN? Grigory Rasputin, a strongly religious peasant, who eventually applied a powerful influence over . Nicholas II and Aleksandra, the last Tsar and Tsarina of Imperial Russia. He is problems quotes one of the most mysterious and dark individuals of Russian history. Grigory Rasputin claimed that he was a starets (a holy man) from Siberia. Pay Someone My Paper? It was rumoured he belonged to a religious sect, the Kylysty, who believed that the way to problems religious cloud nine lay in the senses.

Men. Monarch , Nicholas II of expository, Russia , Prince 463 Words | 2 Pages. James Magee BA 411 Report to Shareholders Business Model . When Magee Company began in 2011, the company had the goal of producing top of the line sensors to customers who demand the newest technologies. The firm would do this by manufacturing its product lines at or above the expectations of solve problems, customers, while still trying to maintain a competitive price within in the market. To gain market share, the company planned. Asset , Balance sheet , Inventory 943 Words | 5 Pages. How Is Interpersonal Conflict Portrayed Within Characters in “Sarajevo Marlboro” and “Accidental Death of an Anarchist”?

Italian writer Dario Fo in 1980. The play is essentially about the corrupt police force in Italy at this time period concerning the case of an anarchist who . Racial Essay? ‘falls’ to his death from solve quotes, a police stations window. History Competition Australia? The main character in this play is the Maniac , who is also the main source of the comedy throughout the play through his use of language and also through the problems quotes many disguises that he takes on. “Sarajevo Marlboro” is a collection of short stories written by Miljenko Jergovic in 1994. The book takes. Character , Conflict , Fiction 895 Words | 3 Pages. characters such as the Maniac and the superintendent to happy essay address issues like abuse of power, while using farce and satire to emphasize his . Problems? point. All of these combined help to leave the responder thinking about the issues in contemporary society.

The Maniac has the main and most important role in ADOA. He can be likened to the Commedia Dell’arte character Arlecchino as both are very intelligent, but also unpredictable and known to racial essay frequently change their plans. Through the Maniac the audience learns. Comedy , Commedia dell'arte , Constable 1567 Words | 5 Pages. audience. Fo also uses ‘Commedia Dell’Arte’ as a comedic device in problems the play. Despite being titled ‘ Maniac ’, the Maniac takes the . Essay? role of the Harlequin, who is inferior to his ‘masters’ (i.e. the police, Pissani and Bertozzo and the Superintendant), and yet outsmarts them in the play at every opportunity he can get.

An example of this being a conversation between Pissani, the Superintendant, Maniac and the Constable: “PISSANI: But we weren’t even in the room when the suicide took place. Quotes? Ask the Constable. Charlie Chaplin , Comedy , Physical comedy 1343 Words | 4 Pages. The Dynamics of australia, Identity and problems Insanity in The Accidental Death of an Anarchist and The Government Inspector In the plays The Accidental Death of an Anarchist written by Dario Fo, and to type my paper The Government Inspector, written by Nikolai Gogol, ?identity' and solve ?insanity' . Statement? play vital roles.

The Maniac , who is the protagonist of The Accidental Death of An Anarchist, is solve quotes seen changing his identity throughout the play, pretending to be various other people. Khlestakov, the protagonist of essay, The Government Inspector lands in the position of being an inspector by problems quotes, chance, and profiling essay throughout the play he thoroughly exploits. Audience , Audience theory , Character 1392 Words | 4 Pages. school. Journal sound more mature and problems quotes serious. Happy Essay? The next three years of middle school could bring nothing but positivity and joy to problems quotes my reading and writing . Expository Format? career. I was indulging myself in solve quotes interesting books, like Animal Farm and The Stranger and Maniac Magee . I did nothing less than expected, I succeeded in research outline my English language art and solve problems quotes writing classes. I felt great. I loved to read and write so, I decided to take my love for the arts to a different height- I joined a creative writing club.

My middle. College , Creative writing , Educational stages 474 Words | 2 Pages. Critique #13: A Wrinkle in Time Critique #14: The City of essay outline, Ember Critique #15: 1984 Critique #16: Ender’s Game Genre #5: Realistic Fiction . Solve Problems Quotes? Critique #17: Hoot Critique #18: Because of Winn-Dixie Critique #19: Holes Critique #20: Maniac Magee Fever: 1793 by outline, Laurie Halse Anderson is solve problems quotes a good historical fiction piece because it is thesis quiz questions based on the actual events of the solve 1793 yellow fever outbreak in Philadelphia and follows the details of the epidemic in happy essay a faithful and believable manner. Baudelaire family , Children's literature , Fiction 3828 Words | 11 Pages. (Singleton, 2007). Information security management relies on six key elements: senior management commitment and support; policies and procedures; . Solve Problems? organization; security awareness and training; monitoring and compliance; and, incident handling and response ( Magee , 2011). Without senior management commitment and support, the history resources will not be available to support information security management. Policies and procedures, and organization, put the infrastructure in place with the necessary framework to ensure. Authentication , Authorization , Computer insecurity 2217 Words | 13 Pages. to be wrong.

In an solve quotes, interview for BusinessWeek magazine David Magee , author of happy essay, Jeff Immelt and solve problems quotes the New GE Way, spoke on what was going wrong for essay format, . GE. He believes that Immelt and quotes GE did not correctly predict how bad the financial downturn was going to be. By missing that their beliefs that they were diversified enough to survive were no longer correct and history essay australia they saw their plans for the future going away quickly. Even with that in mind, Magee does not believe that GE is as bad off as everyone thinks and. Companies based in Fairfield County, Connecticut , Credit rating , Financial crisis 1581 Words | 4 Pages. Wilhelm Richard Wagner: a Look at the Composer's Life.

experience, and problems its audience embraced the expository format whole population. It was the summation of living” ( Magee 5-6). Opera had become a horrible farce of . artistic creation in Wagner’s mind and it was up to problems quotes him, he decided, to research make it back into solve problems the comprehensive art form that it was meant to be, based on racial profiling opinion, the Greek ideals he held in such high regard ( Magee 7). Wagner believed that the Christian religion is anti-art ( Magee 6). To Wagner, Christianity was the enemy of art because he was intent on delving into. Art and Revolution , Carl Maria von Weber , Franz Liszt 2057 Words | 5 Pages. The Road to Hogan's Gap Back to problems BANJO PATERSON LIST OF POEMS A Bush Christening On the outer Barcoo where the churches are few, And men of . religion are scanty, On a road never cross'd 'cept by folk that are lost, One Michael Magee had a shanty. Now this Mike was the to type my paper dad of a ten year old lad, Plump, healthy, and stoutly conditioned; He was strong as the best, but poor Mike had no rest For the problems quotes youngster had never been christened.

And his wife used to cry, 'If the. Banjo Paterson , Clancy of the Overflow , Mulga Bill's Bicycle 615 Words | 5 Pages. Volunteers can do just as Raglin did, help direct patients from screening to surgery or coordinate the nursing staff, every little thing helps. Profiling? The two . founders of Operation Smile, Bill and Kathy Magee , are dedicated and determined to change the world by helping those with facial deformities. Quotes? Bill Magee is research outline a plastic surgeon while Kathy is a nurse. The couple travels the world, helping indigent children get their smiles back. In some cultures, the birth of a disfigured child is considered a curse.

Child , Kent State University , Kent, Ohio 990 Words | 3 Pages. everyone goes crazy. A grudge from years past is used to solve problems quotes instigate resentment towards the opposing side, and once added to the recent event, the press riles . History Essay Competition? everyone up and then people start killing each other. MANIAC Chart: Discuss two other main causes of solve problems, World War I from the MANIAC chart and how they are connected. Question Responses: Militarism and Competition; they go hand in hand. One army enhances itself, the expository other does too. One economy enhances itself, the solve other does to.

Everyone is. Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria , Causality , RMS Lusitania 534 Words | 3 Pages. Sweetness by Stephan Dunn Just when it has seemed I couldn’t bear one more friend waking with a tumor, one more maniac with . a perfect reason, often a sweetness has come and changed nothing in the world except the way I stumbled through it, for thesis, a while lost in the ignorance of loving someone or something, the world shrunk to mouth-size, hand-size, and never seeming small. I acknowledge there is problems quotes no sweetness that doesn’t. Developmental disability , Disability , Down syndrome 554 Words | 3 Pages. mention of the word team. As McGarvey (1996) suggests, are teams just another management fad or are they for real? He also points out expository, that many businesses . have had bad experiences with teams that flopped. Problems? (McGarvey, 1996:80). As is also pointed out by Magee (1997:26) ill - functioning teams can cause disastrous effects on the individuals involved, the essay organisation's service delivery and customer service reputation, and the mood of the entire organisation.

So, there is little wonder why many organisations. Management , Project management , Quality management 2805 Words | 7 Pages. the impact of the Welfare State on Northern Ireland. Robbens Committee from Britain recommended that a new university be set up in Northern Ireland. Since the West of the Bann had escaped any industrial . Solve Problems? development, it was assumed that the Magee College in Derry, which catered for the first two years of college, would be upgraded to a full college. After the two years in Magee , students had to go Queens University in Belfast.

It was considered a Protestant university. The Unionist government set up the Lockwood committee to happy essay investigate where the new university. Belfast , County Londonderry , Derry 895 Words | 3 Pages. High-Risk Family Assessment and Health Promotion. According to Saewyc, Magee Pettingell, (2004) the risk of solve problems, a teenager getting pregnant is increased if that teenager has been sexually abused. . The pregnancy is because they have been sexually abused they have a feeling of powerlessness which can lead to impairment when it comes to using a contraceptive (Saewyc, Magee Pettingell, 2004). Also, if the teenager has been sexually abused then they may have a higher chance of substance abuse and research essay running away from problems quotes, home (Saewyc, Magee Pettingell, 2004). Abortion , Adolescence , Human sexual behavior 1718 Words | 8 Pages. causes of our actions; and that acquiring this awareness through reflection can liberate us, not in the sense of profiling opinion, making us free agents literally but by solve problems quotes, . Thesis Quiz? giving us understanding and problems quotes insight, and thus enabling us to come to terms with things as they are ( Magee 94). To illustrate this further, if a man kills a man in a society absent of laws, would he be in servitude to opinion moral reasoning? If he was, then he has to solve live with what thou hath sowed and consider it to be irreversible. If per say, there was a law.

Choice , Determinism , Free will 1112 Words | 3 Pages. providing referrals for children who need assistance. QUICK FACTS * Operation Smile, headquartered in Norfolk, Virginia, is a worldwide children's . Racial Opinion Essay? medical charity. In 1982, Operation Smile was founded by Dr. William P. Magee Jr., a plastic surgeon, and his wife, Kathleen S. Magee , a nurse and clinical social worker. * Operation Smile was launched with its first mission to the Philippines in 1982. Operation Smile currently supports international and local, in-country medical missions to 26 countries. Arthritis , Charitable organization , Cleft lip and solve quotes palate 700 Words | 3 Pages. For the assignment I am to choose one poem and one work of fantasy from two different cultural traditions. Choosing the fantasy was easy, but choosing the . poem was a little difficult for me. For the poem, I chose “High Flight” by John Gillespie Magee , Jr. The poem was listed in our textbook as a sonnet.

A sonnet is a very old form of poetry, having gained prominence during the profiling Renaissance period. Solve Quotes? It is also very sophisticated form and therefore not found much in research poetry for children(Russell, Chapter 6. Captain Hook , Hook , Iambic pentameter 850 Words | 3 Pages. 1975’s foreign automakers regarded Nissan as No.1 imported car in North America ( Magee , 44). However, its debt has risen up to $22 billion in . 1999. In fact, “Nissan’s domestic market share, which peaked at solve problems quotes 34 percent in 1974, declined to below 19 percent in racial profiling opinion 1999. Nissan’s global market share declined from 6.6 percent in 1991 to 4.9 percent in 1999, eight-year period in which the company had just one profitable year ( Magee , 44). How could such a successful company, which has been in car industry for. Carlos Ghosn , Ford Motor Company , Nissan 3348 Words | 9 Pages. How Does Ian Mcewan Present Briony in solve Part One of Atonement? situation.

We can also evidence once more of happy essay, Briony attention seeking as she had a ‘desire to share a secret and solve show the racial essay older girl that she too had worldly . experiences’. Lola further urges Briony’s imagination and makes her belief that Robbie is solve a ‘ maniac ’ and could ‘attack anyone’. Following this we can see that not only is Briony immature but she is also ignorant of expository, what is problems happening and would still rather belief the story that she is building. We can see this when Briony reflects on the memories. Ian McEwan , Novel 1682 Words | 4 Pages. holiday really was starting.

Well, he took us back to thesis statement quiz questions the motorway, and solve and we were by the side of the road, the sun was shining, we were a bit merry, sang . a few songs — you know, life was great. And we got another lift from . well he was a maniac , complete maniac . He seemed nice enough, but within a few minutes he was driving at about a hundred miles an hour, overtaking on the inside on the motorway, with his stereo at full volume, one hand on the wheel and pay someone to type well the solve problems quotes other hand on to type my paper, various parts of solve, Susan's. 2005 singles , 2008 singles , English-language films 904 Words | 3 Pages. of the new culture Culture Shock: The mental, emotional and physiological stress that results from prolonged contact with an unfamiliar physical, . social and racial profiling professional environment. ‘There’s nothing to do around here!” “They drive like maniacs ” “Won’t someone tell me what’s really going on?!” “Why can’t I get it right?” Hanna Slisinska-Eckert, 2013 Feelings Hanna Slisinska-Eckert, 2013 Behaviors • Compulsive cleanliness; excessive messiness • Marital stress, family conflict . Sociology 274 Words | 4 Pages. morale and productivity” ( Magee , 2003, p66). The CFTs proved to be a way to involve and solve quotes motivate middle managers who had detailed information . Quiz Questions? about the solve quotes company’s daily business and racial profiling opinion essay had the potential to come up with solutions to the company’s problems He was a facilitator. Ghosn held a belief that employees at all levels of a company possess the solutions to the problems. He learned this lesson at Michelin, when he was doing a line job on a manufacturing shop floor ( Magee , 2003). 17 Point 2. Carlos Ghosn , Cross-cultural communication , Culture 913 Words | 3 Pages.

Socratic Dialectic, Method and solve Piety. intelligence or moral truth, though he did stand for a new, critical way of living. His philosophy on human nature is that ?no one does wrong willingly' . Statement? ( Magee ) and an immoral act is a consequence of ignorance, not perversity. According to Socrates, to do wrong is to turn a blind eye to ?the truth that misconduct results in harm to oneself' ( Magee ), which no one can truly will. Quotes? In order to achieve the goal of happiness, or ?eudemonia', people must conduct themselves morally.

However, self-deceit and. Aristotle , Dialectic , Morality 1216 Words | 4 Pages. Judging Lines Between Imagination and Reality in Attonment. Robbie a “ maniac .” “A maniac . The word had refinement, and the weight of a medical diagnosis” (112). Her ignorance is proved even . further when she walks in on Robbie and Cecilia in the library. Her confusion, as a child, is understandable, however. She misinterprets the situation to be an attack rather than an encounter of lovers. “Though they were immobile, her immediate understanding was that she had interrupted an attack, a hand-to-hand fight” (116). Essay Format? Briony, of course, sees Robbie as a maniac rather. Attack , Attack! , English-language films 1552 Words | 4 Pages.

corporeal distortions (or “disarticulations” of the actor’s body), and conscious fragmentation of character and script alike.’2 The first and most important . device of farce is the figure of the maniac or the solve problems madman playing different roles, fooling those around him to believe in his role-play. It is clear that the maniac , impersonating as and when possible, is a theatrical device. Profiling Opinion Essay? Joylynn Wing points out that he is the solve problems manifestation of the ‘tricky slave of roman comedy, vice character of medieval drama, and. Burlesque , Comedy , Mind 1277 Words | 5 Pages. feelings. A home is when they’ll strike you on the nape for expository, not listening to their advices and eventually, cheering you up by setting up a new date for you. Solve Quotes? . A house is where they protect you to maniacs in expository essay format the road. A home is when your sibling or friends will pretend as your boyfriend or girlfriend when some maniac is looking at you. Solve Quotes? A house is the place where they stop you when you are already embarrassing yourself. A home is when you feel embarrassed and your siblings of your friends join you through.

Family , Mother , Mother insult 898 Words | 3 Pages. What is the message of To Kill a Mockingbird? children believe that Boo Radley is a maniac and a monster, this accusation originating from and supported by tales about Boo, told by the . Profiling Opinion? neighbours. This was a very false image of Arthur Radley, as the children later realised. Solve Quotes? The image was also unfair to Arthur, as his main reason for to type my paper, staying in his house all the time was likely to be that he did not like so much attention. However, Arthur still got considerable attention from his reputation to solve be a maniac , which was an image that was believed. African American , Atticus Finch , Discrimination 913 Words | 3 Pages. The Centerpiece of competition, Nazi Racial Legislation 1935” Adolf Hitler’s excerpt from “The Nuremberg Law” in our textbook underscores the captivity, humiliation . and oppression of the Jewish People by Hitler during his rule in Germany.

Adolf Hitler was a maniac , cruel murderer, and military dictator who had a racist ideology in which white, non Jewish Germans were superior over all other races and used his Nuremberg Laws to define, dehumanize, ostracize and expel the Jews from the German society. Hitler. Antisemitism , Germany , Israel 1472 Words | 3 Pages. Existentialism in Demian and Crime and Punishment. up to, and he is constantly paranoid that people are plotting against him. His guilty, delirious inner world combines with the crazy, chaotic outer world to solve problems . make Raskolnikov into a raging, feverish, maniac . He is not just any raging, feverish, maniac , though. He is an aloof raging, feverish, maniac . He considers himself better than those around him, and his superior mentality drives his antisocial behavior. Pay Someone To Type? His antisocial behavior, in problems turn, gives the history competition australia character and solve problems quotes story a feeling of being alone.

Albert Camus , Existentialism , Friedrich Nietzsche 1103 Words | 3 Pages. Anarchist Superintendent : I don't mind telling you that we've got a few planted in the audience tonight, in the normal way - would you like to see them ? . He claps . Voices from various points in the theatre. Research Outline? Voices : Yes sir ! what are your orders ? Maniac : ( to audience ) Don't worry , they'e only solve actors. The real ones are sitting tight and keeping out of happy essay, sight. This was meant to show the audience of police infiltrators in certain aspects of society. By interacting with the audience in this fashion. Audience , Comedy , Italy 945 Words | 4 Pages.

physiological signals to analogue signals. Solve Problems Quotes? This conversion then allows the electrical monitoring equipment to display the waveform on a display monitor . ( Magee and Tooley 2006). There are many different types of to type, transducers that convert energy. Solve Quotes? The main types are Strain, capacitive and inductive gauges. Of these strain is the most commonly used ( Magee and Tooley 2006). This consists of essay format, a flexible Diaphragm with an electric current applied across it. When the pressure is applied it makes the diaphragm.

Artery , Blood , Blood pressure 1944 Words | 6 Pages. homemade tortillas and quotes other corn dishes. This fiction book would be a great way to introduce young readers to Mexican or Hispanic culture. This book has . not garnered any notable awards or recognition. Spinelli, Jerry. Maniac McGee. Little Brown Books. 1990. New York, NY. Maniac McGee is essay a fiction novel about an orphaned boy named Jeffery Lionel who runs away from home and problems quotes has many exciting adventures, meets unique and essay competition australia interesting people, and ultimately becomes a legend in his own backyard. Problems Quotes? This.

Academy Award , Anne Frank , Children's literature 2070 Words | 7 Pages. Poetry connected to format moments in life. Poetry can also capture the highest moment in a persons life such as being in quotes love, or being above the rest of the mundane world as shown in the poem ‘High . Competition? Flight” John Magee , the man behind ‘High Flight’, describes the grace of problems quotes, flight and is trying to explain a message without the use of voice. It is the most famous and aviation poem. Magee was trying to essay explain how he felt when he was flying high above the land. Using alliteration and juxtaposition in solve quotes ‘Burning Blue’ is used to describe how burning is. Alliteration , Death , Emotion 597 Words | 2 Pages. Bsa 310 Week 4, Individual Assignment - Mcbride Marketing Plan. email adverting, and paid search terms. “Internet advertising involves bringing users to history a web site or generating traffic; the solve quotes web site itself may consist . primarily of a simple presentation of happy essay, information about a company, its products and services” ( Magee , N.D.) Target Market McBride Financial will focus their lending services toward three major groups. All consumers are encouraged to use McBride Financial as a qualified mortgage lender. First Time Buyers Purchasing a new home can be overwhelming.

Advertising , Financial services , Internet marketing 895 Words | 4 Pages. as well to protect the patien’s personal information. “ It is also very important to have information literacy to be able to understand economic, legal, and . social issues surrounding the use of information, and access and the use of problems quotes, information” ( Magee , 2011, p. Pay Someone To Type My Paper? 1). The most important reason however, is to be able to assess the correct information to be able to safely and effectively care for solve quotes, patients. Integration of happy essay, Information Literacy When the student nurse becomes a registered nurse she will. Blood sugar , Health care , Health care provider 1247 Words | 4 Pages.

that for a valid contract to be formed there must be an agreement reached by both parties. Step Two There are three . Quotes? 5. 4 step process | Property . Questions? Settlement - Armstrong Legal /four-step-process? by Peter Magee - in 33 Google+ circles 4 step process | Family Law Solicitors - Armstrong Legal has 25 years of experience in family law. Based in Sydney, our solicitors include accredited specialists . 6. The 4 Step Process - Property Settlement Law www.propertysettlementlaw. Commercial law , Common law , Contract 1756 Words | 5 Pages. Analysis of Margaret Atwood's Siren Song feelings and thoughts. Problems Quotes? The speaker is unsure or even doubtful of history competition, her companions’ stance, and implies their mindset is solve different from hers by pay someone my paper, calling them . “ maniacs ” (16). A maniac can mean an insane person. In this case, the solve problems quotes speaker shows that she fails to comprehend the intentions of her peers and resorts to calling them insane. The word “ maniac ” can also mean an happy essay, overly enthusiastic person, meaning that the quotes speaker thinks her peers are too zealous in fulfilling their roles and she secretly condemns.

Greek mythology , Harpy , Mermaid 1625 Words | 5 Pages. Ian Mcewan's Atonement: Barricading the expository essay format Ladder. Her planned dinner ruined and her twin nephews just run away from solve problems, home, Emily Tallis’s troubled mind begins to linger on Robbie Turner and how he came to be . in the position in her life. “She thought of Robbie at essay outline dinner when there had been something maniac and solve quotes glazed in his look…But really, he was a hobby of Jack’s, living proof of some leveling principle he had pursued through the years…She had opposed Jack when he proposed paying for the boy’s education, which smacked of meddling to her, and unfair. Bourgeoisie , Marxism , Middle class 1834 Words | 5 Pages. “After giving my best to this child, I am sorry to say that for the safety of my family, friends, and myself, I no longer wish to parent this child,” read . the note accompanying the thesis statement quiz questions frightened Artyem Saviliev to the Russian Education of Ministries ( Magee and Netter 2). Intercountry or international adoption is the problems process of establishing a permanent parent-child relationship with a child from another country through proper and history essay legal channels (Intercountry Adoption). More Americans are opting for this. Adoption , Adoption, fostering, orphan care and displacement , Effects of adoption on the birth-mother 958 Words | 4 Pages.

Scholarly vs. Popular Media Focus on Human Sexuality. case with scientific research, the final result is problems bound to be biased and lacking depth; this will be demonstrated below when comparing two samples of . writing on sexuality. ‘Psychoanalysis and thesis Women’s Experiences of “Coming Out”’ is an solve problems quotes, essay by M. Magee and D. Miller; it is part of a collection devoted to research homosexuality as seen from psychoanalytic perspective. In their essay, the solve quotes authors explore historical and cultural dimensions of female homosexuality and experiences of its revelation in society. Coming out , Heterosexuality , Homosexuality 1206 Words | 4 Pages. company with a new culture and very few acquisitions. He had some huge shoes to fill and happy essay was faced with many challenges, both internal and external, but he . succeeded by increasing revenue by problems quotes, 60% and doubling profits during his first seven years as CEO ( Magee , 2009, p. 3). With his success at managing profitability with very few acquisitions, it is now time to develop effective acquisition strategies. Friendly acquisitions of firms where assets are complementary to expository essay GE’s assets have a greater chance.

General Electric , Idea , Jeffrey R. Immelt 1301 Words | 4 Pages.

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The Politics of Terror Mirrors the Politics of Heroin. “The White House is solve problems not just doubling the bet in profiling opinion essay Iraq…..It’s doubling the bet across the region [and the world]. Problems! This could get very complicated. Everything is upside down.” — Martin Indyk (former US ambassador to Israel) 2007. The West’s policies in the Middle East are coming home. Remember the racial essay, “Vietnamese” heroin that showed up in the body bags at home? Well there’s a lot of body bags at problems home right now that are full of “Islamic” terrorism. And remember the army that invaded Basra? The British one! Well it’s now on the streets of Britain.

And the army that destroyed Libya? The French one! It’s now on the streets of France. Meanwhile in America the US President is fighting the FBI and the US media are begging for a coup. And everywhere in the trans-Atlantic sewer the populists are freaking out the happy essay, elitists. The Empire of chaos is a structural mess. It is problems quotes a case of one contradiction too many. On top of the West’s never ending class wars and imperial wars, the West’s latest “forever and statement quiz, ever war on terror” is solve quotes a fiasco that has tipped the balance in favour disbelief and thesis statement, dissent. The illegitimacy of this “war on terrorism” points to the illegitimacy of all the structural wars the West is fighting across the planet.

It is the domino theory in reverse. One imperial war stops making sense and problems, so all the wars stop making sense (if they ever did). The Western establishment has tied itself in a knot in an attempt to prolong itself. Happy Essay! Watch it fall. Our Western governments tell us that they’re at war with “Islamic terror”. Solve Problems! Yet in the geopolitics of the Middle East our governments align themselves with Saudi Arabia and research outline, the Gulf States – the solve problems quotes, kingdoms which sponsor “Islamic terror”. Everyone with half a brain knows that Saudi Wahhabism is the mother of Al-Qaeda and ISIS. And a half of that half a brain can connect the dots between Western Interests in happy essay Arabia and “Islamic terror”. It’s obvious that the West have used and solve, still are using “Islamic terrorism” as a proxy in places like Syria, Libya and Iraq.

So when these same “terrorists” pop up in the West and cause mayhem: what the fuck? Could it be that the West’s terrorists in the Middle East are still working for expository format, the West when they bomb and shoot in the West? Could our Western governments be targeting the West? The House of Saud and the House of Commons as well as the White House (you can add the Houses of Rothschild and Rockefeller to quotes, this list of essay elite Houses) do nothing without each other. So if a Saudi linked death squad attacks the West: the solve problems, Western establishment is complicit. Why? To begin with the House of pay someone Saud was a British intelligence asset during World War I – long before Saudi Arabia was born in 1932. The British paid for Saudi head chopping back in the 1920s.

And nothing has changed since then. Quotes! For example, since the history competition australia, Saudi invasion of Yemen in 2015 the UK has sold ?3.3 billion worth of military equipment to the Saudis. The USA joined the Saudi bloodbath in the interwar period. The California -Arabian Standard Oil Company institutionalised this nefarious relationship in the 1930s. Solve! And Henry Kissinger cemented it in the 1970s. Oil and petrodollars therefore were the parents of profiling opinion essay Al-Qaeda. And any jihad since the solve quotes, 1980s has been a happy meeting of CIA and Saudi minds. This includes ISIS. Seymour Hersh explains the essay, latest US/Saudi cooperation explicitly in his 2007 New Yorker article ‘The Redirection’. After the US lost control of Iraq, Washington DC allowed the Saudis to ‘redirect’ US foreign policy in the region – in an effort to solve, “contain” Iran. The end result was Sunni extremism in Iraq and eventually ISIS.

And a US/Saudi 2017 military deal worth $110 billion. This fundamental link between the Western establishment and Saudi Arabia’s overt and covert terror networks doesn’t categorically connect the West’s governments to the bullets and bombs of ISIS that explode in history essay the West. It doesn’t suggest anything else other than blowback. But a more sinister connection than ‘guilt by association’ comes to the surface if we analyse Western elite behaviour elsewhere. If we widen our perspective and look at the war on drugs and compare it to the war on terror, then what the Western elite are capable of within the West is alarming. It isn’t just blowback – it’s by design. That’s the lesson of the “war on drugs”. Richard Nixon started this war in 1971. However in 2015, according to RT, the illegal drug market was “ bigger than the automotive industry and it’s volume is approaching that of the oil and gas sector “. In his book The CIA As Organised Crime , Douglas Valentine answers the following question: Ken McCarthy: A member of the Sinaloa cartel, Vicente Zambada-Niebla, is currently in solve problems prison in the US “on charges of trafficking more than a billion dollars in cocaine and heroin.” Zambada’s attorney is saying that since the late 1990s, the Sinaloa cartel has provided various US law enforcement agencies with information about the other cartels. They help the US eliminate their rivals and in exchange they’re allowed to import limitless quantities of drugs into the US.

Chicago is one of their main drop-off points. So, Doug, has there ever been a case when the US government through its various law enforcement agencies gave a pass to drug dealers in exchange for expository format, something else? How often does it happen and how far back does it go? Valentine: An old FBN [Federal Bureau of Narcotics] agent, Lenny Schrier, once told me: “The only way you can make cases is if your informant sells dope.” So, yes; not only solve problems, has it happened, and not only does it still happen, but giving dealers a free pass to deal drugs is the foundation stone upon which federal drug law enforcement is history essay competition based. Solve Problems Quotes! Once you realise that, you have to look beyond, at the political and economic context that makes such an extra-legal practice possible… The point here, is research essay outline that the solve, “war on pay someone, drugs” is a contradiction.

The official Western attempt to stop the solve problems, trafficking of drugs is responsible for the proliferation of drugs in the West. Valentine’s point is that politics and economics trumps the law in the “war on drugs”. Opinion! For political and economic reasons the West and its intelligence agencies (primarily the CIA) allows drug trafficking to flourish. Maybe the reason is that drug money is a good way to fund a secret war (the Contra war against Nicaragua in the 1980s, for example). Maybe drug money maintains Third World CIA assets (landlords, generals, right-wing politicians, organised criminals – the usual anti-communists). Maybe drugs destabilise and therefore controls a strategic country (Mexico) or a strategic class (the working class and underclass). Or maybe drug money fuels a key part of the economy (the Western banks and corporations). Whatever the political or economic reasons the world’s illegal hard drugs are secretly tolerated and encouraged by quotes, the West despite the law.

If this is the reality of the essay australia, war on drugs: can the same contradiction be found in the war on terror? If we superimpose the war on terror onto Valentine’s description of the war on drugs: will the patterns of one fit into the patterns of the other? In the war on terror does politics and economics trump the law? Is terrorism secretly tolerated and encouraged by the Western powers? According to the UK’s Independent newspaper in solve November 2016:

“A 650 per cent increase in deaths from terrorism in quiz OECD countries and a marked rise in transnational terrorist attacks means the world is now a yet-more dangerous place in solve quotes terms of terrorism, according to the IEP [Institute for Economics and profiling, Peace].” Is the war on terror therefore like the war on drugs: does it actually promote what it allegedly is fighting against? The facts suggest that this is the case. Quotes! Why? As Valentine argues in research essay outline relation to the war on drugs: the reasons concern politics and solve problems quotes, economics. The war on terror which George W. Bush began in happy essay the 2000s and which Donald Trump continues today is in fact similar to the war on terror which Ronald Reagan initiated in the 1980s. In short, it’s a hoax.

It’s deceitful because to paraphrase Martin Luther King: the USA and the West back in the 1980s was, as it is today in solve quotes the 2010s, the opinion essay, greatest purveyor of terror in the world. And it is so for political and economic reasons. Like drugs, terrorism facilitates Western power. If no non-Western military force can compete with the military power of the West, then what scares the West? Why is the West panicking if it dominates the air, sea and problems quotes, land when it comes to happy essay, conventional warfare? Why?

Because that which makes the West nervous is the world’s civilian population. Cue unconventional warfare! When the US war on drugs began in 1971, the US and it’s allies were producing heroin and solve quotes, killing civilians on a massive scale in South East Asia. A postmodern (anti-modern) partnership was born. Happy Essay! A postmodern (two faced) pattern was set. Under the solve quotes, cover of Western self righteousness – drugs and quiz questions, terror became tools of the West. And they’ve been dovetailing each other ever since – targeting civilians all the way. The template for the West’s postmodern terror onslaught, according to Douglas Valentine, was the solve quotes, Phoenix Program that shaped the underbelly of America’s war in Vietnam. Realising that the civilian population of South Vietnam was it’s real enemy the US – using it’s secret CIA “warriors” – in a very conscious, bureaucratic and pay someone to type, bloody way covertly attacked it. Secret detention centres, torture and executions terrorised the south Vietnamese population in the late 1960s and into the early 1970s. Up to 40,000 civilians were killed.

And the rest were psyched out with propaganda – if they were not killed by solve problems quotes, a straightforward bombing raid. In this darkly coordinated approach to disobedient civilians the Western state-mafia found a formula that could be systematically used elsewhere. Like heroin, programmatic terrorism could be exported in a clandestine fashion. And in a massive scale it was. The Phoenix Program was exported to Latin America in the 1970s and 1980s.

It was called the ‘Salvador Option’ up north and ‘Operation Condor’ down south. And it ripped the guts out of civilian life in Central America and the Southern Cone. A few hundred thousand executed civilians here and a few hundred thousand butchered civilians there. And, it’s fair to say, every one of the Latin American state terrorists responsible for this systematic killing of civilians passed through the racial profiling opinion essay, US [Terror] School of the solve problems, Americas which was located in Panama and now, under the name the “Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation”, is based in Fort Benning, Georgia. And, significantly, all of these terrorists had the political support of Latin America’s Cocaine kings and that ultimate king of war: Henry Kissinger. At about the same time the CIA was training the mujahideen in the arts of terror and letting them blow secular civilian life in Afghanistan to bits. And so the Phoenix Program slowly made its way back to Asia and thesis statement, the heroin business. This Western attempt to contain modern civilian life around the problems quotes, world, by throwing hardcore drugs and research outline, organised terrorism in the way of solve quotes social progress, doubled it’s bet – in the 21st century – in Iraq, Syria and Libya. If the outline, Western 1% or 5% or 10% were to remain sure of their social position in global society, then they needed a countervailing primitive force or forces in the face of modern secular trends. Problems Quotes! Neoliberal capitalism and all it’s talk of competitive market forces became the research, primitive mainstream ideology of the 1% – the myth of free market individualism.

And as it turned out solve, hardcore drugs and hardcore terrorism covered the social and political backs of this 1% as they globalised themselves. The catch for the Western 1% was that globalisation implied universalism. In capitalist terms, globalisation weirdly implied global equality or at least a level playing field. The BRICS took advantage of this. And the West hit back with a plethora of excuses to maintain inequality and it’s own privileged access to resources. Samuel Huntington’s The Clash of Civilisations was one excuse.

And 911 and the subsequent “war on terror” was another excuse. The bet was that chaos in the heart of the Eurasian continent (think Zbigniew Brzezinski) would divert globalisation back into the familiar ways of Western domination. However universalism, or the 21st century global civilian, had already bolted from Western parochialism. It was too late to slam the doors of history shut. Hence the need to questions, double the bet against the progressive secular tendencies of the 21st century – the global dimensions of science and technology (reason), and as a result the global (non-Western) dimensions of human society. Feeling unsure of itself the parochial 1% backtracked away from globalisation and doubled it’s belief in the “Phoenix Program”.

The 1% and it’s allies and tools – NATO, Israel, the Saudis and quotes, all their secret services – combined in an attempt to pay someone to type my paper, divide and rule the world’s citizens one more time. Strategic cultural and political fractures were exploited in solve problems quotes order to engineer social chaos and social reaction. The reason was Western power. And no price was too much for that. Since World War II, at least, Western governments (the US leading the pack) have had no qualms about working with drug dealers so as to promote their interests.

Likewise, since at least the Vietnam War, the West has systematically used for it’s own benefit terrorism and terrorists freely. From Vietnam to the Middle East – via Latin America – even the names of the Western teachers of terror are the same. For example, US colonel James Steele and US diplomat John Negroponte. Racial Profiling Opinion! And hovering above the likes of problems quotes these are the pay someone to type, gods of terror – the CIA, MI6, Mossad, etc. (figures like the ghostly Ted Shackley). Which brings us back to Saudi Arabia and it’s “free pass” to commit acts of terrorism in what Seymour Hersh calls “The Redirection”. The importance of Saudi Arabia to the financial and quotes, petroleum heights of the Western establishment are beyond doubt. So the question now is research whether that Saudi free pass extends to Western cities? Are policies like the Salvador Option on the elite table when dealing with Western countries? If the war on solve problems, drugs is any guide then Western society is as much a target for a “Phoenix type Program” as any other Third World society.

Indeed Douglas Valentine believes that The United States Department of questions Homeland Security is a direct descendant of the Phoenix Program. And the bombs and bullets in the streets of Europe? If the black neighbourhoods of Los Angeles could be flooded with drugs with the discreet blessing of a US government which was allegedly fighting a war against drugs: then the working class streets of Europe can be flooded with terrorism with the surreptitious blessing of the Western governments which are allegedly fighting a war against terror. Aidan O’Brien is a hospital worker in Dublin, Ireland.

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7 Steps to a Killer Video Application. Problems. Last year, I applied for the job I now have (and love!): the Account Management role at ZeroCater . The position seemed like a perfect fit, and I couldn't send in my resume quickly enough. However, part of the application process included submitting a video, which was a very first in my job search adventures. Profiling Opinion Essay. It was surprisingly difficult to problems, figure out how to make an expository essay entertaining 3-minute video of me talking—it was awkward, and I didn't really want to solve quotes, do it. But I forged ahead, spent a weekend making the video, sent in my application, and essay competition, ended up landing the job. Now, seven months later, I’m involved in the interviewing and problems quotes, hiring process at ZeroCater HQ, which includes watching applicant videos. From this side of things, I certainly see their value and understand their rise in history essay competition australia popularity.

We receive hundreds of resumes every month, and problems quotes, a video allows us to get a more dynamic sense of someone than the racial written word allows. It's difficult to solve problems quotes, get a feel for someone’s personality and creativity from a stack of resumes and cover letters—which are meant to be standardized—whereas videos bring our applicants off the page and essay, give a more holistic picture of why they're great. If you find yourself faced with the task of making an application video, fear not! The wonderful part about problems a video application is the level of expository control it enables. If a take doesn't go well, you can erase it.

If you make a joke and immediately realize that it was severely less funny than you'd hoped, you can take it back! It's an interview minus the mishaps and subsequent facepalms, and the chance to problems, make an research essay outline awesome first impression with the added ability to problems quotes, take as much time as necessary to get it right. On that note, here are a few tips to help you make a 5-star application video. Thesis Quiz. Think about how you'd like to quotes, respond to the given prompt, and consider what video format works best for happy essay, you. Are you comfortable talking to problems quotes, the camera on your computer or phone, or would it be easier to have a friend “interview” you? Or, how about a slideshow with a voiceover , using Story Wheel ? All of these things are options, so be creative and choose something that feels natural to you. Instead of listing past roles and responsibilities, take the opportunity to share an statement experience or quality about yourself that has particular relevance to the position but that might not shine through on your resume. For example, one of solve our applicants listed “bike trip leader” in the “Special Skills” section at the bottom of her resume. Her video focused on opinion this part of solve problems her background and, through photos and stories, showed us that she’s an energetic leader who’s able to build community over a shared experience. It was exactly what we were looking for—and she works here now. 3. Work From a Script (But Avoid Reading Directly From It) Once you’ve finalized what exactly you want to cover, plan the main points you'd like to convey and jot down clear ways to say them.

Writing your ideas ahead of time encourages intention and clarity—and helps eliminate run-on sentences and excessive “ums” and research essay, “likes.” 4. Make Sure Your Video is problems quotes, Clear and to type my paper, Audible. We want to see you and hear what you have to say! Reduce background noise, choose a well-lit setting, and avoid having the camera pointing up your nose. These things sound obvious, but believe me, they go a long way. 5. Shoot Several Takes if Necessary. The beauty of an application video is solve problems quotes, that you don't have to settle on a bad take. If the neighbor's dog is barking incessantly in the background or you get off track, do it again. In my case, I couldn't figure out how to sign off in statement quiz questions a way that seemed natural.

Was I supposed to say “bye?” Just stop talking? After a few takes, I found a smile and wave that didn't make me look insane. Have you ever read through an email you've just written to discover spelling errors, run-on sentences, or a few overused adjectives? I know I have. You should watch your video for the same reason: catching those silly mistakes.

Consider having a friend check it out solve problems too—a fresh set of eyes can help notice mistakes or idiosyncrasies that you may have overlooked. Programs like iMovie , Final Cut Pro , and Movie Maker are intuitive and easy to use, and there are plenty of free video editing programs to try. You don't have to be a seasoned editor to make small changes that go a long way. If you can't figure something out, there are a myriad of YouTube tutorials to show you how. I can't speak for all employers, but as far as our team is concerned, we aren't looking for the most well-written monologue or the highest production quality in questions our applicants' videos. We're looking for personality, creativity, intelligence, and effort. A video is an extra opportunity to show a company why you really would be an excellent addition to their team, so have fun and take advantage of it. Want a gig at ZeroCater?

Check out these open positions ! Photo of man on laptop courtesy of Shutterstock . Beth studied Interpersonal Communication in her beloved home state at the University of North Carolina at solve problems, Chapel Hill. She's worked all kinds of jobs in different industries, including a stint as stewardess on format Richard Branson's personal yacht, and now calls San Francisco home with her awesome husband. As an Account Manager for ZeroCater, Beth puts her foodie knowledge and love of hospitality to quotes, good use by feeding startups across the Bay Area. She loves homemade stationery, enjoys guessing the happy essay Myers-Briggs personality types of solve quotes her coworkers, and is a self proclaimed putt-putt extraordinaire. Hmmm, seems you#39;ve already signed up for this class.

While you#39;re here, you may as well check out all the amazing companies that are hiring like crazy right now.

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Choosing Software Testing as your Career. If you are willing to problems choose software testing as your career then this is profiling, a must read! Nowadays I get many mails asking me about software testing jobs . Problems! Should I select software testing as my career? How to switch to software testing from other job experience? Which institute should I join for testing course? And many more … I will give a common answer to all these questions whether you should choose software testing as your career or not? Let me first explain in expository format, brief about solve quotes software testing. Software testing and quality control are the profiling opinion, processes by solve quotes, means of which application quality is improved. Software testing is done in expository, each phase of product life cycle i.e from requirement specifications , design, coding, to the user acceptance. Many complex software structures require in depth analytical and technical skill to test the solve quotes, applications. Knowledge of programming languages is required for racial profiling opinion unit testing, scripting skill essential for Automation testing.

Now we will speak about your career in software testing. Solve Problems! No one can guide you choosing your career more than you! Its right and you are the only person to decide your career. Do self-assessment to essay competition figure out where you can fit well. Do study of your skills, interests, strengths, weaknesses. Ask some questions to your self like:

What is your goal in life? What will increase your satisfaction and skill? What is solve, your interest? Which skills you have developed in your life till now? Which training you did that can be applied to future job? By answering these questions you will automatically come to decision. To switch to expository essay software testing career What skills you will require? Is the most important question I think. In my previous post what makes a good test engineer, I mentioned some of the software testing required skills.

1. Problems! Communication: Customer communication as well as team communication most important for this job. Pay Someone To Type My Paper! Written communication as well! 2. Technical skill: As I mentioned earlier for testing technical domain skill in languages is important. Some of the Testing skills are: Project life cycle, Knowledge of testing types, Programming languages familiarity,

Ability to analyze requirements, 4. Analytical and judging skill. Don’t worry if you don’t have some of the solve, skills mentioned above. You can always learn the things if you have interest. Non-IT personas can also grow fast by gaining necessary skills. So finally selecting testing as your career ask one question to history essay australia yourself: Are you looking for career in software testing or just a Job?

plz suggest me how to get into software testing program. for web testing following tests to be covered. Parameter Injection,Command Execution,SQL Injection, Cross-Site Scripting, Directory Traversal,Abnormal Input, Parameter Overflow,Buffer Overflow,Parameter Addition,Path Manipulation,Path Truncation,Character Encoding,MS-DOS 8.3 Short Filename,Character Stripping,Site Search,Application Mapping Crawl,Automatic Form-Filling,SSL Support,Proxy Support,Client Certificate Support. State Management,Directory Enumeration,Web Server Assessment,HTTP Compliance,WebDAV Compliance,SSL Strength,Certificate Analysis,Content Investigation,Spam Gateway Detection,Client-Side Pricing,Sensitive Developer Comments,WebServer/Web Package Identification,Absolute Path Detection,Error Message Identification,Permissions Assessment,Brute Force Authentication attacks etc. Nice Suggestion by Infosec. Can you tell detail in solve problems quotes, the above, How these activities followed in application.

Iam currently working as a sale person and Iam interested in essay outline, taking up Software testing as my future career. I have some basic knowledge in Excel and intenet browsing. I am very much impressed by solve quotes, this website. Racial Opinion Essay! The way it is problems, clarifying the doubts is very impressive. And my doubt is what is the real meaning for the words DOMAIN PLATFORM in resume.

i was an experinced candidate in design field(2yrs) but i want to shift to statement quiz questions the testing field .plz suggest me if i shifted this testing field will supports me or not i mean can i get offers in this field? First thing is that a career in testing needs passion and a keen interest in this field. You can possibly judge urself whether ur mindset cud set in this field or not… As for as regarding testing field is concerned you can shift into this field from solve quotes, any background provided you have good stuf and good technical skills related with testing apart from the initial educational requirement. Since that you were into designing you have the art of getting to the core on the flow of any process and research outline, this will really help u in understanding the problems, flow of project. Wud suggest you to statement quiz questions be skilled on solve problems, software process and more of happy essay, testing process, any automated tool knowledge will definitely help. Give a shot in solve problems quotes, this testing world and hope u can grove in. Wud also suggest u to study all the expository essay, useful and informative things provided in this site by our friend vijay. Solve Quotes! Hats off to him…

A platform describes some sort of framework, either in hardware or software, which allows software to happy essay run. Typical platforms include a computer’s architecture, operating system, or programming languages and solve quotes, their runtime libraries. Simply saying, a platform describes about the Operating system, Front end applications like Java, .NET, blah blah which is used in pay someone, scripting and running the solve quotes, designed build which u’ve worked in… A Domain is used as a business logic word which describes the nature of software product you were involved in. Happy Essay! For example, Banking, Insurance, Telecom, Finance and more to say…. Hope this clears you friend…. Basic knowledge in Excel and internet browsing will definitely not help friend.

You need to solve problems quotes learn a lotttt on software methodologies and more on testing. Wud suggest you to learn all the information provided in this site by our friend vijay. Sry to research outline say you need to work hard and learn more………. A person does not now the coding of any language and software can he will be a software tester? please inform me and give u r valuable suggestion to me. I am basically in BPO firm, i have knowledge of solve, MS-office and happy essay, internet and solve, I am BA(Economic)

I want to competition persue my career in software testing or pogramming. I just want to solve know that is software testing need any other background or what should i exactly do to be in software testing is online courses are there? tell the details about javaplatform. This is suja from thesis quiz, bangalooru i need some projects on testing.I heard n learnt more infornation of ur website n i thouht of mailing u. pls do the needful….. this is mithun from problems, bangalore i would like to get some projects on testing ….. and i would like to get some begining notes of qtp plz help me. Iam navanetha from chennai.Recently i was completed software testing,but before that iam looking for some practice on testing tools. Anybody tell the free download testing tools options in websites. Also please tell me the test cases.

All the best ,those who are interested in software test as a carreer. All the expository format, best frnds. Have a nice day. sir!can u suggest me the books about solve quotes software testing! hi can you tell me any good books on software testing i have just started to persue software testing cource. hi can you tell me any good books on competition australia, software testing i have just started to persue software testing cource tell about projects and how can i get that. You have asked for the testing tools’ site for practice….here is one site which I came to solve problems quotes know recently….. You have asked for good books………As far as to my concern, the good book is ISTQB CERTIFICATION. The book name is ISTQB CERTIFICATION by RexBlack…Actually this is supposed for ISTQB …but it gives very good and standard idea about testing….

Have a nice reading. Learning QTP is history essay australia, good idea….but learning a project is literally waste of solve quotes, money… Have a strong grip on the subject and learn a good testing tool …….I hope this will help you better than learning a project………….. To my best of knowledge…Testing tools are providing some demo projects….. if you visit their site……Have a glance ….and try to grasp everthing…….. Have a nice time. The answer is YES. Because I completed my M.Sc., Microbiology and I stood university first………….. But now I am working as Junior Software test Engineer.

As far as I am concerned, the essay australia, true quality of a tester, is : To have a zeal to break the application……….so that the application can be made perfectly………. Welcome to the World of problems quotes, Testing . Many web sites are offering online courses………… Among them the best is history competition,, wikipedia(basic knowledge)etc., Very gud mrng for everybody! Especially i am saying thanks to quotes Ms.Lakshmi for suggest me the website for testing tools. Madam i was also completed B.Sc Zoology in 2006.Iam looking for carrer growth in software testing.I was completed testing course.But i am expecting some more information from experienced and career guidance persons.. Frnds any body have freshers resume about software testing…Pls give me suggestions and happy essay, ideas to prepare resume… Iam very thankful for problems everybody in this site. Pls sent ur valuable suggestions towards my carrer growth…. Thats really a good going lakshmi. Thesis Statement! All your comments and suggestions r jst gr8.

Need one clarification. Solve Quotes! Is this the one which u suggested about downloading testing tools. I tried but it show 404. Drop a msg or drop me a mail at Regarding that site( It is working for happy essay me. Anyway if you still not found that, kindly go through this site…ofcourse you might have already gone through this, anyway let me suggest you……

It gives information regarding testing tools…… I have one question for you…Anyone please clarify me… What is BVT(Build Verification test). Recently I was asked to problems quotes sort out the scenarios that come under BVT. As far as I am concerned, BVT is carried out by developers and not by testers as BVT is synonym to expository essay format smoke testing. If I am wrong please correct me. If it is the tester’s responsibility , then what were the quotes, things that should be taken into consideration while undergoing BVT. You are always welcome….

What sort of information you are expecting from fresher/experienced person. Please let me know…. If I can, i will surely clarify you…… If it is history essay competition, not working, you can have a glance over this site…. Actually just i had completed t esting.SO that i need some more information about problems quotes winrunner and it uses… I am expecting freshers resume. to prepare resume.. Are you applying as fresher. First be perfect with Manual testing as automation testing requires manual testing knowledge inorder to convert manual test cases to to type test scripts.

you can visit this site to get some information wrt interview…….now you can concentrate on QTP also…as it is most advanced than WinRunner. If this is not sufficient, please feel free to quotes contact me… And my doubt is what is the real meaning for the words DOMAIN PLATFORM in resume.? pls let me know. To the pay someone my paper, best of my knowledge, DOMAIN —- It is the project entity. PLATFORM — It is the technology that is used to develop project. For eg., Let us consider you belong to problems a team that works for Karur Vysya Bank transactions and developed using JAVA…… Here your domain is Banking services and your platform is JAVA. If I am wrong, please let me know…….

U r 100% correct on wht u mentioned abt Domain and Platform. Thts really awesome :) And many thanks for ur clarification abt the opensource testing tool site it shud read as .org and not .com :) You are right friend. BVT is done by developers b4 giving it to testing team to happy essay test the stability/sanity of the problems quotes, s/w. Build Verification Test (BVT), also known as Build Acceptance Test, is a set of expository, tests run on each new build of a product to verify that the build is testable before the build is released into problems quotes the hands of the profiling opinion, test team. The build acceptance test is generally a short set of quotes, tests, which exercises the mainstream functionality of the racial, application software. Any build that fails the build verification test is rejected, and testing continues on solve, the previous build (provided there has been at least one build that has passed the acceptance test). BVT is important because it lets developers know right away if there is a serious problem with the format, build, and they save the test team wasted time and solve problems, frustration by avoiding test of an unstable build. I’ve found this in a blog site from research essay, Testy. At a minimum the BVT should check every file in each new build for: · Correct version information.

· Correct time and date stamps. · Appropriate file flags. · Correct cyclic redundancy check (CRC) keys. · Correct language information. · ISO 9660 file naming conventions. Changes in the build can help the test team focus on critical areas, or identify areas of the project that should be revisited.

Other information a BVT should provide to the test team includes: · New files added to solve problems the project build. · Files removed from the expository essay format, project build. · Files with binary changes. U can refer to this site. Let me knw if anything new lakshmi.

But my lead has asked me to sort out the scenarios that come under BVT from 297 scenarios. I don’t know how to do and quotes, what are the things that should be taken into research essay consideration while undergoing BVT. GM..Thanx for solve problems quotes ur prompt reply… Hi,very gud afternoon everybody! Its very nice to read comments on this site… Thank u Ms.Lakshmi..for sharing ur knowledge with us… I will follow ur suggestions towards my career… shall we discuss some intersting defintions about research essay software testing-manual. so if we provide information and basics of software wil be useful for others…who are entering or starting or studying software testing . Have a gud day..for every body… Sorry if their any grammatical mistakes…. hi. i have studying software testing course.i have completed diploma in computer passing out 2007.i would like to join any company in software testing.if the company wanted any qualification tell me now.thank you . I have one question what is the difference b/w “Regression testing” and “Regional Regression testing” , lakshmi can u give one beautiful eg and expla…..

Regression testing —- Testing of quotes, a modified build for unintended changes or unexpected side effects that might have occurred during modifications of the build. Regional regression testing —Testing the critical components of the profiling opinion essay, software (which have critical impact ) for unexpected or unintended side effects that might have been introduced during modification of the build. This takes place when time is the most constraint. Let us consider—you are working in project which has three modules… Now, let us assume that the problems quotes, chatting module has undergone some changes. Now the build is ready for regression testing. If time permits, then we will go for (full)Regression testing that involves the testing of all the modules. But if we come to regional regression testing concept, there comes the happy essay, picture like : If we have a time constraint, then we will go for problems the most critical impact modules i.e, for chatting module, login module gets impacted and no where connected to mailing module(let us assume)…then we will conduct regression testing for those two modules only…. This is just an example…I am not saying that it should be the case…. If iam wrong, please correct me… very nice..thanx for clrafiying this…yester day I have asked one more u got any ans for that? :) R those 297 scenarios based on your project friend . If so u have to test the essay outline, major functionalities of the problems, application.

It was really a wondeful conversation. Profiling! I really enjoyed it, i received a valuable information through this conversation. Thanks a lot. Could u please xplain (with ex) difference between Bug,Error and Fault… Iam a B.Tech graduate 2005 passout living in chennai,TN i was working in a BPO after that. I would like to learn software testing but iam realy confused with lot of training institutes so could u plz help me to problems find a good one in chennai Banglore. Thanks. I am also into the designing field for abt 2 year..and now about to essay switch to quotes testing field. Racial! (Insha Allah)….so where u are up changed ? hey Lakshmi i have seen ur answers they are very helpful could u help me by telling wat would be good answer to aquestion of an solve problems, interviwer if he asks why software testing as carrer.

its better to say that my mind is quality oriented mind setup.and i have a test to break attitude.and i have an habit of finding defects in any thing. I dont know anything about testing can any one tell me the basics. Happy Essay! i’m working as a dotnet developer. Problems Quotes! i had completed my B.Tech in the year 2005. so r u going in happy essay, development side than why u r choosing testing. Error: mistake in code is called error. Defect: if we play back a scrip which consists error, then. we will get defect. Bug: if developer accepts that defect to solve quotes rectify it is called BUG. in other way: Bug is term used by developer n defect used by testers. how many of happy essay, u doing job on TT. Iam perfect in solve, test case design, test execution,bug tracking, documentation and all.

But only thing is i got less pecntage in B.Tech, i have trained in private institute all my coleagues and faculty are said you have excellent knoledge on testing tools, iam confident on that but i completed graduation in 2007 only. I don’t have experience. I put my resume in expository essay format, website, i haven’t recieved any calls, Iam perfect in both manual and automation(QTP). Iam doing project in solve problems, private institute also. How can i get the to type, job in testing tools. @Priya and LV Prasad. Bug: Deviations in the application functionality.

Error: Mistakes in coding. Defect: Deviations from the requirements. Hope this clears all. Where r u put up in friend. Solve Quotes! Drop me ur resume to pay someone my email id. I’ll try to push u in my concern. Let me knw ur expected packages too. Am Raghavendra tc , currently working in Gosys Info tech company as a Software test engineer . Rt now am doing manual testing.. Solve Problems! i.e black box testing and UAT testing..(web testing) but during training time i learned automation also.but i didn’t used in any of the essay competition, projects. i didn’t used white box unit testing also.but i got an interview for above testing techniques .. Solve! idont no wt do? so plz could u suggest me for above thing(plz consider automation also) and also i hv 1.5 years of exp .but i don’t know anything about test plan test design (just i know theoretical) .here just they will assign the happy essay, task through task manager.after tat i will find bugs will report this bugs to mantissa tool…. so i dont know the test life cycles in quotes, MNC.s company.

so plz explain on this artcle also.. i hope u will understand my queries.. pleaseee reply back soon .. u can send to to type mail id.. if it is possible.. thank u lakshmi. i am so thank full to ur answer….. well abt me, i completed my M.Sc Biotech and started searching job on problems quotes, S/w Testing. i didnt get any call, bcz most of the companies prefer BE/B.Tech/MCA. no one concern abt the subject we know. but still trying hard to get. well My friend Zakir do u know any company provide job preferring any graduation.

Well friend. I can forward my resume in my company. Just forward ur resume with ur expectations and willingness to shift across places to my email id which is already mentioned above. Lets see friend. Hope things go fine. Thanks Best wishes.

i am MCA holder from college days iteself i have much interest on programming only . but i got job in testing . last week joined . i don’t have satisfaction to format do testing but company assigned in Testing only. is there any possibility to switch over quotes towards developing at least feature . To Type! pls tell ur comments to First of all congrats that u’ve got an opening in s/w field. Well friend, if ur interest is not really in to testing you can change ur field to problems development at happy essay, any stage bcos opportunity for solve developers are aplenty and u can find one easily by posting ur resume on job sites but before that why don’t u try to apply ur programming skills in the testing field on outline, automation. Automated testing really needs people with good scripting skills and solve problems, u can try ur hand there and prove ur skills ya. Research! Moreover u can be a White Box tester if u r comfortable in problems quotes, scripting.

Wud suggest you to to type try this way and if u r really not interested to be in solve problems quotes, this field better lookout for development areas u can find it easily. Expository! Just apply in jobsites. any one have CSTP material/sites related to solve CSTP. i am writing this certification on this month, so want to prepare well. i’ll b thank full, if any one of u help me. do u have any material regarding CSTP. Can someone please tell me, What exactly is the Agile testing?? Thanks in Advance, my dear friend i hope ur so helpful, i sent u my resume. thank u for ur suggesstion. i ll made to organization to put me in automation. if they wont allow means i ll surely switch over to development side. Error: Mistake Made in Coding (or) Mistake Made by a programmer that may result in a program (or) A human action that produces an incorrect result.

Bug: Variation between expected result and happy essay, actual result. Fault: It is a condition that causes the quotes, software to fail to perform its required function. When we make errors that causes faults in statement quiz, the computer software,leading to potential failure of the system. This is the best answer that i can give….. Please correct me,if this goes wrong…… Thanks to Ms.Laxmi garu for her valuable information about solve quotes testing……. i am working in a software deve co. in Dubai since 4 years as software support engineer where my job responsibility is demonstaration the happy essay, product to problems client, software support, training, taking business requirements and implementation with the quiz questions, programmers, and i am intrested in software testing and want to quotes switch my job in software testing filed, but i am not graduate and statement quiz, i dont have any certification in solve problems quotes, software testing, i need more information on software testing, test cases, etc and how i can get the CSTE certificate, kindly explore the happy essay, details. Thanks and solve problems, Regards, i am doing B.E, (cse)..I am looking for carrer growth in software testing.I was completed testing course.But i am expecting some more information from experienced and happy essay, career guidance persons.. Frnds any body have freshers resume about problems software testing…Pls give me suggestions and ideas to prepare resume… Iam very thankful for pay someone everybody in this site. Pls sent ur valuable suggestions towards my carrer growth….

any one know wt is Cyclometer? i faced this Qn …. Solve Problems Quotes! i never heard abt it. u ppl have idea abt it, if so plz reply to this thread…. Good Guidance For Every One. Please Update Your Full Bio-Data on pay someone, Portal, or Else Forward to My Id. thanks for ur helping hand…..

can u post ur mail id, so that i can forward my CV. hi, i am a MSc Biotech, i wish to problems quotes join software testing. can you pl guide me. actually i am apppered for msc part 2 (physics ) but side by my paper, i am complet my deploma in software testing also is really intersting for me ,and chanlleging lalso , but i dont how much scop r there? i have complted bsc 2005 IInd class , is solve quotes, that any chance to joine any MNC company ? tell me about statement quiz questions placement in mumbai pune also how much satring package og non eng /fresher ? waiting for result. i have some problem in communication like fluency , so is that really matter in S.T if yes what to do ? please help me. initially if u want to get into MNCs means its quite difficult, present most of the MNCs requiting by campus. i am not disappointing u, just telling the fact… u said u doing M.Sc ( i am also a M.Sc graduate) the opportunities for M.Sc non IT is very less when compare with IT ppl…. regrading communication, communication skills, and solve problems quotes, fluency in English. yes it matters @ the time of interv… but no probs…if u want really to quiz get into s/w filed… initially try to get into small companies, the small companies will also look @ ur communication n fluency but, they mainly concentrate on how much u know..and how u presenting the problems quotes, knowledge. so my idea if u try in small companies…it will b gud… im not saying not to try in MNCs….i dnt mean it.

if u get chance it well n gud… anyway all the happy essay, best…my friend… u can learn s/w testing course dear… even i am also a Biotech Graduate did M.Sc in 2006, now searching job in s/w testing field… its very easy im sure u can easy learn it… feel free to solve problems quotes ping me. hi thanks for advies me but can u tell me how to apply in small company ? or u can also tell me the history australia, mumbai location company , and last is solve problems, can tellme whatis system testing ? how to quiz write test case ? in easy mannear. regard prashant katkar. This site very useful and increased my confidence I very much depressed by solve quotes, not getting job Can any one tell me how can i build my career in this field I have studying software testing course.i have completed diploma in Computer Application. I would like to join any company in research essay, software testing.if the company wanted any qualification tell me now. ISTQB foundation level exam will help me. Waiting fr early reply.

dont warry ye hota hai dont take tenssion , r ucomplted u r course r not? if completed then plecement there r not ? u just go through d side http://www.onestoptesting .com , ok one more thing if u wann buld u r carrier in s/ft testing be prepare , eligibilty critera is grauation nothing spl. ok. i hope so i can what i know thatmuch i tell u ok by solve problems, best of luck. prashant katkar (if any problem come to essay australia gtallk. thanx a lot prashant fr yr support… I hve comted my corse didnt got any call frm any where. can pls send me yr id in my id so i can contact you. thanx a lot prashant fr yr support… I hve comted my corse didnt got any call frm any where.

can pls send me yr id in my id so i can contact you. currently working at kolkata, can u pls tell me about solve what course u have done and profiling essay, from where. Feel free to ping me or call me. I want to know at what stage testing role get started. i.e. at the time of design stage, or coding stage. Testing efforts starts from kickoff meeting.

On one fine morning or at designcoding phase, no one can do testing. So you first need to problems know the complete sdlc following in a real time environment, on each phase testers have roles and essay, responsibilities. cell no 9869215670. can u tell me how to solve quotes write test case in to type my paper, non IT part means eg like fan, appele, bus like that give me some example , and one mor thing is can u tell me smoke testing ,? prashant katkar or ping me can u tell me anybody live in solve, mumabi. who know the small company in s/t its urgent. I am Satish working on working on to type, Manual Testing from 1 year in problems, Hyderabad. I want to lean tools which is the best tool in market.

any body tell me that what is difference between testingand software testing ? I’m Ramesh frm B’lore. BSc grad passed out in statement, 2003. but, presently doing MSC[3rd sem in problems, a dist education]. just wanted to history essay competition australia know,if i take a training on solve quotes, s/w testing will i be able to get the profiling opinion essay, QA job or atleast in problems quotes, the entry level position. Presently working with one of the biggest BPO in the world and getting 20k/pm. AWAITING FOR ALL THE VALID RESPONSES . My name is ritesh sanyal. I am working with IBM daksh in HP process. I want to make my carrer in software testing. Can anyone tell me that shall I make my carrer in SW testing. Thanks and expository format, Regards. I complete my M.Sc.

I.T. (Distance Education) in year 2004. Now I running my Computer Center. Now I want to make my carrer in Software Development. Can you tell me Software Testing Centre in Chandigarh and solve problems, What kind of preparation needs before entering in S/t field. I am a first time visitor to this website. Happy Essay! Found it really interesting. Nice to see loads of people willing to take up software testing as career. My introduction, I am a Team Lead in problems quotes, one of software mnc in india. My advice to to type all the job aspirants who are willing to take software testing as a career is good ahead if you have the passion to quotes be a tester. Pay Someone! Most of them have a wrong thinking that software testing is a easy job, well to be honest its not . if your under this illusion think again. How to problems proceed further in essay, software testing as a career: * Their are umpteen number of software testing insitute who offer software testing course, i felt stg and solve problems quotes, stag software are good compared to others( did some research on this) * Their are few software institute which offer placement assurance/assitance. not sure how many got placed that way. Outline! one of my friend joined a software insititue (bangalore) and she did a sqa course and she did managed to get into the industry but will little pay. i can get the details of which insititute it is.

* Above all guys, i suggest you to be really strong in your testing basics, that really help you to get a job and moreover sustain your job. if any of you have any question you can e-mail me, i have loads of testing material and considerable knowledge of testing myself, will love to problems quotes share it with you. ” Knowledge grows when it’s shared” ( i strongly believed that) I am a first time visitor to this website. Found it really interesting. Nice to happy essay see loads of people willing to take up software testing as career. My introduction, I am a Team Lead in one of problems quotes, software mnc in india. My advice to all the job aspirants who are willing to take software testing as a career is good ahead if you have the passion to be a tester. Most of them have a wrong thinking that software testing is a easy job, well to be honest its not . if your under this illusion think again.

How to proceed further in software testing as a career: * Their are umpteen number of software testing insitute who offer software testing course, i felt stg and stag software are good compared to others( did some research on this) * Their are few software institute which offer placement assurance/assitance. not sure how many got placed that way. Essay Competition Australia! one of my friend joined a software insititue (bangalore) and she did a sqa course and she did managed to get into the industry but will little pay. i can get the details of quotes, which insititute it is. * Above all guys, i suggest you to be really strong in your testing basics, that really help you to get a job and moreover sustain your job. if any of you have any question you can e-mail me, i have loads of testing material and considerable knowledge of pay someone to type, testing myself, will love to share it with you. ” Knowledge grows when it’s shared” ( i strongly believed in that) ur info is valuable… well one i approached to solve quotes STAG but they said they intake BE/Btech only, beeing a MSc i didnt suit for research most of the companies… well as u said one of ur frnd got by pay, could u plz tell me that company details, i would like to b get-in , through that way…… Dont lose hope prasad, their are so many companies who consider graduates. I have asked my friend details about the institute, will get back to problems quotes you on that.

However prasad, joining that insititute is not a ticket to software industry, your hardwork, commitment, luck and above all desperation will get your a job. You got it wrong prasad, my friend did not get a job by paying any institute for job. she studied in a insitute, cleared a interview and essay competition, joined the company as junior test engineer. Solve Quotes! so the pay was little. that is to type my paper, what i meant by “little pay”. Problems Quotes! Sorry for the miscommunication from thesis statement quiz questions, myside. good to solve problems hear all this from many participants are required here on this thread..keep sharing knowledge here it would beneficial for competition other as well.. If you people need any help preparing for an interview or any documents which can assit you in quotes, your preparation. Expository Essay Format! Pls feel free to solve problems e-mail me directly. i will be more than happy to share whatever doc i have and know. I have gone through the essay, same phase, so i know the exact pain, :) well said Tiger2k keep the problems quotes, spirit up.

well said tiger, well may i know tiger2k is history competition, ur name? just for knowledge sake asking….. Hey Guys , This is my internet name and i prefer it that way . Anyways ” What’s their in solve quotes, the name” Prasad, I have e-mailed you the happy essay, details regarding the institute which you were asking about solve problems quotes . Expository Essay! Check it out. My suggestion is to quotes send a e-mail to the institute and ask for course material and details . Then evaluate and see what the have to offer. Then decide whatever you feel is right.

If any of u is working on Unit test then Pls help me out , act. i need to develop a test case on profiling, unit testing, I have the problems, SRS as only thing with so Pls tell me how to procced. Hopeing for early reply! I read all the comments and found it very informative. Thanks to all guys for sharing the valuable info and a very special thanks to Lakshmi and Mt Tiger2k. One query from my side, i have almost 2 yrs of exp in profiling opinion, manual testing and did some automation also.

But i want to learn some automation tools , please suggest me which one is highly required in market. Do tell me having a scripting knowledge [Perl , shell etc ] is mandatory for testers. Thanks in anticipation. I have always believed that Google is the best teacher anyone could ever asked for. First of all you need to solve know where does your interest lies, do you want to to type go for. functional testing or for performance testing. I guess the two hot cakes right now in the market are QTP and Load Runner ( They maybe others) So a knowledge of any of this will be just perfect.

You second question, Knowledge of scripting, Necessary?. Its always good to know a scripting language when you do automation, because u can cusotmize. your test and solve problems, ensure that you penerate the application the way you want it. However , i wont say its a mandatory. Its “GOOD TO KNOW” scripting. i want to know the happy essay, difference between Build and version? BUID is process of converting sourece code in to executable code (.exe) and giving it to the testers for testing. Version is number of release made during the solve problems quotes, life cycle of a product. thank you tiger.

plz do me a favour.can u send me loadrunner tutorial. as am beginner in this tool. Check your e-mail, already done. i want to be a software tester. Thanks a lot Mr Tiger2k!! My Experience is more based on functional testing or even my interest also.

Can you please help me in providing some institute details for QTP in NOIDA! Or its better if you can send me appropriate study material for the same. It would be highly appreciable!! Can i have your email id as well, if you don’t have any issues in sharing that?? i have study material regarding QTP, i really dont mind sharing it. As far as insitute is thesis statement questions, concerned, to be honest, never been to that part of the country, i am from south. However i am on a onsite project in dubai right now.

you can e-mail me. and solve problems quotes, i will send you the required documents. plz send me details regarding all templates of manual testing ……… Thanks a lot for the documents! I have some more queries in my mind. Doing some certifications in testing had any value in market or does this thing help me in research outline, increasing my package! Actually i am not sure whether i should join some institute to learn automation tools or should i go for problems quotes some testing certifications. As u suggested me i browsed thru the QTP doc as well i think i can do it by my own.

And if i go for research essay outline some testing certifications then please suggest me the best one which i can pursue from INDIA only or online as i searched on Google as well i found following list ISEB, CSTE etc. Please help me. This are few of the prerequisities which you need to qualify in solve quotes, order to go for racial profiling opinion CSTE. To qualify for solve candidacy, each applicant must meet one of four prerequisites: A 4 year degree from an accredited college-level institution and 2 years experience in format, the Information Technology field. A 3 year degree from an accredited college-level institution and 3 years experience in solve problems quotes, the Information Technology field.

A 2 year degree from an accredited college-level institution and 4 years experience in the Information Technology field. Six years experience in the Information Technology field. Have worked in the information services field within the prior 18 months. Check this website which talks about it: I am not sure about ISTQB though. i have interview next week. its for manual testing requirement. i have 2+ years of experience in the same. so far i have not attended any inter..this would be my first interview. so plz tell me few possible general as well as technical real time questions. also questions related to happy essay projects. Well i have done BA[3 yrs] + MSc [2 yrs] + Work Exp in IT as QA [1 yr 9 Months till now].

I can pursue this course. But do this course have the problems, market value?? who will be involved in integration testing.developers or testers. clarify me. i heard some people says developers do this but some says testers do this. Pay Someone To Type My Paper! which is correct. This certifications surely add value to your resume, but i dont know how much the enhance your pay package, As a matter of solve quotes, fact i have seen very less company, who have asked for certification as one of the requirement. This certification is surely act as a “BONUS” or additional qualification for your selection. but once again not mandatory to research essay get you a job right away. maybe you will be considered a head of other job lookers, if you have certification. Let me split this word “Integration testing” into “Integration” and “Testing” to solve make things clear. Integration is a phase of software testing in which individual software modules are combined. as a group to ensure that the modules are working fine as a group. This activity generally is performed by a person who has knowledge of the code or different modules.

which are present in the application( Developers). Expository Essay! Tester dont integrate different modules simple reason. being that the solve problems quotes, dont have a knowledge of the history competition, code. However, After integrating it , There are few tester (white box tester or someone with programming knowledge) can use stubs and drivers to test the interface and interaction between different modules. So i will ideally say its mostly done by solve, developers. I guess this answer your question, please correct me if i am wrong. Integration testing is done on essay, programmers work bench.

thank you for ur reply tiger, still i need some more clarification. developers means, do u mean only programmers who involved in coding part of application. OR including DB engineers, sys admin and some more. is it like this. see with ur answer am getting some doubts like, when they do integration testing.coz to start up with this level of testing functional testing must be passed write. so that means first testers will do functional testing and solve, throw it back to expository developers for solve integration testing. is it like this. when developers completes integration testing that is in White box testing level write, then again when they give it for testers again they do integration testing just to essay make sure that all the modules r integrated properly this is in Black box testing. these many doubts and questions i have in my mind when i read ur answers. at last explain me in detail from interview point of view coz in some interviews i have been stopped and been told that testers wont be involved in integration testing.but in some interviews it was accepted that testers do integration testing.

correct me if am wrong. will there be separate testing team to conduct different types of testing. Solve Problems Quotes! i mean for functional, integration, system testing different teams will be there or it depends on company. coz i have mentioned that i have been involved in functional, integration, usability. is it wrong to mention like this. I did not intent to confuse you so much. However , i hope this answer clear all your confusion. Unit testing Integrating Testing System Testing( Functional and Non-functional testing) This is essay, how it flows.

Unit Testing is solve, done by developers or programmers who test their modules or their peer modules code level. Integration Testing – Developers programmers will integrate each other modules as a group. ( Ex: Developer A has been assigned login module, Developer B has been assigned home page, Developer C has been assigned add user, Developer D has been assigned logout module) Now for testing a scenerio where a operator logs in , adds a new user and log out. Expository Essay Format! we require all the quotes, above mentioned modules. So the will integrate all the modules of the developers programmers( a,b,c,d) , if their is essay competition australia, any issue or bug in code level during integration they will take care. Tester does not need to solve problems quotes worry about it.

Once the integration is thesis statement quiz, done, Tester will check the interface between the integrated modules, like if login in, am i able to problems quotes access the home page, am i able to print ( interaction with hardware) once that portion is fine and happy essay, the modules are working fine with each other. The application will be released for system testing, This is where tester has a job to do. its his responsibility , to perform functional and solve, non-functional testing. System testing means functional and non-functional testing, which is taken by tester or a testing team, their wont be a differnt testing test for it. integration as i told you will be taken by developers/programmers. so i dont think its wrong to say integration testing is done by to type, programmes. Generally. in real time the problems, do it in most of the essay outline, cases. Hope this is problems, clear now. “System testing means functional and non-functional testing, which is statement quiz, taken by tester or a testing team, their wont be a differnt testing team for solve problems quotes it. ” Sorry for pay someone the spelling mistake.

thank you for ur reply tiger, still i need some more clarification. developers means, do u mean only programmers who involved in coding part of application. OR including DB engineers, sys admin and some more. is it like this. see with ur answer am getting some doubts like, when they do integration testing.coz to solve problems quotes start up with this level of testing functional testing must be passed write. Pay Someone To Type! so that means first testers will do functional testing and problems, throw it back to developers for integration testing. is it like this. when developers completes integration testing that is in White box testing level write, then again when they give it for testers again they do integration testing just to make sure that all the opinion essay, modules r integrated properly this is in Black box testing. these many doubts and questions i have in my mind when i read ur answers. at last explain me in detail from solve, interview point of view coz in some interviews i have been stopped and been told that testers wont be involved in integration testing.but in some interviews it was accepted that testers do integration testing.

correct me if am wrong. will there be separate testing team to conduct different types of testing. i mean for functional, integration, system testing different teams will be there or it depends on company. coz i have mentioned that i have been involved in functional, integration, usability. is it wrong to competition mention like this. why have you posted the same query again rajitha.

r u not clear with the answers or is it out of mistake. thank you for spending ur valuable time. yes am very much cleared with ur valuable answer. last one doubt w.r.t this doubt. Quotes! so testers job is, as soon as we get build from history essay australia, developers v start up with functional testing, then integration(checking interface between modules), then system testing like this. but developers give build after doing integration testing that means functionality is also fine. then again why we should deel with functionality testing. am i screwing u more. I think i am being a bad teacher. System testing means functional testing and non – functional testing. alright. Process happens this way.( Atleast in problems, my company) develelopers/progammers will integrate all the modules and test the interface part( developers will do it , sometimes they might ask the tester, but not always), whether all modules are working fine with each other or not as a group.

After the thesis quiz questions, product is integrated, they will give it to the testing team and will ask the testing team to perform the testing, In integration testing, the quotes, developers/programmers will not test the application in depth and my paper, will only check whether the modules integrated are working fine with each other. but they wont check positives and negatives flow ( Validation, functionality, performance and stuff) Testing team will perform functional and non-functional testing( i.e system testing) on the product and raise bugs on the application. Developers/Programmers will fix the bug and release another build to quotes the testing team. Testers will do regression testing on the new build. Hope its clear now. i thought u have not seen my questions. since questions possted recently will pop up, so i posted it again. Tiger is a really cool and proved that he is a good tester by proving his patience towards answering you :) Just for fun frnd.

We can take it this way. The developers integrate the racial opinion, code and test whether the right modules are placed and problems quotes, linked in right place and the testers do integration testing to check the happy essay, functionality and the interface between modules function as per the requirement. Secondly, as u said who will be in part with this integration testing, Developers work on integrating the solve, code, Manual testers work fully on testing the functionality and interface between the modules and pay someone to type my paper, depending on solve quotes, the company i mean some company have separate testing team on database who test the integration part b/n the racial opinion essay, front end and the back end else most companies have testers who r qualified in solve quotes, the database to do the integration part of front and backend. Hope this is clear. Let me know if i’m wrong. Rajatha, i hope your doubt is crystal clear now. Keep coming up with your question guys, it actually helps us as well, since we get a chance to history competition brush up on solve problems quotes, our skills as well( which is sleeping happily in quiz questions, cupboard now) . Solve Problems! :) “Knowledge grows by sharing” just a short question, is there any age limitation in software testing career? i’m 29 years old, and research, a newbie in software testing. do u thing i still have a chance to have a ‘new’ career in software testing? HELLo TIGER2K ZAKIR., Am Raghavendra , currently working in Gosys Info tech pvt ltd company as a Software test engineer . Rt now am doing manual testing.. Solve! i.e black box testing and UAT testing..(web testing) but during training time i learned automation also.but i didn’t used in any of the projects.

i didn’t used white box unit testing also.but i got an interview for above testing techniques .. idont no wt do? so plz could u suggest me for above thing(plz consider automation also) and also i hv 1.8 years of exp in black box testing tat is to only web applications.but i don’t know anything about test plan test design, scripting (just i know theoretical) .here just they will assign the happy essay, task through task manager.after tat i will find bugs will report this bugs to mantissa tool….s0 s0 regression…… so i dont know how the quotes, test life cycles will be in MNC.s company. and also am planning to change the job. is it better to stay in testing., shall i move on my carrer to MBA (i completed me BE (IT) in 2006) so plz suggest me on this artcle .. i hope u people will understand my queries.. pleaseee reply back soon .. HELLo TIGER2K ZAKIR., Am Raghu , currently working in Gosys Info tech pvt ltd company as a Software test engineer . Rt now am doing manual testing.. i.e black box testing and UAT testing..(web testing) but during training time i learned automation also.but i didn’t used in any of the projects. i didn’t used white box unit testing also.but i got an interview for above testing techniques .. idont no wt do?

so plz could u suggest me for above thing(plz consider automation also) and also i hv 1.8 years of exp in pay someone to type, black box testing tat is to only web applications.but i don’t know anything about problems test plan test design, scripting (just i know theoretical) .here just they will assign the task through task manager.after tat i will find bugs will report this bugs to mantissa tool….s0 s0 regression…… so i dont know how the test life cycles will be in MNC.s company. and also am planning to change the essay, job. is it better to stay in testing., shall i move on problems, my carrer to MBA (i completed me BE (IT) in research outline, 2006) so plz suggest me on this artcle .. i hope u people will understand my queries.. pleaseee reply back soon .. is Bugzilla open source or licensed one. and which is the latest version. Bugzilla is solve problems, a open source tool. The latest and stable version is 3.0.4.

Want to know the difference b/w Smoke testing regression testing. In which of these test plan we include bugs of the to type, previous release. Smoke Testing : It covers the major functionality of the application without bothering with finer details. Smoke testing is solve, normal health check up to a build of an competition, application before taking it to testing in depth. Smoke testing can be done in the first build itself. You can also say it as Build Verification test or.

Regression Testing : Regression testing is problems, done to ensure that any bugs which has been currently fixed has not affect the previously working functionalities and the newly added features have not. created problems with the previous version of the software.This testing is ideally done only after the pay someone to type my paper, first release. Hope this clears your doubts. I have few questions for you regarding manual testing. I was asked these questions during an interview. 1. Difference between System testing and End to quotes End testing. 2. Is accessibility testing different from GUI testing ? 3. What is the outcome of a walkthrough meeting and a review meeting? 4. What is requirement tracking? 5. What is usability testing and thesis statement, backend testing? I am an solve quotes, As400 developer.

Will changing from development to testing be a good move? What should i learn in testing. Why you are changing dev to testing, is it a failure or you are interested in testing. Anyhow it depends on how yuo are good in dev, if so you can do white box testing, security testing using tools, performance testing,etc. Can anyone guide me as i want to know about software testing ! I’m from a commerce background but want to persue a career in S.T. Statement Questions! If anyone can guide me what basic you should have to enter in this field? how can we find out that we can make career in software testing? Am siva.. Solve! I have Completed my Bsc Hotel Mgmt in racial opinion essay, 2006 an have work exp for 2yrs. but am not satisfied with that job so am quited that industry.. now am doin my software testing cousre.. is it possible thai i can also shine like a IT person. You can rock siva, its not a rocket science even a novice can easily learn the techniques.

So dont think of problems quotes, quiting from this. Thank u Mr.Vijay.. see l have system knowledge an also know to work in adobe photoshop but am very big “ZERO” in programming.. Essay Outline! so it is solve, stil possible to shine.. Hi mr.vijay can you guide me something about software testing! can i think software testing as an career? Please put up your questions, if we know the answer, we will surely help you and guide you through. I need some help on software testing.

I want to make a career in S.T. To Type! but iam little confused as iam from a commerce background and quotes, have some fear in mind as to enter into to type this field or not. Coz iam now 24 years old so according to you guys is it late for solve quotes me to enter in this? iam currently working in finance industry but not enjoying the thesis quiz questions, work want to be a part of this IT industry but do not hv proper guidence. Iam not that much into the computer languages but iam a computer savy person. So if guys please help me as i want to know can i take software testing as a career how can i determind tht i have that basic potentials in problems quotes, me which requires to enter in this field? see l have system knowledge an expository format, also know to work in adobe photoshop but am very big “ZERO” in is problems quotes, possible to shine as a software tester. am confused now pls help me out.. Hi Siva Shirin. My answer to both of you will be , its diffcult to get in racial essay, software testing.but not impossible. What i suggest you is solve problems quotes, if you have made your mind to.

be a tester, then dont wait go ahead, The first step is going to pay someone to type be joining a software testing course or if you comfortable studying online. Solve Quotes! then you have. loads of thesis statement quiz questions, material which will help you. No one is perfect, So please dont de motivate yourself. Go ahead.Work hard and ofcourse i do see you people shine. Solve Quotes! Dont worry about programming knowledge that much.If you have any question, please post it , we will be happy to help you. Thank u Tiger2k.. For white box testing u must to have programme knowledge or wat.. yes siva, u should have programing knowledge to learn white box.. hai all members, my reading most of the threads, i found dat, Mr.Tiger is the most active person in this community, who answers to every Qn..

so i think we all should have to appreciate his kindness.. ofcourse remaining few are also responding, but as not as Tiger… yes you are right prasad. mr.tiger is very helpful. thank you Mr.Tiger. I want to know what will be basic compensation in statement questions, the industry for a fresher in software testing? Guys we all need to solve quotes thank vijay( the author) for providing such a wonderful forum, where everyone is free to express their views. its a great place for pay someone to type my paper everyone to solve learn.

Shirin regarding compensation , i am really not sure. but i guess a fresher gets anywhere between 10k – 12k. Depends once again on the company. some even get 15k. but once you gain expreince you salary will automatically increase. so dont worry about that part. hello all members, i have 20 months exp in manual Testing (black box testing). If anybody have Automation exp (QTP)., Please suggest me on tat.,where shall i get tutorials,notes, scripts all. also hw abt the statement quiz, Testing career in future. (U guyS tHink). am expecting reply for my Que? from solve problems, all the members.

hello all members, i have 20 months exp in manual Testing (black box testing). If anybody have Automation exp (QTP)., Please suggest me on tat.,where shall i get tutorials,notes, scripts all. also hw abt the Testing career in future. (actually U guyS tHink-abt testing). am expecting reply for my Que? from all the racial profiling essay, members. Really thanks to mr.tiger. really ur giving motivation to others those who are in negative thoughts.and also thanks to mr.zakir and ms.lakshmi. U r doing gr8 job tiger :) Where r u from shirin.

Drop me a mail at solve, by reading all these conversations. “known is a river unknown is an happy essay, Ocean” why am saying this bcz, when i completed my Testing course, i feel i know every thing in Testing, but here after reading the query’s n solutions by Tiger n Vijay . really i realize dat i have to problems quotes learn a lot… ofcourse am learning from Mr.Tiger n Mr.vijay, with there valuable answers… thanks to research essay outline u both n thanks to solve problems u all…. i feel great to b a member of essay, this blog. I have been into teaching in engineering colleges for solve quotes 7 yrs,now want to thesis questions switchover to testing Is it fissable? I have got ISTQB Certification in May,but lack the practicle exposoure in project.How to crack the interview. TIPS? What r the interview tips for solve problems testing Fresher. Hi, this is Vaibhav Kulkarni- pls answer the my question “Why u choose the racial essay, s/w testing why not developing field?” this question is solve problems quotes, asked me by interviewer. Some time iam not given the happy essay, relivent answer. So pls send me answer of this question on my mail ID.

Hi, this is Vaibhav Kulkarni- pls answer the my question “Why u choose the s/w testing why not developing field?” this question is asked me by solve, interviewer. Some time iam not given the relivent answer. So pls send me answer of this question on my mail ID. dear friends,just now i logged in this conversation,i am working in a BPO organisation and want to history essay australia join testing software as my career.yesterday i visited in an institute.they are offering a course for software testing which is solve problems quotes, running by happy essay, IBM i.e CEIS(career educaion in IBM software).could i join this course as they are telling that there are lot of chances of jobs in software testing?IBM itself can take you if you perform good.or else there are so many companies who are using IBM software,chances are also there.they will provide placement and placement assistance. so i request you all please assist me could i believe in there words for providing placement facility?because i am new in software line,even i dont know language and C,C++.what should i do?i just know the solve problems, ms office and the internet. i saw ur answers regarding testing tools i am appreciate a lot , can u help me out expository . Right now i am in solve problems, australia pursuing diploma in computer field but not related to PR so i am deciding to comeback to india (some family problem) and do some course in testing tools what u think , i have some knowledge about computers i have done Bsc (2005) after that i am not taken any interested in pay someone my paper, doing job in india wasting my precious time by going abroad. I am 29 now i am sorry what i have done.

Can u please suggest me that its good to do testing tools on this age.But i know that its difficult for me to go form the scratch but i can do, if u suggest good reply for solve quotes my future. By reading all this u get the idea what guy i was,from the bottome of my heart i am very regret what i have done, Now i am realised that how important the career is please please suggest me what to do , i am interest in computers field. Thanks for ur preciuse by expository essay format, reading this. One important think my english also not so good . i saw ur answers regarding testing tools i am appreciate a lot , can u help me out . Right now i am in australia pursuing diploma in computer field but not related to PR so i am deciding to comeback to india (some family problem) and do some course in testing tools what u think , i have some knowledge about computers i have done Bsc (2005) after that i am not taken any interested in doing job in india wasting my precious time by going abroad. Solve Quotes! I am 29 now i am sorry what i have done.

Can u please suggest me that its good to do testing tools on this age.But i know that its difficult for me to go form the scratch but i can do, if u suggest good reply for my future. By reading all this u get the idea what guy i was,from the bottome of my heart i am very regret what i have done, Now i am realised that how important the career is please please suggest me what to do , i am interest in computers field. Thanks for ur preciuse by reading this. One important think my english also not so good . Currently i am working in Non-IT field and planned to format switch my career to testing.I had learned the basics of testing,and now i am very eager to learn testing practically with real time projects. If any one interested to solve teach testing personally with real time projects , i will be more grateful, or else show me the to type my paper, right place in chennai. I have finished diploma in software testing course from Bombay…I am commerce graduate.Also have 3 yrs of exp. but not in software testing….I badly need job…Pls tell that B-Com students dont get job in solve problems, testing? tell me should i include my previous exp in resume…I have also posted resume on jobsites but theres no response…most of the company’s want exp. people that they want MCA’s,BE’s…can any one help me urgently…u can mail me at

I have finished CSTP course and i have done my PG as MCA in essay format, correspondence . Ans also i have upload my resumes in online sites. But no response from any concern. Solve Problems! Is there any one know any concern or is there any other scope pls guide me on this regards. I have finished CSTP course and i have done my PG as MCA 2006 in correspondence . Research Essay Outline! Ans also i have upload my resumes in online sites. Problems! But no response from any concern. Is there any one know any concern or is there any other scope pls guide me on this regards. If any body solution, pls write a mail to this id If any body solution, pls write a mail to profiling opinion essay this id I m Reshma.I have completed my Btech in biomedical engineering.I have only basic knowledge in c and c++ language.Is it is necessary that i should have strong knowledge in programming so that i can study software testing. The Answer is No.

You dont need to be a punter in solve problems, programming in order to do software testing. However its always good to know programming since when you go for automation you can use your programming skills for racial opinion essay effective testing. as said above that there is no need to have strong knowledge in languages but if u have then its better. But still some institutes say that c is necessary and u cant enter into the training/course if you dont have knowledge of C. Is that the thing? Please answer me. R we still talking about Software testing.

If yes, i really wonder why because i have not come across any institute which demand “C” knowledge mandatory for solve problems joining software testing. To be honest, I dont think C knowledge is mandatory for black box testing. If you talking about white box, maybe the chances are their. wt ever Mr.Tiger said is thesis quiz, right , bcz in black box testing, no need for any langu, but in white box u need to test the solve problems, coding part too, so c, .net , java are mandatory for white box. Thanx Mr tiger and prasad. Can u guide me on the how enter in history essay competition, software testing coz im very new to this but really have a gennuine interest in this field. If u can guide me what should i do? Do i need to solve problems quotes get the certification first,m really want to enter in this field, im from a commerce background so will that matter in future as far as job is concerned? Recently i got 1 mail from a IT co. Racial Profiling Opinion Essay! that they want some commerce students to be joined as trainees but they want freshers with 65% and solve, above, so if you can advise me how should i start at history essay, the very initial stage to enter in soft. test. what should i email u? the mail which i have got from that co?

I need your e-mail id so that we can discuss on your questions. Solve Quotes! so send me a sample e-mail. fallow Mr.Tiger words, surely will get sucess..he is a gud teacher, This is daya n i m graduate n two months back i completed my software testing course .I have only racial profiling opinion essay, basics knowledge of computers . I m not very much confident about testing also dont have any experience in same. Pls tell me what else i should do which can help me to be a good tester i mean should i go for any other course or diploma ? any of you if can give me ans pls mail me on i m HSC PASSEd sTUDENT. Want to make career in software testing pls tell is it very hard or is it very easy tht any boby can go for it. and also i want to know is there any short term courses for 6-8 months so tht i can get job easily. pls solve my quey. i saw ur answers regarding testing tools i am appreciate a lot , can u help me out . Right now i am in australia pursuing diploma in computer field but not related to solve PR so i am deciding to comeback to india (some family problem) and do some course in racial profiling, testing tools what u think , i have some knowledge about computers i have done Bsc (2005) after that i am not taken any interested in doing job in india wasting my precious time by going abroad. Solve Problems Quotes! I am 29 now i am sorry what i have done.

Can u please suggest me that its good to do testing tools on pay someone to type, this age.But i know that its difficult for me to go form the scratch but i can do, if u suggest good reply for solve my future. By reading all this u get the idea what guy i was,from the bottome of my heart i am very regret what i have done, Now i am realised that how important the career is please please suggest me what to do , i am interest in computers field. Thanks for ur preciuse by reading this. One important think my english also not so good . Sure anita you can make a successful career in software testing. Essay Competition! Go for quotes a short term cource in expository format, manual and automation tools like qtp and quotes, vsts. IAM A LECTURER WITH 6 YEARS EXPERIENCE. I WANT TO CHANGE MY CAREER AS S/W TESTER. PLEASE HELP ME IN THIS REGARD. TELL ME BEST INSTITUTE IN CHENNAI TO START WITH. iam finished bsc(maths) in im working in bpo.

just now ihave finished s/w testing. im confident in automation tools. so i want training in testing tools any institue or any company giving training please sent email me. hiii everyone….i have completed my BE in EXTC and working in MNC as a developer since 8 month but im interested in testing from what i have heard from my friends…so can anyone plz suggest me that is it good for me to go to testing side….is there any course in expository essay, navi-mumbai for testing…. i would like to know which are the best institutes in solve quotes, b’lore offering. i would like to know which are the best institutes in b’lore offering software testing course and how’s STG technologies in essay, shivaji nagar..what are the job prospects and how much can a fresher earn and what are the companies that recruit freshers in solve problems, software testing..plz reply immediately to profiling essay

I have 3+ years of experience in Software development,working for a sotware development concern. I want to solve switch my career in to S/w Testing. Kindly Suggest me how can i switch to happy essay s/w testing. Solve Quotes! Will they consider this development experience for testing if i complete some certification in testing. Kindly suggest me with this. hi guys im ane B.E(EEE) passed out in 2006 worked in manufacturing i wanna do some s/w corse which 1 wd b better. i am instrumentation enginerr i have worked for 2 year as quality assurance department in automobile industry , now i want to shift to software testing and i want to make as carrer , can i do that and competition australia, what course i require to quotes do, pleae help me and history essay competition, guide me. hi…friends iam doin my final year BE(cse)…..i think i dont glitter in problems quotes, programming field so i decided to logon testing please give me valuable suggestions … which center i should opt for research (in chennai) pls ……leave your golden words….bye. As i am Mcom graduate and curruntly working in one conpany but in problems quotes, the SAP project. Statement Quiz Questions! i want to solve problems move IT field and i am planing to do software testing, i just want to ask is thesis statement questions, it benefited for me, is problems quotes, it helpful for expository essay format me, as my experience is not in testing so i cant user my experience in testing. Solve Problems! i know C language and basic. please give me suggestion and expository essay format, advice me.

prajakta UR working in solve problems quotes, SAP which has got good demand .COntinue in it MAny testers r shifting to SAP these days .So u r lucky ur into it.Carry on with SAP . salaries r very less in testing .try developing side guys. This is Daya from chandigarh ,two months back i completed my software testing course .I have only happy essay, basics knowledge of computers . I m not very much confident about testing also dont have any experience in solve quotes, testing. Pls tell me what else i should do which can help me to be a good tester i mean should i go for any other course or diploma ? Sir it would be good if you provide me some projects on testing as I heard n learnt more information of your website n i thought of essay, mailing u. please do the needful….. UR engineer frm CSE u fear of programming ? the testing is 4 for non IT people U go towards developing side .If not ur whole 4 years of Engineering will go waste.Think Its like tieing a donkey a horse at one place…. Thought u start your career as any job, u must love it. my name is Sayyad Anwar, i complete the diploma in IT from “SITD”, and want my carrer in software testing/developing. plz.,convey me which language is necessary. what R the quotes, basic requirment for pay someone s/w testing or developing. i’m sayyad anwar from Nanded [maharashtra] I’m not very much confident about solve quotes testing also dont have any experience in testing.

plz.! tell me about s/w testing requirments…? I have gone through the comments of the above. It is good to understand the happy essay, purpose and goals. I am in final B.C.A. By May,2009 it will be completed. Kindly advise me the recognised institute in problems, Bangalore with full details since I will avail bank loan to essay complete the course followed by any guaranteed employment in Bangalore. I am an ERP Developer of an problems quotes, 1.6 years of Experience.but i am interested to shift to happy essay S/W Testing Field .Will my EPR Experience matter for Interview Point Of View.

And how Difficult to get job in quotes, this field as Developer.Plz suugest me Road…. I have been in essay format, your shoes in the past. After working as a developer for a few years, I decided to switch over to testing within the problems, same organization. All you need to pay someone my paper do is get your head straight, do some talking around – approach your department head/HR etc and tell them that you want a little change and solve problems quotes, switch over to testing. Even if you are switching over for pay someone my paper a new job, any relevant experience is considered. Solve Quotes! A tester will be even better if he/she has development experience. Statement! Trust me. It has worked for me. Solve Problems! This is logical because you tend to think from a tester’s perspective in addition to the fact that you already know what mistakes – a developer might commit. Pay Someone! So that’s a positive note from my side. My only warning – get things straight.

You should not second thoughts of shifting to testing. Because testing at times becomes monotonous. I have been active in quotes, this field for history competition australia a pretty long time now. And thus I can assure you to follow your heart. If you thing it is solve, time for you to switch over to testing, just do it. See my comment above for research Karthik. Solve Quotes! The same goes for essay australia you too. A year and a half of experience of development would really help although you need to quotes be a totally different person as a tester. Your views should differ and you should be ready to understand the profiling opinion, domain knowledge and fast. Also get this straight – you need not complete certification courses just to get in an organization. Problems Quotes! As far as I know, there are several organizations that sponsor such certifications afer you join.

So these are not mandatory. More so, you need not know a lot of automation tools. These are just associate tools. All you need is competition, a steady mind, ready to problems quotes capture the happy essay, intricate faults in a piece of solve quotes, software. You seem to be interested in pay someone to type, software development or testing. I would advise you to first decide on either. Quotes! You cannot have both together and you have different requirements for them. In terms of essay, software development, you have to solve quotes decide what kind of project you want to format take up. If you don’t have an solve quotes, option initially, but like doing it – then you ought to improve your skill set accordingly. According to my experience in this field – I have seen and known that you hardly tend to happy essay use your college skills here.

What you have learnt in college might not even constitute to a percent of quotes, what you would probably use in an organization. The most happening technologies would be SAP, C# etc. But then it depends on which organization you are a part of or what kind of projects/products do they handle. In such cases, you really dont have a choice but to history essay competition australia move with the herd. Overall, you need an analytical mind with a promise that you will not be bored/exhausted after a day’s work enough to problems commit a suicide. You tend to be a little pressurized as a developer normally. Research! That is as far as software development goes. As a tester, you need to be positively negative in your approach. The paradox is appropriate as you need to be destructive with the sole aim of finding faults.

Although this approach is negative, you ought to maintain good diplomatic relations with developers and other testers alike or whoever else is involved. This is so true and so demanding but people just overlook these qualities required to be a good tester. You also should have an solve quotes, insight on the expected behavior/performance/results as it is essential for test cases and research essay, design/planning. More so, as i have mentioned in problems, my previous comments – a healthy communication pattern is a must. And that means good communication skills. You don’t want to expository essay make a terrible mess of your defect dialect – if you understand what I mean. It is just not possible for anyone to explain the requirements of quotes, a good tester easily. But I hope this helps you a teeny tiny bit. I take it from your comments that you are a developer.

Firstly, this is a testing help forum and you are trying to essay outline scare the quotes, hell out of happy essay, people reading the posts. Secondly, I really don’t think it is a good idea to preach people that testing is not a technical activity . Quotes! Besides you have also mentioned that salaries for testing individuals are less which is so untrue. Wow. Let me come to that one by one. I have been a part of this culture for a pretty long time now. I have always been working in a fortune top 50 company. And in no regard is testing considered any less important than any other activity in expository essay, the software development life cycle. Quotes! I can’t help people who don’t believe in this fact. A common misconception is happy essay, that testing does not involve technical skills nor much of communication skills.

Let me get this straight. To all the people reading this comment, needless to say testing can be as much technical or some times even more as/than development. A professional tester can be an equally good developer if he/she tries and solve problems quotes, wants to. A tester has to research outline also maintain diplomatic relations with his/her respective developers and to the people whom he/she reports to. More over, you need to be in solve, touch with the growing trends and technologies. this way you know a lot about the quality processes, which unfortunately a very few developers would attempt to know. If you are unaware – roughly 40-50 percent of the software development costs are estimated and planned for happy essay testing. So I guess big companies aren’t fools enough to problems quotes spend that much amount in a less important activity. Isn’t it? And abhi, no offence meant here -but can you justify that if you move to racial opinion development you would utilize all your engineering knowledge? I am reluctant. Problems! help me if I am wrong. How many technical languages have you learnt in pay someone, your engineering days.

I don’t want to brag – but then I can definitely tell people that I graduated out solve problems as a university topper (or rather – as you say it – a gold medalist). And I know how much effort I spent it that. History! But I still know that you hardly utilize the technical know how in the actual field. So quit joking around. Testing is a serious field. You don’t want a nuclear reactor to solve problems quotes just blast off due to a simple rounding off problem in the software. Lack of testing or inappropriate testing has caused some wonderfully expensive disasters and happy essay, history is solve, a proof.

Software testing is a very competitive field. It is research, continously evolving. Problems Quotes! So grow up – you guys. And treat testing with equal importance. It is a part and parcel of the quality process(es) that people like to adhere to. @Vijay – I would be glad if you could add some comments to clear some misconceptions about software testing that people might have. hi keshav my intention was not 2 hurt u frnd/……i said wht i hv seen in outline, my frnds case..They rearning just 10k pm in this field where asd other frnd whos java developer earns 3ok pm so is solve problems quotes, d difference …… i thnk u took it personally ur info was good.thk u.

I want to make career in testing. Racial! New to testing but around 5+ non testing IT teaching exp. Problems! Can anyone help me out how should I Start. I am currently a faculty member having an teaching experience of essay format, 10-12 years and quotes, teaching a variety of courses like C, C++, VB.Net, ASP.Net etc. Research! Now I want to move to solve problems Software Testing. My Educational background is Bsc(Biology). Please anyone suggest me as I am taking the pay someone my paper, right decision. i want to know abt short term course for ST in navi mumbai. for learning software testing prefer banglore or hyderabad. In hyderabad,you can find short term courses on testing.

as per my knowledge. Any queries,contact thru my Hi dear rajendra, It is appreciatable,teaching exp almost 12 years on various software technologies.But there is lot of quotes, difference exist between working in pay someone to type my paper, project on real time projects and solve problems quotes, teaching field.TEACHING is respectable and all time profession and you can create number of S/W Professionals through your subject. After such a great experience,its not advisable to change your profession. iam sorry,if my suggestion hurts you. I am a network engineer. My job is to handle routing, switching related issues.

I want to expository format switch to Protocol testing. To switch to protocol testing career What skills I will require? Please guide me… I have finished CSTP course and i have done my PG as MCA 2006 in correspondence . And also i have upload my resumes in online sites. But no response from problems, any concern. Is there any one know any concern or is there any other scope pls guide me on this regards. Will IT will again boom. Will IT will boom in few days. I ahve 6 yrs of expeirence into engineering QC in electronics industry, for essay format quite somtime I am planning to problems switch to Software testing, can u suggest me if my move will be correct that this stage . I am an electronics Enggr with 6 yrs of experience in Engineering QC in electronic industry, for quite long I am planning to switch into software testing, pls suggest if aat this stage this move will be correct ? How to switch to Software testing field rom any other field? How to competition opt for sotware testing field from any other field? Hoe to opt for Software Testing field from any field?

you can opt for s/w testing. but u need to solve problems study some basics of S/W Testing concepts.. I have a development exp of around 2 years.Now i want to switch to testing field What shuld i do for that. Will companies consider my exp or i have to search as a fresher. i just wanna ask u something.. how do we perform database testing? also tell me how do we test HTML, XHTML, CSS pages. please its urgent so reply soon.

Quality center Admin Material. hello every one, i am learning QC Admin and pay someone to type my paper, Customization part, can any one provide me the materials regarding this, to understand in better and easy way. hi! well I want to know one thing las i am employee in travel indrustry i am a employee of air india thought third i want is the existance of this soft ware testing in travel field as i am a undergraduate in b.a so i am not aware of the education which are require to do it. so please all the related links of that ware testing like educations,experiance(if any),courses,fees and solve problems quotes, everything else. thats all about pay someone thanks a lot and please revert me back as soon as possible. I have completed MCA through IGNOU (part time). I have 9 years of experience but in Non-IT field. Now I want to problems quotes make career in essay, Software Testing.

But looking to this recession period, can I go for Software Testing now or shall I wait for some time. Problems Quotes! Also in software testing which course will give me job faster. Please help me ! I have to take decision. I just came across your blog and I have to say that your articles are excellent! Keep up the good work, we need more articles like this! I work as a QA/BA and I can help your readers answer some of the obvious questions when exploring the opportunity of changing careers: – how much does it pay? – what if I leave my current job and I don’t find anything in essay outline, testing? – do I have to have a technical background? – what is the problems quotes, most appropriate age to do such a career change?

first a fall you shoud tell us that which non IT experience you had. thank you mr.keshav kamat for happy essay your guidance in. chooosing s/w testing . i understand what you want to say . this site gives all the details related to software testing. i got benifited from this. hope u all also will. I m hemant i have recently given BCA final year exam and problems quotes, i want to make my career in software testing.So can anyone tell which is the best institute in Pune and Hyderabad. plz…….. done B.Tech this year. what are the options to be a software tester. good afternoon to all. . mr.

Tiger is doing a great job..sir i am new in software testing..i havn’t done any certification course in testing…just taking the help from these sites ang yes google also..presently i am working as a test engineer in a small company…this is quiz, product based is no one who can help me in this regard..i need your help..i had completed my mca by this year..its going to be 6 months in this company….plz guide me…. Very happy to see a lot of youngsters interested in Software Testing as a career. I thought you would be interested to know that Knowledge Services( a division of problems quotes, STAG Software Pvt ltd.) has launched JobExperience Program. Last date is Aug 15, 2009. Visit for more details. I Completed B.Com in 2002 and pay someone my paper, my all exp in sales and problems, Marketing but now i want to change my field, One of my friend told me about software testing course so i am looking detail and your advice. thanks for thesis quiz questions ur info, it is veryfull for ppl who are looking for experiance. i will pass this info to my friends. Quotes! thank u. Dear your friends idea is appreciated. S/w testing course u can learn from essay competition australia, any institute, but that is not enough to get a knowledge on testing. try to problems quotes learn online material and participate in FAQ’s in all testing forms.. this will develop u thinking power, and problem resolving independently.

when you are about to finish the course, update your profile as per ur knowledge and apply for happy essay jobs. and also try to get real time procedure from solve problems, any organization from ur friends… this will show u the quiz questions, difference between the normal testing knowledge perosn and u. wish u all the best.. there are some wonderfull post on problems, here and thanks to Tiger2 for pay someone to type my paper his valuable input. Just a quike form me , is 44 to old to be looking to start acreer in ST? i was an experinced candidate in Development programming VB 6.0 and Oracel 8i/10g field(3+yrs) but i want to shift to solve problems quotes the testing field .plz suggest me if i shifted this testing field will supports me or not i mean can i get chnage in this field or not? pls.suggest me best study center in delhi/ncr. and tell me creshtech software Pvt.Ltd in Noidia. I have knowlege of research essay, ms-office and some knowlege of solve, internet. I want to persue my career in software testing. I just want to know that is software testing need any other background or what should i exactly do to be in software testing is thesis statement, online courses are there?

Hi, I am a Mechanical engineer having 6 yrs exprience in insurance field as a claims engineer. Is the quotes, testing course will be helpful for pay someone me to get a job in problems, software industry? Hello.Could you please tell me best institute for testing tool in ameerpet. Hai ,This is Pradeep just now am finished MCA ,Am apply so many IT jobs but no one response me ,finally am choose software testing course.My doubt,it is valuable course r not,how is the future jobs in happy essay, software testing ,plz clarify my doubts. I am an MBA passed out in 2003. Worked for a Bank for 8 months then as a testing engineer( manual testing-trainee) for 5 months. I have been having a long break of solve problems, 5 years and would like to get back to software testing. Can anyone suggest as whether there are any good institutes in Hyderabad that would train me to get back.

sudha,many institutes search in google.i think bast institutes CresTech – QACampus is racial profiling opinion essay, bast software testing center.i am doing also here testing course in noida. I have 3 years of experience in Lotus notes support and solve problems, administration, Now I want to shift to Software testing as there are not many scope Lotus notes. Will my 3 years of experience be wasted will I need to statement start my career as a fresher in Software testing. Please help me I am really very confused and solve problems, not sure what to essay do. Dear Ms.Priya 1 (#264), Most of the people already raised the same question. The replies has been given on the below link. Please go through my comments/replies on problems, the below link… Govardhan Reddy M, Software Test Engineer, “Law of win says, Lets not do it in my way or your way, But lets do it in the best way”. Dear Ms.Sudha (#262),

Before stepping in to the institute, Just go through my comments on the below link…. (just click on the below link and once the page opens, press “control + F” and give the search word as “institute” and then press enter. Most of the to type, comments/replies will be found under my name. Hope it may be useful for you. Govardhan Reddy M, Software Test Engineer, “Law of win says, Lets not do it in problems quotes, my way or your way, But lets do it in the best way”.

I have 4 years of essay, experience in .Net development, Now I want to shift to Software testing. Is it a good decision, if i move to software testing? Will my 4 years of experience be wasted. Problems! Please help me I am really very confused and not sure what to do. Hi, I want to pursue my career in essay, software testing. Problems! I am looking for an opprtunity there are openings in this field in Delhi/ NCR region. Please help me in finding a suitable opening for racial profiling opinion essay my career in software testing. i’m arun chauhan i’m pursuing in software testing training from solve problems quotes, CressTech Software system Noidia but i m confuse so pls sujest me that this is my decision good or not pls.

is s/w testing a good option in this recession period? The salaries r very meagre in testing ………think b4 u go. to arun chauhan. I say ur taking wrong step.Every 1 tries to shift to developing side u r shifting to testing frm oracle.U hv gr8 opp with oracle.Try it.Moreover u can earn mor e in oracle rather than testing. thanks abhi but i want know that i move testing fields or testing frm oracle. or dot net developmet.pls sujest me today. Abi, Please stop misguiding people. As what Keshav kamat says… I was a hard core developer for 4 years and then shifted to testing. Today i have a total of 13 years of IT experience and history essay, my move to testing from Development was the best ever happening in life. Solve Problems! Testing is an interesting field and expository essay format, i would say this is problems quotes, more so challenging even when compared to development where resources hardly get to know the big picture.

To gain domain expertise, understand the business in hand and to also grow technically, a shift to profiling opinion essay testing is problems, what is needed. Also, shifting to my paper testing helps one move up faster in solve, the career ladder. It is a good choice to history competition stay in development for problems quotes the initial yrs of your career and then switch over to Testing. Research Essay Outline! Although there may be pockets of solve, difference in salary here n there, the industry trend has changed and is changing, testers and pay someone my paper, QA Managers are being paid at problems quotes, par or even salaries higher than that of the pay someone, technical track. Solve! 10K vs 30K is a blind comparison. There is much more to assess as to happy essay why someone is getting only solve, 10K while the other 30K. m presently wrking in automativ industry as soft develope for 4 yrs in oracle . now the develoments are stoppedand i had to wrk more as report developerwherein no programing skills are req. i received a call to expository essay join as soft qa engineer in testing dept. so shld i change my field from develonet to testin. nil,i ask them that this is right time to move to testing field or not pls tell me. vandhana do u job in testing this time.

so testing field is solve problems quotes, a perffect. I m Rakesh done MCA. Today first time I visited this site and found it’s great. I liked the queries asked by statement, students and the clarification made was very nice plz keep it up. Hello Friends ! I have completed Post gradu i.e M.Sc.IT n am looking for carrier in solve quotes, Testing can u suggest me good certification classes in Mumbai for testing.n what are the fees they take.I had sub of s/w testing in our syllabus , so which testing module course is better for me as i am fresher with no exp.i am also confused to move on which side either testing or database so can any one help me in that case. as i am intrested in both.

both field intersted u suggest any field b ut database field is longterms field.u can do first QTP,CSTE certificatoin course.u search from happy essay, google so more institutes in mumbai.actully i’m doing right now from cresstech testing course. if any other information u want that u talk to solve quotes me on happy essay, site gtalk my i’m online every working day. Hi Arun,i sent chat invitation to solve u but i think ur mail id is wrong chk if u got my invi ,i want to ask much abut tesing,about fees n abut institutes edista is good institute whr u doing certification is that institute provides job guarantee. Dear Ms.Pooja (# 267), Switching is good from development to testing or vice versa. Just the thesis statement, only thing matters is interest. But here are some alerts for you. 1. Welcome to testing field – if you are interested. 2. Continue to development – if you don’t know abc of. 3. Means that, First learn testing from any of the quotes, institutes, Make sure that, You’ve not resigned to your existing job at any cost. 4. Learn manual and history essay, automation testing (qtp/loadrunner etc.,).

5. Note that, Calls will be zero (very very rare calls) for 1/2/3 (till 3 years also some times) in testing. 6. Problems Quotes! If you won’t believe in point number 5, You may leave a trial. 7. Pay Someone! With development experience in your profile, You can’t get a job in solve, testing as a fresher (believe it or not – but its a fact). 8. You’ve to replace your development experience with testing experience, for this to happen, You need to essay outline have clean and clear knowledge about manual testing and at least on one automation tool knowledge. 9. Impossible is problems quotes, nothing – if your heart is willing. You are most welcome. Please don’t resign to the existing job, Till you get your offer rolled out as a “Sr. Test Engineer” or “Sr. QA Enginer”. So, You’ve to do testing course on week ends!

Before selecting the essay, institute, Read out my comment number 882 in the below link. Govardhan Reddy M, Software Test Engineer, “Remember that plan is a plan, Until you implement it” Dear Ms.Priya (#268), Please pen down your email id. And also, Just search in naukri and with key words (locations) as Gurgaon, Delhi – NCR. Lots of solve quotes, openings are there currently. Govardhan Reddy M,

Software Test Engineer, “Don’t have negative thoughts or things you cannot control, Instead invest your energy in the positive present moment.” Dear Ms.Vandhana (# 275), Appreciate your thoughts/words. Worth reading your comment/reply. Govardhan Reddy M, Software Test Engineer, “Try to outline make at least three people smile each day”. Opportunity comes very rarely.

We’ve to act very wisely. If interested in testing, Just ask them to quotes roll out your offer letter. If not interested, Question yourself with the following. 1. Will your present organization keeps you for long time – even if you are in racial opinion essay, bench/no work/current job (reporting)? 2. Is that current job, is solve problems, useful to you in future?

3. Do you really interested in the current job? Govardhan Reddy M, Software Test Engineer, Dear Ms. Gitanjali (# 280), Institute: Read out thesis statement quiz questions my comment number carrying 882 under the below link. If you are interested in database and you are having programing skills, go ahead with database testing (sql, pl sql, etc.,), Here passing of queries is problems quotes, required. If not, Just step in black box testing. DON’T BE IN A DILEMMA. Fresher period/time is racial profiling essay, very valuable. Govardhan Reddy M,

Software Test Engineer, “Hard work is the solve quotes, secret of success” Dear Ms. Gitanjali (# 280), Before selecting the institute.. Try to get answers for happy essay the below questions. Before paying fees at institute, Just make sure you have answers for the following questions from the institute people. 1. Total course duration in hour for solve manual testing?

2. Total course duration in hour for automtaion testing? (If you are willing to learn automation tools as well. But my suggestion, Just go ahead with automation. 3. Research Essay! Any certification you are going to get from the. institute after successful completion of the said. 4. Is that certification valid and useful? 5. Are the problems, institute people going to provide only job. assistance? (which is worth waste). 6. Research Outline! Are the istitute people going to provide job. assurance? (this is what exactly students can.

expect from the solve problems, institute). 7. Essay Australia! How many interviews they are going to send us? only fixed number of chances or unlimited number of. 8. After completion of problems quotes, my course, Within what time, My. profile becomes active in your database and to type my paper, when.

are you going to start calling me for solve sending me to. attend the interviews? 9. My Paper! Any additional fees do I need to pay after completion. of course and after getting placed in solve problems quotes, job? Please don’t hesitate to ask the above questions. We are paying the fee and getting the things learned. They are responsible to answer.

If you won’t ask, At the end, You have to regret by yourself. Its all based on research, my experience. Because I learnt from one small institute. Solve Problems! No guide lines from any one. Just course got finished. But…. Then again I rejoined the same course (full boring to expository format listen second time.. but need job) in another institute and problems, now I got placed.

Of course, In first institute only the things (topics related to manual testing) are very clear and in depth. Depth or breadth, not matters. But job matters. Even on to type, our own, We can learn what is what of software manual testing. Solve Problems Quotes! But its good to prefer institutes. Govardhan Reddy M, Software Test Engineer, “Hard work is the secret of success” my pls send me invitation and chat with me any working day.i wait u’r response. u send me u’r id.i send for u invitation.

y dou wanna shift to testing ? its good in dev side.Dont take such bad decisions. y dou wanna shift to testing ? its good in dev side.Dont take such bad decisions. Hi Mr. Govardhan, You are doing great job!

I have completed my MCA (part time) from happy essay, IGNOU. I have following questions: 1) Can you please let me know which is the best institute in Mumbai for learing Software Testing Course. 2) Also as I am planning to shift to Hyderabad, does software testing there is more in demand? 3) I am starting my career in solve, software testing as a fresher. My age is 32 and my previous experience is of 9 years but in Administration field. Will I going to struggle for getting a job in software testing?

OR looking to previous experience, which course you think is essay competition australia, suitable for me. Dear Mr. Santosh Naidu (# 293), Your queries 1 2 are relied in other article of the same site where you posted earlier. Coming to query 3, read out solve problems quotes my comments 879, 881 under the expository essay, below link. Govardhan Reddy M, Software Test Engineer. Myself geeta , i hav done p.g in M.Sc.IT y u think thattesting is solve problems, bad option,actually i am also confused whether to go in expository format, testing or dev side can u plz guide me? r u from IT side?

To Govardhan Reddy M’ Hi U hav givan me realy good guidense which i want. i also like to problems quotes know about that. the best institute for software testing in mumbai ? is spetra mind solution or seed infotech traning center are better option? from which insti u hav done testing course. Is testing better than development courses? y dou wanna shift to testing as ur good at format, dev programmer. Which is d best institute for learning testing in problems quotes, hyderabad? i am working as a sales manager but i tierd with sales profile so i am looking for change one of my friend is working in software testing field he also suggest me to do software testing cource but i confuiesed please give me advise. i am looking for happy essay job in software testing at mumbai or pune. my education part 2 (physics) and quotes, i had complicated. diploma in software testing from seed info tech , can any body help me. out and one more thing tell me some basis tips (manual testing) or any URL.

waiting for racial opinion essay positive reply. We are looking for fresh engineering graduates with the solve problems, following eligibility to work out of our Bangalore facility: O Engineers – B.E/B.Tech with 70% and history essay competition, above. O Graduation year of pass out – 2009. If you have any of your acquaintances who satisfy the above criteria, you may please ask them to apply through the following link: GO TO CALSOFTGROUP.C O M. GO TO APPLY FRESHERS. Shortlisted candidates will be called for a technical written test to be held in Bangalore, shortly.

Please note that: O candidates not meeting any one of the above criteria will not be considered. O applications directly sent to solve the recruitment / HR team at Bangalore / Chennai will not be considered. O applications registered thro’ the above link will only be considered. O the essay competition australia, above link will be open only till EOD of 15 Dec 09 and applications received beyond 15 Dec 09 will not be considered. This is the first time i am visiting this site ,I am a computer Science graduates 2009 passout 78% ..but I don’t know whether to choose web designing or software testing. But i am very confused whether i could choose web designer or software tester. In software tester and web designing i know only about theory concepts.But doesn’t have practical.

knowledge.(In graduate we have only theory papers. about software engineering) I searched many jobs…but i am getting offers in BPO sector only… contact me through my mail-id if you have any job offers.For software testing which institute is best in solve quotes, chennai. y dou wanna shift to pay someone to type testing when u good skills like java oracle.I think ur taking wrong step. why software testing is very hard. hi I don’t know whether to choose for web designing or software testing . Dear Ms. Malini #305 # 306, Software testing is not hard. Software testing is problems, not very hard. Software testing is easy motivating to think beyond the thesis statement questions, Device Under Test (DUT), Software Under Test (SUT), Application Under Test (AUT).

If you are interested in to testing, Just make a move towards testing. You are most welcome for solve problems tremendous professional and personal growth in statement quiz, this field. Its a never ending field. Don’t have a second thought in your mind. Only you have to have is “interest” in testing. Govardhan Reddy M, Software Test Engineer. “Law of quotes, win says, Lets not do it in my way or your way, But lets do it in profiling opinion, the best way”. Hi i m studying in final year combination is problems, maths,electronics and computer scince.but i have backs.i need one moe year to clear all the subjects.can i join software testing n go for job after it?if i can den which is the good institute in bangalore n wat type of essay, software testing course i can join? pls someone help me.

Hai Friends, I have a doubt.I have very much intrest to learn software testing tools course.I dont know any programming languages, tools and all. Solve Problems! I know some office excel tools.So, can any body suggest me is it the history competition australia, right choice to select the testing tools as a career option. Please let me know, please please please……. If yes, which tools i have to learn, how much hard work i have to focus and solve quotes, what the other tools, languages,……i need to learn for happy essay Testing Tools Course. i wana become a softwere tester but i dnt know wat to do were to go plz plz anyone tell me what is a requirments of this cource i hv jst finished my high school in india and now i m in newyork plz anyone suggest me help me how expensive this cource in india or in banglore or in newyork and what time it takes to become a softwere tester? and plz give me answer. Dear Ms. Ranjita (# 308), A very good idea flashed in your mind. Just don’t waste any more time.

Go ahead and do software testing. Don’t forget to concentrate on your pending subject pertaining to your graduation. You’ve to do this simultaneously. I’m give equal importance to both. Pertaining to solve testing, There is no particular course or something like that. First do manual testing course. Thesis Statement Questions! And then do automation course on solve quotes, any of the automation tools. Recommended tool is QTP. What I meant to happy essay say is that, Join an institute where you are going to get training on manual as well as automation tool(s). With regard to institute selection, Its up to solve quotes you.

But just make sure that, Institute people are going to outline give job assistance and job assurance (also). And also, Ask for quotes the certification(s) – If any! you are going to get, once you finish your testing course. Dear Mr. Research Outline! Nagesh (#309), Programming knowledge/skills not required. Go ahead and get trained in automation tools. Recommended is QTP.

But choice is yours. Govardhan Reddy M, Software Test Engineer. “Law of win says, Lets not do it in my way or your way, But lets do it in the best way”. Presently i am working in small software company in that company no one thire for testing. my work is problems, manually testing web applications . Happy Essay! now i am having 4 months experiance in Manual Testing , in my company did’t use any automate testing tools . so plz plz tel me how to improve my testing skills and shall i required any automated testing certificates. Which Automated Testing Tools are Used Testing Web Applications . Which Automated Testing Tools are Used for problems Testing Web Applications . Dear Mr. Nagesh (# 310), First go to QTP. Next go to LoadRunner.

Still interested you may go to WinRunner, SilkTest, IBMRational, etc., Hard Work: How much? Till you get confidence on yourself for facing the history, interviews. Its up to you. Problems! Once you are done with the expository essay format, courses, For one tool, 16 hr of revision/practice is solve quotes, more than enough to clear any interview(s). History Essay! Simple. No other languages are required. Govardhan Reddy M,

Software Test Engineer. “Law of solve, win says, Lets not do it in my way or your way, But lets do it in the best way”. Dear Mr. Venkatesh (# 314, 315, 316), First ramp up yourself in manual testing. All companies don’t use automation tools. Because.. It depends on requirement of client/company. Moreover, Commercial tools are not that much cheaper to get purchased with license. You may read out my previous replies for the rest of your queries.

QTP is used for web testing (to test functioanlity). LoadRunner is used for web testing (to test performance). And like wise different tools to test different tests. Like MSWebstress tool to racial profiling opinion test stress testing (web testing tool). Govardhan Reddy M, Software Test Engineer. “Law of win says, Lets not do it in my way or your way, But lets do it in solve, the best way”. Dear Ms. To Type My Paper! Gitanjali (#296), I did from STC Technologies – Bangalore.

I don’t have any idea about the quotes, institutes in Mumbai. Govardhan Reddy M, Software Test Engineer. “Law of win says, Lets not do it in my way or your way, But lets do it in the best way”. Dear Mr. Milan (# 311),

In India – Bangalore, It costs around 8k to 10k, Covering Manual testing and expository, with one automation tool, i.e. is QTP. For Manual testing, It takes 30-40 hr to complete the course. And one automation tool, Under worst cases it requires, 8 hr. But better to learn the automation tool in 20 hr instead of solve quotes, fast and speed track (something like that). Slow and steady wins the race. Govardhan Reddy M, Software Test Engineer. “Law of happy essay, win says, Lets not do it in my way or your way, But lets do it in the best way”.

@ Thank You Govardhan. can anyone let me know what is solve problems quotes, test requirement. I am MBA with 3 yrs Exp into recruitments, i would like to change my career to testing which i am interested in. kindly suggest me, how are the openings for testing now. and pay scales.. And how about the expository, combination of problems quotes, Testing and Ethical hacking.. I appreciate your invaluable inputs.

openings are good for happy essay testing now. many interviews are going all the weekend. I’m sharmila B.Tech IT… 2009 passed out…I’ve completed a course in Testing… but still i didnt get any openings in solve quotes, testing domain…. pls can any one help me regarding any openings in testing…. I am working in entersoft, there i have experience of working as a test engineer, but now i want to join as a manual tester as i have a experience of racial profiling opinion, 1 yr. only. Please sugest me what are the concepts that I have to concentrate and also Domains in which I have to solve problems quotes concentrate is happy essay, QTP is must to get a job as a manual tester and where do i get knowledge of problems, Domains. ( Website addresses) to improve my Domain Knowledge. and what are the Domains which helps me to get job easily. Chida.. you seem to be confused with testing terminologies.. Test Engineers are classified in two categories; manual and australia, automation test engineers. If you want to go for manual testing then you must go through basic testing concepts; refer ISTQB fundamental docs, if possible complete the ISTQB certification. If you want to go for automation testing then you have to study QTP, Test partner kind of solve, automation testing tools.

For that you should have programming skills. If you want to get the happy essay, domain knowledge, you are moving towards business analyst designation. The most used domains in IT are Banking, Insurance, Healthcare and Finance. Testing concepts can be applied in any domain. And I think Domain knowledge is not helpful and required in beginning of testing career. Looking for job in software testing. Solve Problems! can anyone help me. i am working with amdocs testing projects. mail me ur Cv..i will try to help u guys if openings r available.. I planning testing as my whether its good to choose testing as my career r not. I AM LOOKING FOR A SOFTWARE MATERIAL. I HAVE TRIED TO GET BUT I COULDN’T GET A PERFECT MATERIAL.

I NEED PROPER MATERIAL WHICH I CAN COVER EVERY MANUAL CONCEPTS IN A CERTAIN ORDER….. if at all any interviews for freshers please inform to my mail. please give me any suggestions to my mail….. i will be indebt them. I am 2008 MCA passed out, i have done the testing course, if there is any vacancy in the locatio bangalore please inform me to thesis statement questions my mail. I would like to solve quotes start my career in software testing. Apart from basic knowledge on using MS Office and Windows XP, I do not have much knowledge about competition australia softwares. Can I take up software Testing as career? If so, please advise me how do I go about it. Solve Problems Quotes! I live in Brisbane Australia.

I’m sharmila , Completed my B.Tech IT during the period of 2005-2009…With an aggregate of 70% with first class….Also i’ve completed a course in Software Testing and essay, Protocol Testing . I can be reached anytime via email at solve, or my cell phone,9488494335. My current location Chennai. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to speaking with you about opinion essay this employment opportunity. I want to make my career in software testing field which institute will be best which can provide me job assurance. sir!can u suggest me the books about quotes software testing! I am Gokul , I am from essay outline, Chennai , I have compeleted my B.E in solve quotes, E.C.E in 2008 and at present I am working in racial, Accenture Banglore from 10th July 2008 to till date in solve problems, IT Support (It is Basically Infrastructure Outsourcing). I am Pursing a certification Course in Software Testing (CAST-Certificed Associate in essay, Software Testing) , I want to move into Software testing Field and I am very much interest on it.

I have done a project in our Institute and I am expertise in writing test cases and plan. I have a total IT Experience of 18months but I dont have any hands on experience in Software Testing. Could you please suggest me on this of quotes, how to go about in research outline, further as I am ready to join as a fresher in quotes, Software testing field in any company . Kindly help me on this. Excellent post 4 me.. im choosing my career as a software tester and this topic is very helpful 4 me… thanks 4 sharing this.. myself piyush kumar i complete my MCA from Sikkim manipal university .i want to pay someone to type my paper start my careear in solve problems quotes, software testing please guide me any good institute in delhi ncr. Can any one let me know the best institute to do software testing course in bangalore… hi, i m frm chd….nd i wuld knw more abt software testing, so if u can help me…pls call at my no. +91-9914213456…thankz. i am tulasi am staying at u.k i want to racial knw about solve problems quotes software testing… i have few doubts software testing automation and manual 2 types available rite… am planning to move in automation,can you plzs tell me more details abt it… and also plzs send me materials to hai friends i did my bcom (distance with out inter)and iam pursuing mca(distance alagappa university)iam learning testing cource in racial essay, ameerpet can i elgibel for testing jobs pls guide me … …and send details to hi i am amol i need ur help i have completed my graduation in commerce can i make my career in solve problems quotes, software testing it will be possible for me because i have no knowledge in programing other software languages please friends guide me for my better future.

regards amol choudhary. kindly help me on this. i am waiting for research essay ur reply. I live in sydney and graduate in elect engg. I want to solve problems quotes do a course in software testing. Could you tell me few best institutes in india (it could be anywhere in research essay outline, india but also tell me if something around delhi). Thanks. Shashi. I want to take up testing software as my career. Could u suggest me some good books or institute in india which could provide a good training. Thanks.

Tel 61 401 796 303 and email I live in australia. Hi Iam Vijaya. I passed out my Instr. Solve Problems! Engg in 1996. I have some experience in electronics field, and have worked as lecturer. Research Essay! I would like to problems get into software testing.

I would like to know if my year of passing grad matter for this. Hi Sujeet Khandelwal. Please advise some good institutes to do a basic course in software testing anywhere in india. m pooja kalra.can u suggest me that how much type of growth in s/w testing. Now the testing industry is in good shape. Surely you’ll have good career growth in this field; if you r smart enough. As by the words of market watchers, there is no enough openings in Testing domain; but the case is not so. Actually now the companies are in mood to my paper have a smart person instead army of problems, average people.

So make you smart, so that you can get job easily and you can achieve your target soon. prakash frm amdocs here working in testing projects..will try to racial profiling opinion essay help all. hello, i hav completed my i m selected in solve quotes, an IT company .i just wanted to knw that is statement quiz, testing a gud option in terms of growth as compared to development.pls help me. I am currently working as a HR manager in a company, but want to persue my career in solve, Testing. I have around 3 yrs of experience in HR only. About my qualification, I have done BCA (75%) MBA (IT) – 75% . Statement! Now i want to shift to solve testing want to make my career in Testing only. Thansk in advance.

I am a webDeveloper in PHP/MYSQL,and now i want to learn QTP.but am Confused to what to do ? QTP have better than php? and i want to do job in to type, multinational this is my dream,but in problems quotes, php,Wrok are done in small company so plz give me suggestion about it am waiting plz soon…. Thanks and research, Regards. I m looking a job in Software Testing…i knw Manual Testing,QTP ,QC. BE(2008)…Any help would be appreciated. I am Naresh, I am having 8+ years of experiance in Software Testing. Solve Problems! I am holding the position of Team Lead in my company. I am working on opinion essay, Manual Testing and tools like Quick Test Professional, WinRunner, Load Runner and Quality Center. If you have any doubts in testing or on solve problems quotes, the tools please email me.

I will be conducting the Software Testing training(Online and australia, Classroom). If any one interested feel free to email me on solve problems, I like to discuss my self views. Currently i am working as a Market Executive in a IT company and doing sales of hardware product but i want to switch myself towards software i found it more interesting as i have studied a little bit of testing in my Software eneginering subject in my BCA. COURSEYEAR OF PASSING. PGDM ( IT )—— REGULAR 2008-2010. after completing my BCA IN (2005-2008) due to some reason i swtiched my self towards MBA(IT) instead of going towards MCA,now i understand what i have done with my career because what i am doing i think that i can do much better then this. 1) is this software testing is feasibile for me?

2) will i be able to get into racial industry? 3) if yes then what should be the first step for me? It will be great help from side if you will revert me back with the suggestions. please repy soon its very urgent. Hi, today I was searching some website for solve quotes testing, got this one. Its really very helpful for new and as well as experineced testers.I specially thank Ms lakhmi and Mr. tiger for their valuable suggestions. My job profile includes UAT and also providing technical support to end user in a finance domain. In addition to that I possess OCA certification. Profiling Opinion! I am interesting in testing as a carrer option.

Plz any body suggest me something. Thanking you in advance. Iam Divya from Chennai. Problems! I have completed my MSc in Bioinformatics. I wish to opinion essay do my career in Software testing. Iam new to solve testing. Format! I will be grateful if u provide me with the needful.

I would like to know which is the solve problems, best training cum placement centre in chennai that provide good training in testing and which also have a placement cell.Iam thankful to all my friends in Software testing help for their valuable comments. Thanks to Vijay, Tiger2k, lekshmi……..and all my dear friends…..Take care. Please mail me at thesis statement questions, Solve Problems! I will be available at your convenience. Thank you for your consideration. hello…i m satendra,… i wanna do job after bca, i am 3rd yr…so plz give me a suggestion that which course will be gu for me with bca degree….

I am a B.TECH CSE 2010 passout. I can’t decide whether to go for Development or testing. Also most of the MNC’s hire a fresher as a trainee and essay australia, then puts them in Support/Maintenance. I love Software Reverse Engineering and whenever i hear about breaking up applications or exploiting them, it just gives me the chills..i like doing this a lot.. so should i go for solve problems quotes testing or should i go for thesis quiz questions dev?? and what are the quotes, future prospects of testing?? is it going to to type my paper be in demand for problems the coming times?? i guess as long as theres gonna be software products, testing will be there..plz correct me if i am wrong. Please also let me know how can one grow in history essay, testing and where can a fresher see himself after 5 6 years of exp as a tester?? thanx.. I have 3 yes of exp in Service Desk in IBM and wanna shift my career to Software Testing. Solve Quotes! I’m a BTech ECE 2007 graduate.

I have couple of queries in regards to Software Testing field. One, how about outline job opportunity or growth in Software Testing field ? How is the pay package starts ? And what are the certification associated with it. And more query which i have is that, I came to know that if there is problems, a recession or if the project gets over, Software Test Engineer are the fist guys who are given pink slips, is that true ? I will be really helpful if any one can reply to my above query. Can anybody suggest me good s/w testing books as well as good training institute in delhi ncr. I have done BSc chem. and then DCA in yr.

1991 i have knowledge of vb programing, and crystal reporting.. After long break again i wants to make my career in Software testing, So can you advise me that how can i do that online and expository essay, how long it will take. Solve Problems! which website will helpfull to me. I have done BSc chem. and then DCA in yr. 1991 i have knowledge of vb programing, and racial opinion essay, crystal reporting.. Quotes! After long break again i wants to make my career in Software testing, So can you advise me that how can i do that online and how long it will take and abt. fees. Pay Someone! which website will helpfull to solve problems quotes me. Guys please tell me which is research essay outline, better line software engineer or software tester. Which has better pay package and growth. Which is quotes, will be satisfying in long run?

dis is madhu, i m working 4 hp as process associate. Racial Profiling! now i m looking forward to take up software testing course in quotes, NIIT(malleswaram). So can u gays pls let me know , is it well and thesis questions, worth of doing d course in NIIT and also is solve quotes, any one aware of the training provided in the centre, if so pls let me know even about the training provided . I am a Senior Software Test Engineer having experience in QTP. Please let me know if there is any job opening for testing in UAE (Dubai/Sharjah). hi, good day to expository all. This Rajesh, I Have Complited My M.C.A. I Want To Choose Testing in My Carrer, So. Could Please Tell Me, Is It Is Bettar Feature or Not. if you Know Any Particular of These. Please send to my mail( or please call(9666809992) to giving advise me.

Dis s MADHU.R, i am very much n need of your help. pls pls help me out. Currently i m working 4 hp(BPO) and m a 2010 passout of solve problems quotes, BCA. i am very much interested in history essay, taking up a software testing as my career. So i m planning to take up a software testing course in NIIT, but d centre says it would cost around 33k for doing the course in which it covers BASICS of(.net,java,c#,ms sql 2005) software testing . so i want to know , isit quite worth n paying for the course and also i want to know wat would be the maximum amount which i can incur on problems, the software testing course. Regarding query for my paper fees of NIIT, please note that for solve any Software Testing Course, SEED INFOTECH is best institute. Their fees would be around 18K to 20K. You may visit to their website and find out essay more details. I am Chethan, I plan to become Software Tester so I need all your support and problems quotes, guidance.

And also my percentage is like this. BSC IT – 63% Aggregate. So please guide me which institute will be good to my paper join and which one not see my marks of previous but see my talent and interest and place me in problems, some company as my dream career of Software Testing field. Please everyone I request you to support me and every suggestion are welcomed and in advance thanks please write your suggestion and guidance to happy essay : HAI …I WANT TO KNOW ABOUT THE FUTURE OF A TESTER..I MEAN WHETHER HE WILL GET HIKE ACCORDING TO HIS EXPERIENCE…. Ya sure they will be hiked as per there experience and grip on there work for solve quotes example a Software Tester with 3 to 4 years he will be earning 3 to essay competition 4 Lacs per annum and same person with 7 to solve problems quotes 8 years experience he will be earning 11 to 13 lacs per happy essay, annum. I think you got my answer…. if u want any help regarding testing job send me ur resume to my mail id. i passed out 2009 with MCA qualification, and i have done testing course,can anyone tell if any job profile is matching to profile. I was impressed you giving valuable suggestion to problems the readers and valuable their doubts.. I would be very glad…if u suggest me right option. i completed my BSC(MATHS) IN 2007 and did MS OFFICE,c,c++ . presently working in mnc….i want my career to be in software field.

san testing tools would be best option to me……or THESE days…we are hearing alot abt TIBCO…can i persue that……need suggestion in options…. I would be glad if u reply me…… Thanks and Regards, I was impressed you giving valuable suggestion to the readers and valuable their doubts.. I would be very glad…if u suggest me right option. i completed my BSC(computer science) IN 2007 and did MS OFFICE,oracle9i,core java, networking . presently working in mnc….i want my career to statement quiz questions be in software field. can testing tools would be best option to me……or THESE days…we are hearing alot abt TIBCO…can i persue that……need suggestion in options…. I would be glad if u reply me…… Thanks and Regards,

It was a nice experience to find so good suggestions and lovely question answers sessions. I appreciate all the solve problems quotes, particiapants especillay Mr.Tiger and Zakir for their good answers. Mr. Abhi is also appreciated for his dertmeination to stick with his view point. I am MCA 2010 fresher from pune university and i want to research outline make bright career in IT industry. Problems! i have six month experience in with c#. Pay Someone To Type! i have good knowledge about programming languages want to solve quotes make career in testing field. i have sincerely think about you all question which is above mentioned and observer that i have all quality in my self. Outline! i have big dream in solve, my mind and want to make real that dream. i need your guide to make my career in testing field so please guide me. I completed My graduation BSc (computers) in 2004.

Presently i am working in thesis statement, Medical Transcription (MT)… I am planing to quotes change my career in to Software Testing. Plse Suggest me …. Profiling Opinion Essay! Whether i am taking right step or Wrong step… i am from hyderabad. I completed My graduation BSc (computers) in 2004. Presently i am working in Medical Transcription (MT)… I am planing to change my career in to Software Testing.

Plse Suggest me …. Whether i am taking right step or Wrong step… hi, i want to know that i have not any knowledge about programing languages,and i want to make carrier in solve quotes, software testing, hw could possible is essay competition australia, this? programming knowlegde is not required for problems software testing….just your are going test the software whics is already developed by developer. Myself, Manjunath Reddy working as a Test Architect in racial profiling opinion essay, a CMM Level 5 company in Hyderabad. I’m having 6+ years of strong experience in Software Testing specialization into Product Testing, Data Base Testing and Embedded Systems Testing which includes both Manual as well as Automation Testing. I recently started training institute on problems quotes, “Software Testing/Tools” in essay, Hyderabad at Karunya Technologies. So if anyone interested to pursue career in Software Testing please drop me a mail at: #2b 2nd Floor,Santhi Nilaya Aparments. Behind Mytrivanam, Ameerpet, Hyderabad – 500038.

Phone : 040-66662347, 9246117525, 9246505656. i got an offer from —- company,and joined there.they send me the SAP based Testing side.but i like programming.can i do the testing .and in this side any growth in my’s useful to quotes me?.many people said “compare to developement,testing has poor salaries and as well as i got 9k per month?and i signed 2years bond in this company! plz give me good suggestion…. hi im studing BE 7th sem… will the growth and career options will be same in both development and testing field. If i come above average in records of testing career where i can see myself after 5 years in happy essay, this field?? hi this sanjay i am a commerce graduate have 3yrs exp in problems, BPO now i am learning testing want to change my field to testing can any 1 guide me or help me to get a job in testing field plz. Hi, i m a MBA graduate and research, i have completed my MBA in marketing and IT systems. I am working in a stock broking firm as a relationship manager from last 3 years and now i want to problems switch towards software testing. i am having the knowledge about the programming techniques,MIS and ERP packages though i have nt undergoing the training abt this. is software testing will help to boost career path? pls guide me… thnx.

hi sir, this is santhosh. i wnt to know abt testing tools in company envirnoment when compare with development. Racial! how it’d be in furture . I have done dip in IT…i want to do my career in solve, software which all courses are offered by institutes in pune… I want to build my career in software testing. I have completed my (in ece) in 2010. I just love programmes . I know C,C++,JAVA, ORACLE. Please suggest me how to start . so that i can send the details to ur mail id . hi guys, i am 29 yr old from delhi, though i am a MCA, but being working in essay, bpo industry for solve quotes about 3.5 yrs, and now i am being completely fed up with these night shifts and taking system on remote session etc, i am so professionaly frustrated, but i have a keen interest for software testing, plzz frnds do guide me seriously, in delhi where i should join for sof.testing, what the course cud cost me, and what sal i could expect in thesis statement quiz, starting as i have seen my frnd earning handsomely in solve quotes, software testing…thanx frnds waiting for ur replies! I am a chemical student and racial profiling opinion essay, have now joined institute to learn software testing. Solve Problems Quotes! Thye told me that I need to statement quiz know basic C language. But I have forgotten C language which I learnt 9 years ago. Problems Quotes! Is it really needed for testers? I just remember very very basic C program writing. main() Please help me. I am chenna reddy, i completed MCA in the 2009 from JNTU.

i want to happy essay know, how the future will be for TESTING TOOLS, how the problems quotes, salaries will be… what will be the history essay australia, advantages……for testing tools….. please sir,can u suggest me …… soos as possible… i will be waiting for problems quotes ur response. hi guys , this is srinivasan.B looking for essay a career in software testing. i request my friends and testing professionals to problems kindly suggest the popular institute for essay outline training in software testing in hyd. iam very happy to listen to all the quieries which have noted . Solve Problems! Thank you for your support to starters. Let noble thoughts come from every side. Please do also help in finding the job in good companies. I hope i will get my reply from all friends. I am new to software testing and happy essay, want o know how to solve grow in this field. I have met some testers who have good exp. in statement, this field but still want to quotes know how to grow to get going in this field.

Nowadays doe to high degree commodisation of racial profiling opinion, testing sevices (TCs, infosys, tech mahindra cognizant, IBM, wipro) offering do do testing free in some work packages testing is quotes, losing its sheen. people are underpaid and over worked. Little or no training is provided and domain related documentation is made inaccessible to testers to history essay australia have control over what they can test. Most of solve quotes, It service firm in essay format, India dont consider testing as a skill and think that automation professionals (who are just vb script writer who translate the solve, detailed test case into vb script code) as experts in testing. Most of automations professional fail to under stand basic testing principles and avoid the real testing that is essay competition, manual testing. Ask any automation guy to solve problems quotes deisign few tests and document test plan and test case for a given fucntionality they drop dead. Avoid and history essay competition australia, get out testing as soon as possible.

Especially beware of telecom testing in solve quotes, firm like tec m and infosys wipro etc. Expository Essay Format! it most laborious and unrewarding as 2 tester are put where 20 are needed because they are doing work free of charge to solve problems quotes client. hi, i am currently working in a company as a software tester from last 2 months. and i am very confused, whether it is essay, a good field for me or not. i ve done BE from blore 09 passout. Problems! here i am testing on configurator(genisys configurator). Research Outline! pls suggest me whether will it help me build a good carreer. As of my last comment i am working as a tester on one project and I am now a part of Release Level QA for problems quotes one project so, what things should i keep in to type my paper, my mind so that i can perform well. as of my last comment, m in quotes, testing..and want to pay someone my paper know that is solve problems, it possible to switch to development in (java ,.net) after getting 2 years expericne from here. here i dont have any particular platform and essay, m not able to learn any language. m BE comp sci from bangalore.pls suggest me..salary is problems quotes, very low..m keen to learn and do good work in IT field. I am very much interested in to type, software testind and i wanted to build my career in quotes, software testing. I have completed my (INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY) in expository format, 2010. Can you give me any information about the best institutes providing the courses in software testing at Bangalore. i am Non IT student having experience in problems, Finance Field. Research Essay Outline! I have completed my B.SC Computer Science in 2004 with 78% and problems quotes, done my MBA specialised in Finance in essay, 2006 with 67%. I now want to switch over to Software testing. now i am undergoing Testing Course in an institutions.

Please tell me the chances of getting into this field and solve quotes, also sample of resume. My email Thanks in essay, advance. please send best software testing course provided insitute in bagalore……. please send best software testing course provided insitute in bagalore……. i have done my in geology. i have worked in solve problems quotes, the petroleum industry for one year. i was working on oil riggs in the middle of the pay someone my paper, sea for a month and would come home for a month. Solve Quotes! i didn’t want that kind of lifestyle and research essay outline, it used to make me very depressed.i want to change my career now .i want to find a job in field other than oil industry. is it possible for me to become a software testing professional. please help me . Problems! my email is essay australia, Myself sunil kumar, an mba graduate with marketing specialisation (with BCA background). willing to get into solve problems quotes testing field. History Essay Australia! i would be thankful if you suggest me: 1. the best institute/training centre in bangalore.

2. will the course really work out for freshers like me? 3. which certification should i opt for? looking forward for your reply. nice to read good suggestions by govardhan and solve, others. thanks in advance. HI , Im Dinesh BE(EEE) 2010 passed out. Essay Format! Recently i under went a training in problems, software testing..

I found it very intresting and now i wanted to profiling opinion do Higher studies MS (PERFORMANCE TESTING) ,in India. Is there any University in India do they offer ? Since im from EEE back ground will i have any problem ? Hi Tm vinay BE(CSE) 2003 passed out and solve quotes, have no work exprince. please help me to how to i get a testing job. Hi Tm vinay BE(CSE) 2003 passed out and have no work exprince. Thesis! please help me to how to solve quotes i get a testing job. I am Anurag. I have around 4.5 years of experience in Automation testing using QTP. I have worked with one of the essay, biggest software companies. You can ask your questions and problems, I will try my best to answer based on my experience. could any please suggest any On-Job training institute or company for software testing in bangalore.

actually i have done MBA but i want to history essay go in testing tool so should i go in this or not ? please suggest me .. I have chosen my carrier as a tester can u tel me…IS there many oppertunities for fresher. I have chosen my carrier as a tester can u tel me…IS there many oppertunities for fresher…. Dear Ms. Chitra Lakshmi (#398 #400), Just keep rocking with the same technology (testing technology).

You really come to know how importance testing is. No need to switch. Even test engineers are equally paid in solve problems, most of the companies. And you may be surprised to listen that, Test engineers are paid even more than dev. engineers (but here domain matters and of course talent as well). Try to jump to networking domain (interesting and highly paid domain). Govardhan Reddy M. i am a MCA fresher , and want to essay start sw testing career …so plz suggest me that i am going in right way? becoz i am not so good as programming.. will sw testing give me bright future? Dear Mr Govardhan Reddy. thanks for the suggestion and building the problems, confidence in profiling opinion essay, me about this field.

I’m graduated IT professional (BS computer science) and currently struggling finding a job at least of solve problems, intern level. Essay! For this moment I’m sitting home for problems 8 months after getting degree, have sent bunch of resumes, applied to history essay hundreds if not thousands jobs on solve problems quotes, dice and monster with very good cover letter. Now I’m thinking what I’m doing wrong and racial essay, how to attract recruiters to get in problems, touch back. I can do coding on PHP and pay someone to type, some Java, testing and solve problems quotes, *nix administration. Is someone here who passed through similar problem of research, getting started after obtaining degree. I don’t wanna go back to Home depot making customer support any more. Am 2009 Pass out BE ECE , working as MIS till date form Oct 2009,I would like to solve problems quotes start my carrear in software testing,i joined CATe course in an Reputed Institution, i am interested in this .will i achieve it..pls guide me seniors. Pls reply seniors need your guidance. Iam Bhavana,working as software testing engineer…I want help from u all, my sister she is in to medical transcription from past 9.5 yrs and racial profiling opinion essay, her age is solve problems, 35 ,now she want change in thesis quiz questions, her job..can she take the course of software testing..whether there is any chance of problems quotes, getting job in software company as fresher in history essay, testing..Pl’s help by giving u r valuable suggestions. Hi i have completed my engg in ETC .I want to go for a software testing course but my programming skills are not that good , so should i opt for this course or not.

I want to know about software testing and software engineering that which is the best and which one has best job and salary package in a better industry. please reply me. I just completed MCA and not so good in coding and looking for quotes career in research outline, Software testing……Pls let me know if I can opt for Software testing. hi….am doing my mca,in my college they offerd some specialization courses among that i choosen software testing. ,but am getting little panic in that because many say that sofware testing wont give a good carrer…could you please suggest me about the carrer oppurtunities in solve problems quotes, testing…….. here i would like to happy essay inform you that i am working for one manufacturing company in Bangalore…My job profile is to install the machine and solve problems, process and trouble shooting…

For that i have to travel a lots…i did my engg. from RVCE BANGLORE in telecommunication(2008).i did manual testing course.what i have to do…which field i have to choose…Because after marriage it is happy essay, not so easy to travel…please give me your valuable suggestion…i will be highly obliged to you all for the same…contact no:9008788699. I have to travel a lots at anytime …for that there is no any schedules…and i m north india so after marriage it not so easy to travel…. please please help me and guide me…. Dear anurag sir, Please help me and guide me if possible… I shall be highly obliged to you for the same… I have completed MBA(IT) through sikkim manipal university (part time). I also complete a diploma in software management course of computer from APTECH INSTITUTE(regularly). I have 4 years of quotes, experience in marketing in insurance company as senior manager but in Non-IT field. Now I want to make career in Software Testing or software devloper.

But looking to this period, can I go for history Software Testing now or shall I wait for some time. Also in software testing which course will give me job faster. Please help me guide me ! I have to take decision. hii friends. Problems! I am prakash from chennai. Essay! I did B.E in quotes, 2010 and essay, still looking for job. Quotes! Now i planned to profiling opinion do testing course. Can anyone tel me which is the best center that teaches very well and also provide placement assistance? Hi, iam muralidhar 31 yrs old. working as customer support engg in electronic security systems. i have 7+ yrs of exp in this field. now planning to change my profile in IT field can i do Testing Tools? i am fresher and searching for a job in Software Testing…plz Help] Me out and inform me if there is any opening…I have completed the course of solve, manual and automated testing.

Its a good informative site .Is there any programming site? Hi Mr. Govardhan Reddy M. Firstly, I need to appreciate to your reply’s for all quires. My self Raja, completed BE in Telecommunication in 2010. I got an job as Service Engineer for EPABX. To Type My Paper! I did this job for solve problems 10 months, then i quit.

After leaving job, I i took Software Testing Material from my friend and prepare well all Manual Testing like Regression Testing, Smoke Testing, Test Cases etc. Research Essay Outline! Also while preparing SQL i found this subject was interesting, so prepare Oracle 9i/10g too. So should i need to do any course again in solve, case i need to get job. Please give me an your valuable decision what to racial profiling essay do. Problems! Waiting for pay someone Your reply… I am a new guy to this forum. To begin wid I read almost all the problems quotes, individual comments(took more that 3 hours :) )… But got very good stuffz abt s/w testing…. First of all i would like to thank those guys who are continuously replying to happy essay questions asked by anyone… Specially Tiger2k,Lakshmi,zakir….i apologize if i forget anybody who worked hard..

Actually M working in a game apps development comapny since 4 mnths as it is quotes, my first job i thought it would be a good start for my career… Can anybody suggest me what all the thing to concentrate to be a white box tester… I am B.Tech in CSE, 2011 passout, i want to get a good job as a software tester or quality analyst – what should be my next move ? please guide asap….. What is the Job security for QA? There are some rumors that QA departments are taken out in many companies and essay, testing will be performed by developers, in that case depending on QA will surely devastate career dream. I have done my M.Sc in Biotechnology and working as a lecturer. I want to change my career to Software.

I want to do some software testing courses. Does it helpful? Please suggest me. i completed B.E COMPUTER SCIENCE 2011 BATCH FRESHER. ACTUALLY I AM INTERESTED IN TESTING JOB….SO ANY HELP ME REGARDING JOB…I HAVE KNOWLEDGE IN MANUAL TESTING. MY ID IS I am from solve problems quotes, management back ground, i have 6+ yrs of exp in insurnace domain, no where related to testing. I am interested in outline, testing since 3yrs i am trying to search a job in testing but not even single call i got in quotes, this field. i have completed testing course.

I u help me in this pls if u can?? I have done my M.Sc in Chemistry and working as a Chemist. I want to change my career to Software. I want to do some software testing courses. Does it helpful or not?

Please suggest me. Hello, is dare anybody on online to suggest me to research outline learn Testing Tools course is correct or not? Hi! Everyone i completed MCA in 2008. Due to recession and fault in my searching for a job i have not got a job till now. Without any experience i am searching on quotes, Software Testing .i.e Manual/Automation(QTP). As i do have knowledge in racial profiling, Software Testing your suggestions are needed. However any possibility of requirement dont hesitate to inform me.

I WANT TO SAY THAT, I M PURSUING MCA .NOW MY 5TH SEM GOING ON ,AND 5TH SEM WILL BE FINISH IN DECEMBER.SIR MERA MIND PROGRAMMING M CHALTA NHI ,MENE BHUTE KOSIS KI BUT I M NOT SUCESSFUL.SIR U GIVE ME ADVICE,AND SIR I M TENCE FOR THE CARRER . SIR MERE MANAAN HAI KI M SOFTWARE TESING M JAU YA PHIR NETWORKING. One of my friend is a pharmacy student. he is from biology backgroung with no knowledge of maths and computers. Solve Problems! I wanted to ask you if he can opt for happy essay software testing as his profession or is it necessary that one should have computer background. Solve Problems Quotes! If its possible he may join any testing course institute to get knowledge about testing. Research! plzguide me over this issue.. Thanks and regards. i completed my mba recently, i want to do job with software testing can you suggest me that which course i do and problems, how to prepare and profiling opinion essay, how to problems get the job, i have 70% marks. I have done B.E.

Civil in 2003 (Passout year) and happy essay, I have an experience of 2yrs and solve problems quotes, 8 months in the field of data sorting and history australia, management for preparing e-books content. Now I want to solve problems quotes switch to software testing field. Can I get a job in software testing? Hello sir good evening…. I have done MBA this year(2011) later I learned testing(manual and automation (QT P)) I have done my graduation with Life sciences. Research! so that some of problems quotes, my friends are saying that most of the companies wont shortlist my profile because Iam lifesciences graduate. History Essay Australia! can u please tell me that graduation stream make any impact on quotes, my profile. I am very much impressed by this website…i compleate my BTech in statement quiz questions, EEE but i want to change my field in to software testing…can please explain about software testing…is it good future for software testing….plz mail me. now am studying Software testing but am a Bcom student really i dont know about testing…and am not having communication like fluency to solve problems quotes improve my knowledge in software feild. I have completed my B TECH ( ECE) from J.N.T.U Hyderabad with 60%.

I have Knowledge about software testing QTP and programming languages C. I am looking for a Manual testing or QTP openings if there are any openings please inform me.. Very informative post. Its really helpful for me and thesis, beginner too. Check out this link too its also having a nice post related to this post over the internet which also explained very well… am new to this forum,compltd my MCA in 2009 with 72%.due to some problems worked in the teaching field.

I want to start my carier in learning QTP now. How i will going to the further process ? Am i look as a fresher ?put any experience in resume ? Which is the best and good for future ? Some says put any experience ? Pls give me the suggestions and the process any one worked as a professional,to getting a job ? Hi to all(anurag sir/zakir/laxmy….), i will wait for the reply to solve problems quotes above questions? Becoz so many persons r in this type of my paper, situation,both u all guidence to solve quotes all sir. Hi! I have completed my graduation in profiling, BCS i.e. Solve Problems! Bachelore of Computer Science during which i have a year gap after each year. so will it be possible for me to make carrier in expository, software testing.

I have completed Msc.,biotechnology.But i dint get any suitable job over problems quotes their.Now i hve completed software testing course, i should start searching for job. will i b able to get job in this software field. i am facing little difficulty in opinion, understanding projects? give me some suggestions for this how i should prepare for interview? i have completed Msc.,biotechnology .but now i did software testing course.will i be able to get job in this software field? i am finding little difficulties in uderstanding projects? give me some suggestions for this? guide me ,how i should prepare for interview? hai frnds. i just want 2 learn software testing…my qualfctn is graduation…can u guys tel me wts the basic knowlege requrd 2 do ths course…pls help me..mail 2 me. Hi i have done Bsc PME and Msc Maths.i am interested in Software testing field….is there any openings for problems quotes our eligibility criteria…..As far i seen some companies hiring only opinion, BE,Btech or MCA. so will they hire for us also based on problems, our qualification.Kindly let me know….. I was worked as a Admin,sales co-ordinator……..I m basically from happy essay, MCA background….Due to recission effects i shited to some office works………But i m not happy with my career.i want to shift software testing…i dnt have any experience in solve quotes, IT side..can u plz suggest me how to start n where to start to shift to software testing….plz help me.

Check the blog for expository details. I m fresher(2011 pass out). I got job in software company as a Developer. Problems! Now they are shifting me to to type Testing. I need to know what is the growth rate as a Software Tester. hai frnds i am currently doing a software testing training program in an it comapny. Solve Problems Quotes! what are the history essay competition, major things i should study as i am only solve problems quotes, a fresher. i am currently working as a software developer in an organisation.. i just want 2 get into testing..

Is there any possibilty for me switch like this?? pls tel me.. Questions! I am confused. I am working in problems quotes, an MNC as software Tester.Right now i am doing manual testing, I want to do a course in automation testing(QTP). Profiling! Would u plz suggest me the best Institute or an IT company in NCR location for that. it is solve problems, very helpful information. i have chose my career in software field. going attend interview may this information can help me. thank you so much.

after starting career from testing as a fresher, can we switch to development in happy essay, future. I am 37 years old.I am involved in free lance software development for the past 10 years.Now can i go into solve problems software testing and build a future in that.Is there any age barrier set up by thesis quiz, companies in recruiting software testing professionals. i m a mild stammerer(some time severe)i want to solve problems quotes start my career in outline, my stammering will affect my career? Hai iam currently wrking in problems quotes, a tech support associate. Happy Essay! i hv completeled my be in cse on solve quotes, 2009. iam looking for a job in IT is there any way to my paper get IT job. suggest me if you have any idea., I have 1 querry,that I have just started my career as tester in small company,,but to solve shift to mnc which skills i have to develop as tester apart from basic knowledge and research essay, which platforms or knowledge mainly used in mnc for testing purpose please inform me on my mail id so that I can gain that knowledge. I have more than 2 years of experience in Integration and acceptance And have basic knowledge of solve problems quotes, QTP as well as manual testing. I was in a renowned company as a permanent employee but as my project was closed due to financial matter and other projects were also getting closed thus I have to resigned, although i was many times star performer.

Other jobs are from Non-IT field. My educational qualification- BCA,MCA from IGNOU. I have huge gap(5 years) between 12th and BCA. I am currently unemployed from 4 months, although i tried my best. Please suggest me , What should I do? Should I join any training cum placement company? If yes then suggest me few among best in NCR location. Waiting for happy essay your helpful suggestions.. i am working in solve quotes, a bpo firm for the past five years and expository, i am a B.E graduate and i am 30years old willing to switch over my career to software testing.Apart from solve quotes, joining institute what should i do to improve my knowledge in thesis statement quiz, testing?.Will my BPO experience considered if i try for problems banking testing.And last i am blank in essay format, software can i make it in solve, testing somebody please help me.

I have completed BA ( Art) currently i m working in SEO. I want to profiling essay go ahead in IT Sector so please tell me what course would be better for solve quotes me plz send your advice on my Id. Pay Someone To Type! I ‘ll wait for ur Mail. i completed my graduation and i have done software testing course and now i am looking for job and problems, i want to go for further studies . ia m jst confuse between MCA and MBA .plzzzzz suggest me which will me grow in It it true that softeare tester pay less that developer plz help me out. Hii..I am a 2011 passed out B.Tech graduate.Now working in a Top MNC as a java developer.And now my experience is around 10 months.I seriously find difficulty with my job as i am not good at coding skills.Have a thought of moving to to type my paper testing .Is this is a good decision?Will there be carrier growth in Testing??Kindly suggest me.Thanks in Advance!! This is very helpful, knowledgeable blog. Thnx everyone for answerin and question too. I want to know what is qtp which u guys refering it. anybody have idea of game testing career? is it similar to software testing? I have been trained on quotes, java and chose project management officer (PMO) as my next step. Now that what I have learnt from many , is that if I persue Get well trained in Testing Domain I can directly move into test manager positio ( as I have got management skill for the project as well ) . Happy Essay! Should i join some courses for solve problems start my testing career ? ? Could you please let me know how can i get the start ? Thanks in advance.

I need an urgent suggestions from all of u. i have a 5 years of break in IT career . earlier i have an 2 years of experience in outline, Informatica(datawarehousing) but after this long career break everything is new for me. now planning to start my career all over again in problems quotes, software testing. what u all suggest should i go for testing or look for something else. waiting for ur replies. I want to know how I make a carrier in software Testing? I have done Bsc(IT) and I am working in BPO Industries past 2 yrs but now I want to change my carrier path and essay, want to make a carrier in Software Testing. Hi am a B.E/ECE graduate working for hp for solve the past 1year and 5months. iwould like to change my career in softwaretesting field. Please help me out to get a jon in thesis, testing field. Hi Thambidurai, I just started in software testing field, ive been 6 month’s working.

I would like to recomend one training program that i took, that got me going with this new carear. by the way my background is in solve problems quotes, construction so i didnt know anything about software testing. and know i am well off…e-mail me at and opinion, i will forward you details and how to contact the instructor for this program. Solve Quotes! Good Luck out their:) Hi am a mca graduate working for the testing 5months,is testing good carreer ?. I am trying to get job in software testing. I have done course on statement, manual and automation testing using QTP. There are no vacancy in testing right now as its been 4 months since i am trying hard to solve problems quotes get job and yet not succeeded . I am looking for a job change and i have a reference to get into in thesis quiz questions, . All i need is good documentation , Will any one suggest me for a good blogs and sites .. i m 2011 passout,looking for a start in testing field..please help me hello every one iam 2012 passout i would like to start my career in software testing as a fresher as iam an average student i dont have any idea about s/w testing so i request you to please suggest me how to start my career in s/w testing like what are the required skills, required programming languages etc etc…. please i hope every one will suggest help me and its my humble request…! my email id:- Hi currently i am working as a technical cosnultant in JD Edwards practice from solve, past 3 yrs. in between that means after 2.5 years i took a break for 16 months for pregnancy and baby. from last 6 months i have started working on same technology. But now i want to enter in Software Testing. that means i m new for Software testing.

I have done my B.E.(Computers). Will my past experience in s/w development considered if i want start new carrier in software testing. Research Outline! Please reply. I have gone through all thecomments and thanks for all for solve problems valuable information… I have taken coaching for testing tools.. Basically am a passed out in 2002, i have exp in banking, but i want to essay shift to testing tools… Can u help me out in how to get a job.. Could you please mail me manual testing and QTP study material at… thanks in solve problems quotes, advance…

This is John Fargoes, I have around 10-12 years of experience in IT. I have worked on essay, Classic ASP, Javascript, VBscript, SQL etc. At the time of recession, and heavy frustration I had left my field and therefore I am not in touch with Programming since last 3 years. I want to make my career in Software testing so can you please guide me? I want to inform you that I am 38 years of old and recently running my own business of solve quotes, Computer Hardware, but still I am interested in Software Testing Job. So Can you please tell me whether this diploma is essay, suitable for me, or for problems quotes my career? If yes please send me other details.

hi kavita mehra this side … i m 2010 passout in BCA, now pursuing MCA 2nd yr and done testing course as well now looking for a start in essay, testing..please help me is thanks. anyone can help me . to choose software testing course….. I have completed my bsc(computer science)….. i am a BBA Graduate but completed my Testing Course, suggest be some internship training offered by software companies.thank u. hello sir please help me with field is better to learn software testing or C# and .net framework.please mail me. thousands of thanks in advance. why testing u choose testing?? you are electronics student, why you choose software field?? I am planning to switch my career from Accounting to QA testing by taking a QA training and market myself. Anybody has any suggestions for me ? I will appreciate your inputs. I have one year exp in manual testing(worked on web app,windows app) and solve quotes, I want to learn new concepts in testing .Plz suggest me to move forward in this field with new concepts.

sir,i have currently working as a test development has better career prospect than testing?? plz send me question and answer for the software testing. also answer of these question.. Racial Opinion! why you choose testing as your career. thanks in advance. am a graduate in solve problems, bca from sikkim manipal university i had undergone my networking training am i eligible to get into a software testing feild. i did mca in 2001.rt from then i was into teaching..but along with that i did some software testing tools..early this yr i took the istqb foundation level test n was successful..looking for a job but not getting a positive response as i have no previous job experience..can somebody give me a break. saale job ke job ke liye bata raha hi ya interview le raha hai chal bhag to yaha se. I am fresher in testing field. Can anyone send me the Question and answer which are ask in expository essay format, interview? and any opening in testing field.

hi frnds ur suggestions are good as per my knowledge …i compleated my mca 2012 so i want to go on testing tools way so doubt is is it programming field?and salary how much get bcoz i heard its having very less salary is solve problems, it corect?pls pls suggest me. i am jeba from kovai.i am completed BE(cse) and not interest in programming.not choose my domain till now.what is best scope out of program side.pls help me. i want to do software testing course…is that having good scope now. some of expository essay format, my friends saying that now a days developers are testing thier own projects…so ther is no scope for that is true?plz ans me soon as possible.. i have completed my Btech in problems quotes, 2010 having knowledge about and presently working for happy essay icici bank i am wishing to solve swtich to software testing can any one suggest for this. Can software tester can get a good salary job ? what is the future scope of the software testing ? This website is very helpful. Pay Someone! I just wanted to ask if foundation level of ISTQB certification will help you in any way to get a testing job. I have knowledge of problems, MS-office and expository essay, internet and I am BA(Mass comunication) I want to persue my career in software testing tools (QTP). I just want to know that is software testing need any other background or what should i exactly do to be in solve quotes, software testing is online courses are there?

I am fresher in testing field. Can anyone send me the Question and answer which are ask in pay someone my paper, interview? and any opening in solve, testing field. I am very much impressed with this site. I will be very grateful if anyone will suggest me to make my career in research, the Software Teasing. Friends I am a BSc. Solve Problems Quotes! graduate and currently I am working with the HCL Technologies BPO Services. Essay! (call centre) from past 30 months I would like to make my career in the software testing field but I do not have any testing or IT experience. should I join any training Institute? or Is there any company which provides software testing training as well as Jobs. Please advise me. I will be waiting for problems quotes your valuable suggessions. you can Email me on – or

Rais Abbas Rizvi. Hai to all frns.. Iam G.Ajaykumar. First of all iam decided to start my career with java ., nd im learned the course also but come to the interview point of view ., there are no openings and iam decided to no use for thesis statement questions java then decided to quotes start career with testing and iam learned these course totall include selenium also ., then iam frankly saying iam getting lot of offers/calls. Thesis Quiz! onething everybody says testing is solve, very easy very easy but it require lot of logical thinking while preparing testcases and identifying errors.,Testing resuire no programming skills it require good analytical and understandability. if anybody require Testing course freely please send their resumes to please send if you are waiting for a opportunity past 3-4 years. Thesis Statement Quiz! i will help you friends and onething i dont have any realtime exp but have good knowledge on testing to place you in a good companys. Only HYDERABAD candidates send there CVs. Sir i hv done MCM in 2007 after that i was doing job but nw i want to get into quotes software testing field. can anyone get into to type my paper this field or can get job in this field easily? can u suggest me the best institute in Mumbai or Bangalore. This time i am working in HTML5 but i want to switch in testing so please help me and suggest me with your idea. I am in USA and now the IT market is getting better.

I have knowledge of IT also have done CCNA but due to quotes out of touch it’s look all gone from my brain. I am trying to get back to pay someone IT and trying to problems become a “software tester”. Is it the right path. I have no knowledge of programming. I have no knowledge of thesis statement, automation tool. Is it very difficult? I have done MBA and i worked as a reconcilation analyst in MNC(Hyd). then after i got married and came to uk . as i wanted to start my career in testing i have done my ISEB certification-2010 (uk) then after i had a baby she is 2 now i want to start my carrer as a tester.. i know basic of SQL and i dont know any of other languages like c , C++ . to start my career do i need to learn any languages.. please advice… many thanks in advance. Please who is already working in testing background please advice… many thanks in problems, advance.. is there good career by doing this softer testing course please explain me i want to do this course. Please do not join Seed and SQTL in Mumbai and Pune.

I have done course and wasted my money. They worst institute of mumbai. Can anybody give me job support on backend testing for few days?? I would appreciate your help. My name is riya and outline, i am mca 2010 passout.i worked as a software developer for 1 year at dot net platform but due to some health issues i am idol from 1.5 year.Now i want to problems quotes switch to testing but due to thesis statement questions this long gap,i dont know how to make my resume and how to start.please suggest me.i have not done any testing cource.

My name is Om and i am mca 2009 passout.Currently i am working in an MNC as a software developer for 1.9 year at solve quotes, java platform but my project is purely maintenance project .i want to change my profile . I am good in data Base . I want to switch to pay someone my paper testing .i have not done any testing course. Can any one suggest me . Thanks in advance . You need to prepare a strong reason for – Why you want to switch to software testing from development. Just saying you have a passion for solve this field won’t work. You should be able to thesis statement talk on this further. As you a developer you might be having good understanding of STLC as well. Learn and understand other testing concepts and solve quotes, methods to essay format write effective test cases, procedures, and test plan documents.

Having knowledge of any automation tool is a big plus for quotes you to directly switch to automation testing as your development experience will count and pay someone to type my paper, help you quickly get started in this field. Joining any professional course will help but it’s not mandatory. You can do this yourself if you are willing to learn by solve problems, your own. as i see the above comments by profiling essay, the persons all are little bit confuse about Testing career.. I am just send some topics to prepare before switch in to Testing Field… 1- what is solve problems quotes, Testing. 2- Types of Testing:- Black box, White box,Gray box. 3- Testing methodology. 4- STLC and SDLC. 5- What is profiling essay, Test case and How to write.

7- What is problems quotes, System,Integration,Regression,Re-Testing,Function,GUI,Browser compatibility,Load Testing. 8- What is SRS document. 9- What is Requirement Tracebility Matrix. 10- what is Test Plan. 11-Diffrence between Smoke and sanity Testing. 12- Diffrence between Load and Stress Testing. 13- how to perform Web testing. 14- Diffrence between desk Top,Web and happy essay, Client server applications. 15- What is varification and solve problems quotes, Validation. I am sure if you will be able to answer these questions surely get good job in Testing field… best of Luck Guys…. This site is very informative and research outline, if any testing openings are there please let me know.

I have 5 yrs of exp in manual testing. I want to move to solve quotes another company. Thanks in advance. i m having basic idea of expository essay format, programming, can i enter into quotes software testing…… i did my manual testing course and i am i have back-locks. in bca can i apply for essay outline job in solve quotes, testing i did projects also. I found this site very interested. Pay Someone To Type! Great to see people helping each other such a great environment here. As of solve problems, now I been working in racial opinion essay, a Bank nothing to do with IT or software testing. I would like to persue my career in problems quotes, software testing. I do know basic information about the computer but nothing fancy in software or programing.

In USA/California there are few Institute that provides certificate in software testing. Are those certificate worth it ? or should i go to school complete years of studying ? Please advice , what is the happy essay, best thing to do? Thank You. Could u tell me the solve problems, answer for racial opinion those testing field questions? Please tell me any free bug tracking tool. where can i download? i am a b tech passout student of elotronic telecommunication in the year 2012. a am staying at bangakore what eztra course i should do to get a job in solve problems quotes, software related job. I am to make a list of the opinion, most well-regarded training services that fit the following criteria: (1) Trainees can take the course remotely, (2) the option for self-study as well as webinars are available.

My brother who is a high-functioning individual but qualifies as someone with mild Aspergers needs a course that will provide him with flexibility, and of course I hope for that course to quotes be well reviewed. Any information you may have would be a big help! Thank you. how can we get certification in software testing as a fresher . i have complied my diploma in computer tech in 2006, then did BCA in correspondence 2009, now doing Final year MCA in racial, correspondence. i am working as a team leader in (mobile phone hardware service, debugging) for past 6.5 yrs. We will also doing some testing using some h/w and s/w tools after service is completed. like performance test, stress test etc.. Now i have decided to switch to software testing. After that i have done software testing course. Now i have a clear idea of Manual testing, QTP, QC, Load runner. when i search for a job in IT industry will they consider my past experience and problems quotes, salary packages.

or else i will be considered me as a fresher. I was completed diploma in ECE, currently i am working as repair (testing and service of essay, desktop pc mother boards) engr. Quotes! Please suggest me that woul i able to go for essay software testing? i dont have knowledge about programming launguages. And i am willing to software testing, i am requesting you to solve suggest me that what are the preparations i need to do exactly? actually i have done mca but i am poor in programming thats why i want to make testing my future…suggest me to choose testing my future…… Hello, I am in final year doing B.Tech (C.S.E). I have good programing knowledge specially java, earlier wanted to go in development but now I want to build my carrer in testing,want to knw abt some of testing copanies which provides on-job-training. i am having 3.1 year of experience in testing.First 1.5 year in web testing then 9 month in game testing and rest of in research, Mobile application testing (ios and android).

Still i haven’t given Foundation level exam, is solve problems, this going to harm. I am having very low pay even after 3 yr of experience. Vijay kindly suggest me what should i do next to happy essay grow in pay? Waiting for problems quotes your advice. I have been a reg.Pharmacist for thesis quiz questions 10 yrs. I want to make a career change, and I want to be a QA tester. Solve Problems! I want some advice like where to opinion essay start with, should I read some books for basic knowledge or is it good to go for training first. I want to problems quotes gain some knowledge even before I go for training, can you suggest some good books for beginners like me with a non IT background. hi, i completed BE in ECE branch, from last 1 year am searching job ,before 3 months i joined testing course, in happy essay, interview they ask me why u choosed this career being an ECE student? i replied as this is solve, my passion bt they r not satisfied from this what can else can i answer to them to get a job? plz help me. Is i made right decision on taking this course or selecting this career? r this is a low profile job? and how will i get a job? plz get me out from all of essay, this confusion……………

Thanks and quotes, regards, i finished my Bsc computer science in 2007….. 5 years of doing free lance data uploading,marketing projects….Due to statement questions very less pay….want to enter IT hub…many suggest to do testing. give me suggestion pls…thanx. I am working on manual testing from 2 years in a small company in problems quotes, hyderabad. I want to know whether i can get a job on manual testing only for these experience in hyderabad . Iam 2007 batch Opinion Essay! Whether they consider the problems quotes, age factor.Please let me know.

I am 2005 Pune University Computer Science Graduate. Till now I was working in Graphics Design Industry. Now I want to switch to IT-S/W Testing. 8 years of gap is going to harm me pursuing career in IT-S/W Testing. Hi! everybody i was going through d comments , quite helpful. I m a fresher always dreamt to be a Java Developer. Essay Competition! but got a chance in solve problems quotes, software testing. I happily accepted the happy essay, opportunity.

But i dont know will i be able to prosper alike developers? please suggest as i dnt hv much knowledge about testing. Just loving my current job… and while on job what r d certification i can go for? Or i should search for solve problems some job in development ? I am a B.Tech-CSE. To Type! just one thing if i work harder is solve quotes, there an equal life in testing alike Development? please dont find my questions… i am in a dilemma… its just 4 days i joined my first job… I am 5.5 years experienced Engineer in Industrial IT domain,I wanna switch over to quiz software testing with same CTC and more over I have experience manual testing in my domain,I dont know about solve problems SQL queries ..can any one help me.. Why we do choose software testing field ? If an interviewer asks me ” Why did you choose software testing?…” then what should I answer…. am also so intrested in testing field. my aim is to be a testing engineer in one of the level 5 company.can u suggest me through the mail how should i go throgh the am a fresher with a good aggregate in my educational background. My name is raj, I have done my degree in bsc computers through distance education. I want to switch to software testing as my career.

Can you please tell me I’m I eligible for software testing career and pay someone, will i get opportunists with my education. this question is problems, completely eating my brain and energy. Please answer my question to start new life. currently i joined a company and essay format, my job is manual testing the problems quotes, application in I-pad . what will the scope of essay competition australia, it in quotes, the future. Research! will i get hike later in career . i want to problems quotes know if experience in website testing count if you go for interview. i don’t know anything about testing tools… how i can start and learn easily.. please send me free sources… I am working as system administrator with 4 years exp. but i want to change, can i be a software tester? I,m bca graduate from distance education. one more should i change the profiling opinion, my current profile or not? Merry Christmas New year 2014 greetings to all.

Pls answer my query. I have done BCA MCA. Passed in 2008. Problems! I am now 35 yrs old working as Sales co-ordinator from past 3 yrs now. Due to family problems I could not get into software earlier. Racial Opinion Essay! But now I want to do Software testing course and change my profile career to Testing. Quotes! Pls suggest me is it ok or good to do now. Will I get Testing jobs later on…? If yes, kindly suggest what testing tools course is good and research outline, how long will it be.

Will I be considered as a Fresher or experienced. Pls give the reply soon. Problems! Thanks in advance. Certification is racial profiling, always only a add on to your experience and not necessarily guarantee your increase in pay nor it is going to harm you in any way if not done. You will need to explore on other options like a change in company to get your pay increased to your expectations provided you get yourself skilled with the problems, demands of the job needed. you have already invested your 10 years of experience in pharmacy field and what is forcing you to change your field to australia testing. You’ll be a novice in this field and would be needed to start afresh which also include a fresher pay start. Think about it. On a first thing not all IT people have a pure background in IT but they are different professionals as well.

The decision on choosing a career is with your own wish and problems quotes, hand friend and people from testing field like me can suggest you some inputs on it if you could follow all the comments. Well, that’s a good answer that you have given stating you have passion for testing and make a point on what makes you or inspire you. Need to history essay competition convince them with some interesting answer which value your word (Passion). Problems Quotes! You can add some points like the pay someone, issues you have identified which is not visible to the world or not identified. Talk on a scenario as an example and explain on how you would start testing with passion on breaking the software somehow. Quotes! The basic logic here is impressing the interviewer to happy essay convince on solve, your point. My best wishes to statement quiz questions you… Age is not a big factor in quotes, your case friend as you already hold a good education (MTech).

Also it is the experience that matters the racial essay, most and not really the company being small or big. Solve Problems Quotes! Focus on the testing process as it is much demanded in big companies. Think you need to be prepared for a question on why do you need to change your career after a span of 8 years and what would be your contribution if the essay, company hire your in testing. Still there is no harm in changing the career… Wondering how in 4 days you enjoy ur work being a tester :) Now you have stepped in solve problems, s/w industry.

Look around on what is happening around you and research outline, how the sdlc and stlc goes around then question yourself on what attracts you more … You can learn SQL queries. There are a lot many sites like say from where you can start with basics. Think the comments given to asha should reply to urs as well. Since you are a fresher keep learning on testing concepts like you are doing in this blog and learn with some good institute which can add value to your profile. Distance education is quotes, not a barrier to stop you entering in happy essay, the s/w industry. All what you need is good stuff and good never die attitude. Hike is always directly proportional to problems quotes your experience and expertise.

There are quite a lot types of testing and research essay outline, the experience depends on the project and company you are working on. Website testing by solve problems, itself has lot things to do say Load testing, compatible testing, security testing etc. etc. which you need to research outline be aware of and explore on solve, it. In the below site you can find opensource testing tools which you can explore. Have a clarity on why do you need tool and to test what kind of application. @ wasim and @ Akhila. Not sure on your vision. Can you drop me a mail please. Hi friends, IT field is the worst field.We have to work hard for pay someone my paper 14 hours per a day.Even though we work hard there is no job security.If we learn QTP then Selenium will come in solve, market.If we learn selenium some other tool come into essay that market.I can’t understand whether we are machines or humans.Employees may become mad if they learn the tools continuously.Are we born in solve problems quotes, this world to history essay competition australia work like slave for IT industry.The person who has given the +ve comments has to solve quotes answer. Hi this is Sujay Joshi, Am studying in final year of essay format, BCA and after completion I would like to solve quotes learn on software testing so am interested in knowin about some software learning website’s could anyone help me with this? i have completed diploma in software testing .since i have huge gap i didnt get a job.Is there any option for me.

I am having Non-IT background and i want career in Software Testing as Automation Test Engineer. Having 1.5 Years of Experiance in Automation which area of happy essay, automation testing will we prefer. Hi, i pursued Masters in solve, cse. I m 2012 passout. I want to join in history competition, Diploma in solve, software testing. After completing this can i get job opportunities. Happy Essay! Please inform me. Thank u. Actually, during first year of my career i worked in both and testing simultaneously.

Second year, fully in development. Now, in solve problems quotes, my office they asked me to whether to go for testing. I have some doubts, is testing have a good scope and how about the testing job. I love testing more than development. I think development its not my cup of tea. Please guide me. i completed mtech in power electronics i would like start my career in testing tools could you plz guide me in that software. Hi Dear all, i am fully confused please suggest me, i diploma in computer science after i m completed A+ N+ courses. Expository Essay Format! after that i joining motherboard servicing related my position was quality engineer, in middle i completed CCNA MCITP course after and corresponding BCA ,after 1.5 years experience i got quality-Team leader position, now i have 3 years experience, i dint get job i quality, i am attending so many interview,no one consider my experience in electronics industry because i am from computer science background.. now i m plan to do software testing or linux course.. please please suggests me.

i completed btech(2013 pass out).after completing btech i trained on loadrunner course but for freshers there are less chances on this course can you give me any suggestion. hi,i want to solve problems do course in testing please tell me which is happy essay, better. I had really good time reading the above posts, it was very informative. Can I ask a question, please advise me a design/architecture plan for my company website load test. And is JMeter the solve problems quotes, best tool for my paper this ? Advice from solve problems, all of you is most welcome. ramya, Nw i hv joined Qspiders, Pune. Really there is expository essay format, good faculty, they hv 10-11 yr experience. They taught us from basic level to corporate level, in solve, very easy way and give pleacement call also.

I am ravi presently working in BPO tech support. as a Quality Analyst for expository essay format (5 years) so now I want to shift my career to testing tools however I have degree so please advise me about the career growth and will I be able to find a job in problems, Testing tools or not. My brother has done his MBA in happy essay, sales and he wants now to pursue his career in software testing will it helps in solve problems quotes, getting job. Expository! He has experience of two years . JMeter is not the only load testing tool out there. Solve Quotes! But it’s defenetly one of the best and most often used. What requirements for statement questions 1 year experienced tester?plz tell me anyone. What requirements for 1 year experienced tester in other MNC company?plz tell me. I am working as a technical support senior analyst and i would like to know about the solve quotes, software testing making it as my career, can i jump from research essay, tech supp to S/W testing and what are the problems, things required to change my profile, i have little bit knowledge on SQL a we are working on it now. I have not done any course on java,c++,.net etc… so please guide me on. 1) how to change my profile. 2) what are the happy essay, things needed to become a software tester. 3) provide me the solve quotes, links so that i can learn by pay someone to type my paper, my own because i work in shifts and cant join for problems any course.

4) which is the new tool running in market for s/W testing. 5) what are the profiling opinion, certification to be done to join as software tester. Kindly suggest me on the above things. my confusion is that i completed my M.C.A in 2012 and after that i worked in bpo sector because i could not chance in quotes, software developemnt and after that i try to govt. prep.2 years waste but not selected in interview.and right now i am very upset and my family also. i m confusing that should i continue my govt. exam or try to job in software testing or php developer? plz suggest me and little brief scope of software testing. i shall be highly obliged to you ….plz suggest me. I am working as a software test enigneer. If i am having doubt in requirement who will the contact person ? Architect or anyone else. Kindly comment ASAP. I have completed my BE in EXTC.

I have very much interest in software testing.. Kindly suggest me on research, the same… Hi i am prashat nagar i want to make my carrer in software testing field as carrer change. I have done master degree in pharmacy but want to get in IT sector. The bigeest problem is my degree as i am from bio background can i make carrer in solve problems quotes, software testing, suggest me the course for the software testing. I am working as web producer, i develop the web contents and audit them as well.Is there any scope for happy essay me to become software tester? i Recently got selected as a QA(Tester)in AurusInc and currently perusing in MCA. My project is POS based, and my PM has told me to write test cases on problems, EVM(chip card and chipcard terminal).

Please help me with different and unique scenarios so that I can impress my PM. Your suggestions are really nice and precious zakir bhai. Your suggestions are really nice and precious Laxmi. I’m Mohan i’m actually from essay, BPO background and problems quotes, i have done MS excel, MS access, PowerPoint, Tally and Basic SQL, I actually inquired about advanced SQl in an Institute they have actually suggested me to take up Software testing i’m actually from background can anyone suggest me is this a good idea of taking software testing course to start my career. i have completed mba can i do software testing how can i make carrer in software testing. i have 5 year lecturer for bca/bcs . i have completed MCM in 2008,now i study final year of happy essay, MCA(commerec) . Solve Problems! if i will do Software testing course .then can i really switch in IT company .it will work or not plz tell me that what i do? is thesis quiz, there is effect of solve problems quotes, gap . is age limit is happy essay, effected ? I am sumant I am getting greater than 60% marks in BCA graduate but I dont have more than 55% in solve problems, 10 or 12 so can I get good job. i completed my b tech and i achived 63 %in my b tech.

i have to pay someone my paper choose a tester for my carrer option. can u suggest me. what i have to solve quotes do. I’ve completed my in 2011 n have an experience of profiling opinion essay, 4 yrs as lecturer in engineering college.I’m not in job from problems quotes, last 1 year coz of pay someone to type, decrease in number of student enrolling in engineering. I joined a software testing course few days ago. What should I answer to the question “Why you choose software testing as career after having experience in different domain.” when asked by HR. Hope to solve quotes hear from research essay, you soon. Iam a 2015 passout belongs to ECE iam not that much good in coding iam little bit confused regarding which field i have to enter developer or software tester pls suggest.

Thanks in advance. But i have some knowledge regarding core java and .Net. Dear sir, i am diploma mechanical engg. and working in solve problems, my core field, but i have a strong interest or you can say dream to work in expository essay format, software field.. i am doing my bachelor degree in problems quotes, correspondence parallel to my job. pls suggest its right to get started my career in software with those credential. Sir good afternoon. i completed and mba ,i have two years experience in finance filed like capital market and thesis statement questions, derivative market now i want move in software side so learn in testing tools like qtp and selenium is to correct decision should get any good interview calls pls suggested me. My sister completed her Engineering in Electronics in 2006. Solve Problems! Due to quiz family priorities she didnt joined a job. Now, she want to join a job and quotes, wanted to pursue her career in software testing. Pay Someone My Paper! Since she has a gap of quotes, almost 9 years I would like to happy essay ask you whether this is a proper field for her to go on with? If not then can you point me a career option for her. Hi…I am into solve functional testing for more than 5 years.

Now i got into Performance Testing. To Type! Is it a good idea or do i need to continue as functional tester only? I am in problems quotes, a great dilemma. Quiz! Please help me… i am a graduate… having 10 years exp in bpo…but i am interested in quotes, Software Field…can anyone suggest how to start a software career..which course to choose and racial opinion, institute, which can place well as a fresher. Hello All, There is a lot of fuss about testing and test management; BECOMING TEST PROFESSIONAL IS A CAREER BLUNDER. 1. Problems Quotes! Developers vs tester ratio : More developers but less testers therefore few job opportunities. 2. Less salaries and pay someone to type, few onsite opportunities. (testing is outsourced, Compare the billing rates for SAP or Oracle Fin vs Testing) 3. Easy to replace, therefore easy layoff. 4. Treated as supporting job, secondary treatment, low billing rates therefore less annual hikes. 5. Problems Quotes! Easy to come to a career end: keep learning new tools again and again; in Dev if you learn and work J2EE or .NET it is for life time or for 15 to 20 years.

In the last 10 years several testing tools came into market and replaced by new tolls Winrunner to QTP and to quiz questions Selenium even though clients are skeptical about the ROIs. 6. Problems! you will be frustrated when people who passed out 5 to 6 years after you passed out from the college talk about new and cutting edge technologies which are changing the world: such as cloud computing, big data, ERP ; these people also earn more salaries than you. 7. People who worked as dev architects can go for start ups, bcz thy aware about the technology as well as business; but as a tester you may be aware of the business but not the technology and its implementation to outline create a new product. 8. In long run, if you would like to go into Senior management companies prefer managers who are from development background than mangers from testing background. So guys if you are with less than 5 years work exp in testing, this is the right time to jump into solve quotes Development otherwise you will regret for the life time.

if your work exp is more than 5 years, accept your destiny and pay someone, drag your feet. Test Manager with 10+ exp. Hiii..I completed my in ECE in 2009. I have two year Experience as MIS Executive and knowledge of solve quotes, MS Excel. But I want to move in Software Development. Please suggest me is essay, this possible to quotes change my career path. History Essay Competition Australia! Is there any effect of this non technical experience to solve get my new job as a fresher? I have 6year of expository essay format, experience in design and the market condition is not good so wanted to problems switch for questions software testing…….can you guys please suggest me the better option regarding my switching career.

just i completed Manual Testing…. after Manual testing QTP is better or Selenium… I’m studying in quotes, BSc final year with Physics maths and electronics combination will you plz help me what should I do next. it is better to enter into software field. if better plz suggest me Which course is good for me. I have been part of Payments Domain Manual Testing team for a period of 4 years, Am a qualified green belt certified and also ISTQB certified. As I am into a little bit of macros through VBA, Kindly advise which field in thesis statement quiz questions, testing I have to pursue further to enhance my career opportunities as over all experience is around 9 years in problems, Banking from Operations, Quality, Risk Technology verticals. Hi, I would also like to notice that software testers are constantly under pressure from both their team, management and even their own conciousness. My Paper! Here’s a nice little article on that matter: can anyone suggest me, Currently i am working in solve problems, ecommerce stream but my work is not related to IT. Expository Format! But right now i plan to come in solve, IT stream as tester position. What type of happy essay, skil required for tester and what type brush up required to solve problems quotes type of history competition, skill.?

I have completed Bsc Comp. sci (2012) I am a manual tester with 3.5 years of experience. I am bored of problems quotes, writing test scripts in excel and uploading them in a test management tool and executing them manually. I want to australia do something different and solve problems quotes, interesting but I do not have interest in profiling opinion essay, programming at solve, all or you can say I have a programming phobia. Can anyone please suggest me some interesting role in Testing where I can get the rapid growth and profiling opinion, learning. All software testing jobs have gone to problems quotes India.

There are no software testing jobs. 14 years as a tester and now I can’t find a job. Racial Profiling Opinion Essay! Jesus. Hi Sir/Madam am venkat Mba hr i want your valuable suggestion for my career I was recently joined a product based software company (company having 74 employees). My problem was initially I involved recruitment/ document process presently we don’t have any recruitment just am checking attendances other small document works remaining time am spending reading documents articles and social media mostly time passing But when there is no work pending i feel confused after going to problems office that what work I should do? so many times i sit nil during working hours’ I don’t like sitting nil at all I asked my finance manager and operation manager regarding work but they are ignore.

Am the first hr trainee here previously both are handled hr activities, after 5months both discuss with me and competition australia, suggest shift into quotes manual testing department? Am shocked and confused why am shifting to another branch? Now am totally confusing please help me? Why hr people shift into testing department? and happy essay, moreover am pure management student I don’t have any knowledge in testing other software knowledge finally they said join course it will take 20days they are giving 2 hrs permission to solve attend the course what should I do in thesis statement, this situation? I don’t have any language idea. Can I make my carrier in software testing? And what is the quotes, easy course selenium or QTP. I’m a student of 3rd year electrical engg. and i interested in software testing course, but is it understandable to me? as i had no IT background knowledge and now m also in electrical engg … so can u kindly suggest me that will i go for software testing or not? I completed my B.Tech with ECE (68%) in 2013..Now i want to go for software side. I didn’t take any software course till now..Please help me to choose a better course in software.. History Competition! please suggest me…. and one more thing i want to know that which is the problems, better choice either QTP or Selenium. Hope I will get good suggestion.

I am PLC validation engineer. I do lots of documentation work,I have basic knowledge of profiling, programing of scada system. I am good with scada programs. 1. Solve Problems Quotes! If I choose to be software test engineer. ,my previously experience matters? 2. Normally, how much time required to be software engineer? 3. Essay! If I choose “career” as software test,what the highest position can I get? I have completed my in i want to quotes go for research software side in solve quotes, testing tools.Can i get job in testing tools by hard working on it.can you give me any suggestions. Hi, i am from hotel mgmt. Essay Outline! Backgroung.

I want to problems quotes pursue carrer in software teating. Pls. Expository Essay Format! Suggest somr institutes in pune n bamgalore. Solve Problems Quotes! My age is 33, is age a factor for happy essay software testing job. Hi, I am MCA Graduate 2013 passed out.Currently working as a SEO Analyst.I am interested on Java and Testing,I have done course on Java. Solve Problems! In Testing i know Manual testing. I came to SEO Because i dint get job properly on Java because of my 10th Percentage. I am not happy with SEO. I want to work on Java or Testing. Do I have any options to to type my paper go for Java Developer or Testing now as a Fresher.

hi, i am a BSC, i wish to join software testing. Solve Problems Quotes! can you pl guide me. and i don’t have c,c++ knowledge. Hi, I am completed B.Pharmacy and i am interesting to learn testing for Quality Assurance job in Software Company…I Eligible for this job. I need to know that , i am a arts graduate student , its possible to essay do the Software Testing course. My name is muzammil anajwala. i am from baroda.i am little bit confused about my career would you like to solve problems help me out please this is good for me. right now i am pursuing software testing course, that course is cerified and i want to history competition some knowledge about that course, is quotes, that course i am gonna build my career ? please help me. have a nice day. i am persuing BCA so now its more complicated to. how to should I get entry in IT industry … pleas if any one have knowlege about statement questions it please suggest me. i will highly obliged forever// Will it be hard for an electronics engineer to work and excel in a software field? currently i am working as a tech support engineer.

i want to switch to testing , what are skills we required . do i required any programming language knowledge? Pls suggest. friends how can I judge myself that I. am fit for solve problems software testing. thanks for pay someone to type your reply’s in advance. @Zakir and @madhavi. working as Software test engineer and solve quotes, specifically speaking i am a currently on a manual testing profile. But seeing the salary of expository format, developers in my company, i become thoughtful and solve problems quotes, doubtful whether i have chosen a correct line in IT field. Research! I request you to please enlighten me the solve problems quotes, future carrier in this field and the salary after 4 years, and competition australia, also in solve problems, a long run ,can a employee from this branch move to a good position in IT. If yes, then what all does one have to do.

I am a Oracle DBA by competition, profession and have 5.4 years of exp . Is it possible for solve quotes me to switch to Testing ? . Is possible could some one guide me ? hi i am Mtech 2015 passout CSE . I have cleared my ISTQB FL in first attempt without attending any formal coaching and all. Now I want to attend coaching . Coaching centers are referring to the course called testing tools what does it mean . Does it mean Manual or automation or some debugging tools? which courses should I enroll in outline, Manual testing , QTP or selenium and problems quotes, will teach defect tracking or bug tracking tools like Bugzilla during this period . Please pardon me for my ignorance . Please do respond for my queries. right now i am doing lecturing job for polytechnic. having exprience of 11+ years. My Paper! but now due to my financial needs i need to switch over my career because the is no growth in this field. Problems! m interested in thesis statement quiz questions, software testing and i have knowledge in programming also. my question is can i switch now to software testing job if i get by solve problems, doing course. Racial! my age is 34. IT people will give opportunity for me. please let me know. i am willing to solve take risk. this is reshma i am a MCA graduate 2015 passed out i am interested in programming but i choose testing as my career and doing course in history australia, testing. Solve Problems! may i know the hikes in happy essay, testing as career. Explination is super. I have two years Experience in software testing filed. but how told job responsible this filed. Problems! please give some tips. This is Shipra, completed my in 2016 and now i am having 1 yr experience as QA. Happy Essay! Basically i am working on A/B testing i.e testing related to Ad fraud detection. I want to solve problems switch my company.

If there is any company in India working on A/B testing, please let me know. I want to switch my career as a software tester.I have done MCA and I am a leturer.I have basic knowledge of testing also I wanted to know that is it possible to thesis questions get the entry level job in solve, Testing Field as I am 40plus. Download FREE eBooks, Videos and Best Software Testing Articles..